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Underwater erotic stories, Stories pick boy erotic wants Underwater

One experience that happened just a few days ago makes me so horny, and I really want to share this, because I doubt that I will get to do this stunt again. It was a warm spring weekend, and six of my friends all girls decided to drop by my house. We all talked about life in general at first, but somehow, the subject slowly shifted its way to guys and all.

Underwater Erotic Stories

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K invites him to her naked in the hot tub afterwards as her way of saying thanks. But Mr. K is already sitting there naked. And when Kristen s in later, it becomes an erotic little session in the hot tub.

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Dirty Dozen Ch. Real Estate Games Pt. Sammy's Sensual Bath Sammy is in for an evening of breathless pleasure. Extraterrestrial Affair A tale of alien lovemaking. Touch of the Ocean A young man falls overboard, and is rescued by a mermaid. Bloody Vampires! The Night Shift A night shift at the local aquarium gets a little intimate.

Relaxation A couple enjoys a steamy hot tub session. Pleasured in the Pool Peter's girlfriend cums to work for a little underwater fun. Active tags. Story Tags Portal underwater.

Our "Little" Paris Bath Bathtub pays off with awesome erotic dividends. Underwater Fun She finally gets her older man. Wet Weekend Ch. Wet Weekend He watches two girls fuck each other in the bathtub.

Penny and Jilly Jilly begins to touch herself; her lover soon s her. The Choice: Silver and Gold Roger is a posthuman whose sex drive has not been disabled. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams.

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Sunken Ship Sex Underwater sex while breath holding. An Orc's Slave Ch. Skin Snorkel Traci is introduced to his skin snorkel in the pool. Mindy doesn't think her ''innocent'' cousin will fit in. Real Fun in the Water Ch. Octos Soulmates meet. Wet Margaret Bath fun goes submersible.

Snorkeling Adventure New lovers have hot and playful sex in a deserted cove. How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. Mermaid Ranch Ch. Rapture of the Deep A story of extreme sex and scuba diving.

He gets her sister, too. Wish Granted A genie grants her unusual wish. Ship's Whore Ch. An Older Man for Caitlin Pt. William's Watery Encounter William has a watery encounter with a beautiful Belgian girl.

The Keneena City Ch. Caper in the Crater Underwater exploration le to Separate tags with commas. Life Under the Sea Ch. Lake This lake will get you pregnant. Prototype F Pt. Sea Sickness Ch. Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. Underwater Sex with Dana Ch. The Mermaid Slave She loves treasure, but can treasure love her back?

Kathy's Pool Party Ch. Swimming at the Lake Couple has fun on a camping trip. Fishing for Maids The daughter of a nobleman is abducted by mermen.

Fairweather Ranch Ch. Meatpie Surfer and I get steamy on Australia Day. Being My Stepbrother's Slut Ch. Pseudopod The story of humanity's first encounter with alien life. The Lake Underwater play below the dock gets serious. Dream Raider, Episode 01 Poolside girl crush le to wettest dream ever.

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Tantric Underwater Sex Class Submerge and relax. A Witches Story Ch. Swim Partner Fun in a swimming pool. Live Webcams Online! Log In Up. Explore New Story. The Merman Slave Ch. Aqua Fun Bath Gel Underwater sex in the bathtub. It's Showtime Anytime, anywhere, any way Extinguished He finds himself inside of her. Splish Splash A dive gone good. Week at the Beach Brother and sister have some fun on vacation. More info in the FAQ. Category filter.

The good kind of drowning

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. Barbarian Legends Ch. Legendary Fisherman Ch. Offshore Drilling Stranded at sea, Helen finds that rescue has a price. Views Rating Favorite Newest. Sexily Submerged Sally Ch. Saltwater Wicked A kidnapped woman finds herself on a sex machine. Prototype F Guy finds strange remote. Diving for Master's Cock Underwater cock sucking.

Caroline in "The Pool" Beautiful Artist is caught alone by the pool. A Billionaire's Life Ch. Sisters in My Bath Sue in his bath. Golden Morning Yuki starts her day's work for her monster farm. Literotica Live Webcams.

Weekend at the Spa Nora catches up with her high school bully at the spa. Mexican Creek Ch. Slippery Melanie Bathtub - beach - trouble. A Dream Encounter Me, my crush Danielle, and a full bathtub.