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Ysera human form, Hostess woman Ysera guy human for form

Yserathe green Dragon Aspectwas charged with the protection of the Emerald Dreambut also watched over Azeroth. To the druidsshe was known as the "mother" of Cenariusbut since she is a dragon, this is not literal. Eonar the titan blessed Alexstrasza 's younger sister, the lithe green dragon Ysera, with a portion of nature's influence.

Ysera Human Form

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It only takes a minute to up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. In the Warcraft universe, dragons can take the shape of a humanoid. Outside of Chromie gnomeKalecgos half-elfand Ebonhorn Highmountain Taurenhave there been any dragons who a shape outside of human or elf?

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The human forms uses 2 handed attack animations, so you have to attach a sword to her hands. How to import this model Sanity check More info.

What if the model was scaled down before importing into WC3? ed Mar 29, Messages Thank you!! Hoping for one with less animations too reduce the file size. Media New media New comments Search media. I tried the green dragon model. Spoiler View attachment Click to expand Hmm maybe a little.

Ysera in human form.

Sep 22, Homor. Last edited: Oct 3, ed Jul 23, Messages I tried to add hero aura glow but stays red. You will notice it much more when you decrease the scale. Last edited: Sep 27, ed Jun 4, Messages 16, Resources: 4 Resources Maps 4.

Replies 2 Views 3K. Last edited: Nov 20, Korean Gamer.

Here's a map. Feb 25, SebioL. Keep 'em coming! Unfortunately this model has an error where it gets selected even if the selection box is far away. It's really strange. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Doesn't acquire TC a common problem with these imported models.

The ysera realm of world of warcraft

Nov 18, Zyelli. Sometimes it works.

Log in. ed Sep 28, Messages 1, Resources: 3 Resources Maps 3. You must log in or register to reply here. Streams Multi-Viewer Games. ed Sep 27, Messages Resources: 1 Resources Maps 1.

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Log in Register. ed Dec 13, Messages 1, OutsiderXE said:. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

I don't seem to have any problems with it. I have removed useless animations.

Reality (jesca dris): why is virtual reality important in technology?

Replies 9 Views 5K. Forums New posts Search forums. Please review the rules here. Replies 6 Views 4K. Found on Warcraft Underground. Install the app. I have added a collision shape to her body, head and tail so selecting any of these areas will select the unit. I think I might use it!

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The dragon aspects (human form)

Replies 1 Views 3K. Prepare your sword and shield. Check out the Staff Job Openings thread. Reactions: Kazumajunsdeepstrasz and Lich ing a pack of Ysera models at Malmgrev's request here. ed May 20, Messages Alexstrasza pack please. Dec 24, emmpsych. Looks awesome! Heed the call to battle!

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Maybe it depends on the current animation. You are using an out of date browser. Don't be afraid to descend to the dark side and embrace corruption in the 9th Cinematic Contest. It certainly different depending on the angle of selection and position of the dragon. Are you planning to your awesome model to Hive?