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Wolverine and rogue fanfiction lemon, Francais Wolverine seek boy fanfiction and

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Wolverine And Rogue Fanfiction Lemon

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Summary: Logan and you get kidnapped as someone wants him to breed you.

How old am I: 33
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Are you alright? The professor handed Logan the key to his room and welcomed him home.

Is she alright? Scott stepped aside-allowing Rogue to brush past him. He approached his bed and saw someone laying in it.

“day of doing hard stuff” continues…

Scott looked at the professor asking him through his mind to let him have one hit at wolverine. She smiled into the air and returned her attention to the foosball game. No, No, Kid. Logan always showed her his tender side, his loving side. He rolled his eyes and pulled out his wallet.

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Only problem was, one touch and he was dead. Oh god… Has something happened? I will be home soon. Logan picked up his black duffle bag and walked down the hall to his room. He always felt awful for just using them to get what he wanted and then throwing them out. And yet, during the cold nights in Canada, he found himself dreaming of her to keep warm. He stood in shock as Marie moaned and struggled to move.

Her head bolted up and her heart began to race. Is she. Jean and Scott stood next to the professor. She entered his room and smelled the air catching a scent of his all to familiar.

Logan had gone through a many of hookers throughout the year making his money through cage fighting. What are you doing in here? Not the side he always has shown to Marie. His Marie. And Rogue was too young, and too dangerous to even consider.

And whether or not he admitted it out loud, that soft spot was for Rogue. Storm stroked the back of Rouges head and gave a smile in return. Remembering that she forgot to lock the door, she walked over to the door ever so quietly trying hard to not make a sound. She flipped on the lamp next to the bed and began to undress. I told you not to call me Logan. He sensed there was someone in his room and quickly opened the door. All of his hookers were red headed and tall. Rogue had shut out the world since Logan had left almost a year ago.

She removed her gloves and her jeans, then her shirt and scarf. I walked in, the kid was sleeping on my bed, and I panicked thinking it was somone else. She grabbed her purse and picked the money up off the floor and walked out the door.

That will be dollars please? Are you all right? He knew her and that dick-head Scott were together and there was nothing he could do. He sniffed the air recognizing the sweet smell of lilacs. He grinned to himself taking in another puff of his cigar. I thought I heard a noise or something. He pulled out his cigar and lighter and lit it in front of Scott. Xavier never let another student have this room knowing Logan would be back after he had found what he was looking for. Rogue turned to leave the room when she ran into Scott a. Is he… Dead? He took a deep puff and blew it in his face.

He ran over to the bed and picked up the person lying there and threw them against the wall. He continued to stare at her until she broke his concentration. She fell asleep a few moments later, dreaming of Logans nightmares. She constantly was holding onto his dog tags he had given her, in her hands, trying so hard to fight back the tears that were constantly building up. I hope you have found what you were looking for. Wherever you are. So I picked her up and threw her against the wall. What have you done to her this time!

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Oh god someone help me! Oh Logan. Her bonnie brown hair with the white streaks. He had thought that her feelings for Logan had disappeared and it was his turn. He left the next morning for New York. She made a copy of it and then put the original back in its place so no one would know it was missing. Bobby looked over at how happy Rogue was and began to frown.

Over the past year he had realized that these people were his friends. He threw his duffle bag on the floor as Storm welcomed him home with a hug. But deep down inside he actually did have a soft spot. But now he knew she only did care for Logan. Goodnight Logan. He looked down to where her hands were and noticed the dog tags hanging from her hand.

Logan only let people see the baddass side of him. All but Scott. Is back? She locked the door and crawled into bed flipping the light off.

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She slipped on his shirt and brushed her hair. I-I was just making sure everything was all right. He tried his best to ignore his feelings toward her. He had found out all he needed to know about his past but chose to keep it in the past. Never to become a reality. She looked up at Storm and smiled nodding her head. The dreams were nothing but dreams. His hair gel. He quickly put his head back into the game and smiled still glancing looks over at Rogue.

Logan sat the edge of his motel bed smoking a cigar.