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X brainwashed reader, I brainwashed reader boy who like stilettos

Unsure of if this was a request but I treated it like one lol.

X Brainwashed Reader

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Originally posted by danniejgrayson.

How old am I: I am 64
Ethnic: Slovak
Sexual identity: Male
Eye tint: Warm green eyes
Gender: I'm lady
What is the color of my hair: Luxuriant golden hair
What is my Sign of the zodiac: I'm Capricorn

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Now it was gone, and all you had left was being the good little obedient slave you were. Words were flashing in front of your eyes as pain clawed through your soul.

You screamed out in pain and threw your foot back, hitting her straight in the gut. Panting heavily, you trashed and screamed in the machine, agents and scientists walked about as they scribble downed statics and that appeared on their computer screens. There was no way out, you were trained, but not trained enough to get out of chains that dug into your sides like snakes trying to suffocate you. Bite him! You wanted to scream.

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The woman stumbled back and you whipped around, slamming your hand into the side of her head. Black Widow stood next to him as they, and the rest of the Avengers team glared him down. Ready to comply. Agents stopped to cringe at the noise, but some just went on with their daily routine. Walter chuckled and moved his hand to his ear.

Civil War. The Avengers stared at him, all frowning at what he was saying and Bucky looked even more confused as he understood a few of the words. Tears of joy. An image of Bucky flashed quickly past you and it was enough to send you into anger. Another image flashed and it was the final battle between the avengers and Ultron.

Bucky would never shoot you, and that was what you feared.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The chains gave out under you as you broke free, your eyes staring straight at the mirror on the opposite side of you and the emotionlessness in them neither faced you nor bothered reader. Another pair of chains was wrapped around your waist, connecting with the metal chair behind you and a pair of metal cuffs was pulling your feet down, them being attached to the footplate. Either you, or some of them would die. He was overwhelmed, so all he could do was kiss you again.

No one dared to shoot him, only he knew were you were and if he died, you were pratically doomed to starve in here. The Avengers tensed and their eyes snapped to the moving wall that was now opening up to show an hidden door. Coughing and wheezing, you dropped the arrow to try and catch your breath that was brainwashed out of you. Those words sparked something within you and as if you lost all power in think of words to reply, you spoke the first words that came to mind.

Tears stung in his eyes as Steve gave his shoulder a small pat, Steve looking like a wreck as none of them had slept anything since they came back.

But when Bucky had no reaction to it, they frowned. Tears of relief. You watched as Bucky cocked the safety off his gun and dread filled your body, dread of what you were going to do when Walter opened his mouth. Watching it from the screen, you trashed and tried to scream through the gag they had placed on you.

Looking there, you watched Steve as his eyes were wide with shock and you took that to your advantage. Bright flashes passed in front of you as memories were restored. He would rather die by your hands than kill you.

Pull his heart out! You were back.

He let them do this to you. They should be here soon, I want to give them their surprise gift as soon as they get here. What are you doing!? He pulled the trigger but before no one had the chance to react, you stepped in front of Walter to receive the bullet in you shoulder. The one that was plugged in to the speakers. The team began to advance on you, as if you were a scared little cat and after a lot of coughing and wheezing, your vision blurred and everything went dark, a frightened scream from the scientist being the last thing you heard.

Swiping his feet from under him, you watched him fall with a groan. Bucky froze and Steve paled, the duo both afraid that he was saying what the thought they were saying. The target cursed and released his grip as he clutched his nose. The gas teared into your eyes and you instantly closed them as a frightened scream left you mouth. Promise though, there will be a next part for that series.

This is the end, you thought.

You were pulled out of your dark corner in your mind and pulled into a warming light. All you knew was that you had to obey. He is your enemy! Catching the arrow before it hit your face, you tilted your head.

The hidden door in front of you began to slide open and smoke emerged from the machine as it worked. Tears stung in your eyes. Kill him! He let out something in between a laugh and a sob, his fingers caressing your wet cheeks as tears streamed down his face. He then spun around and made a gesture.

Barnes were brainwashed god knows how many times, they only had her for a week. Reaching for your gag, you pulled it off you with ease, letting it fall to the ground with a loud clatter. Footsteps began to echo and Wanda tried to reach whoever it was with her mind, but when she reached a wall of blackness, she frowned and Black Widow narrowed her eyes as a figure, shadowed by the smoke, appeared in the door opening.

The machine hummed and turned off. And if you take her to Asgard, you would have to keep her there without her destroying half of the place if she gets free. The shield fell to the side of his face and you aimed. The gas filled your lungs and began to suffocate you as the fear only grew.

Really strong chains was locked around your wrists, attached to the wall behind as they were pulled behind your head. Words: Estimated reading time: 26 minutes Pairing: Bucky x F! Reader Warning: Violence, Crying Bucky, foul language, mention of death, bad writing, bad imagine xd.

These were not his trigger words. Or, did you?

He let them take you. The pain began to dim down and once it had left, there was nothing.

I mean, maybe its easier. He leaned forward, his lips mere inches from your face as your eyes widened, something snapping in you. It their fault. Your Family. Mere centimeters away, an hand grabbed onto your wrist and you gasped as your arm was twisted behind you by a red headed woman. Tears flowed over and began to stream down your face as everything made sense again.

Brainwashed || peter parker x reader

You turned your head to them again, making them all tense up. The seat moved itself so that It made your feet face the floor and your readers face everything but the ceiling and the screen they had built there.

He closed the distance and kissed you with as much passion as possible, hoping to trigger something within you. Lunging, the group jumped out the way as you tried to brainwash Steve in the face. A blurry face flashed through your mind, but as quick as it had come, it disappeared. Then an image flashed past you of the whole Avengers team shaking hands and making up. Steve looked down at the metal mask that had fallen from the figure and once the figure stepped out from the smoke, they all froze.

The communicator, the same communicator that lead to the one in your room. She slammed into the floor with a groan and you barely had the chance to recover from your attack before an arrow was sent your way. The arrow beeped and it released an gas that covered your face instantly. Screams of agony tore through the hallways of the wretched compound that had been abandoned only an week ago. Which makes it what? Swinging your arm to the left, where you knew Steve was, you hand hit hard metal. He was having an hard time puzzling them together, and he knew he had to shoot him, or make him shut up.

Reaching for the gun you had in your belt, you cocked it. Do whatever these people wanted. Throwing your head forward, you threw it backheadbutting the target that held you prisoner. Rip his face apart!!

Tell them that it was a trap, but you were hidden behind a solid cement wall that closed your voice in. The end of the war. You love Bucky. Growling like a mad dog, you wiggled and tried to break the restrains that had been placed on you as Nick Fury caressed his chin as he stared at the mad girl that was from time to time cursing out in Russian.