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Under saarthal tolfdir not showing up, Tolfdir would like seeking Under that saarthal not

This quest automatically starts at the end of First Lessonswhen Tolfdir suggests that visiting the ruins of Saarthal would be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the " various applications of magic throughout history ". Saarthal's location is added to your map if you have not yet discovered it yourselfand Tolfdir and the other College of Winterhold students will start travelling there. They walk the entire distance, meaning that it is easily possible to travel to Saarthal more quickly than any of your companions.

Under Saarthal Tolfdir Not Showing Up

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Under Saarthal is the second quest in the College of Winterhold Quests. After you complete First Lessons speak to Tolfdir again and he will ask you to meet him at Saarthal along with a few other recruits Brelyna Maryon. This particular quest intersects part of Forbidden Legends. Meet Tolfdir at Saarthal follow your map icon, but you will find it near Winterhold and he will take you inside after you speak to him to tell him you are ready. You will not be able to enter without him the door will indicate that you need a key.

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Having recently bought the game on sale, I ed this site after I was having problems figuring out the Alchemy game mechanics. The quickest solution to this is to kill the female NPC that did make it to Saarthal, which automatically starts you on a quest to "Re" the College and immediately places an indicator as to where Tolfdir is at. When I use the Saarthal amulet and cast a spell at the door, the game freezes when the door shatters. The way back of course is locked, too.

Verified three times and each time went to Whiterun and back. I tried not to read these s until I'd done them, but this seems insolvable. The gate seems to have no switch to open it again I've had this happen to me today. If you allow him to walk alone, he will run around and defend himself from the creatures of the game world.

Oh tolfdir, where art thou?

Following the instructions did not help would've figured that out myselftrying "opposites" did not work, after that I left and reentered, wouldn't open, then I tried all possible 81 combinations wearing the Saarthal amulet which I ly unequipped just in caseto no avail - it's just darts. Or disadvantage to keeping them?

After clearing the dungeon, before leaving I returned to Arneil and said this is all I could find. Having a tad of a problem with the first puzzle. I assume he was running full speed.

For my game, I found him on a high directly unreachable ledge, so I had to elevate behind him and jump off some cliffs to reach him. I guess the rings are randomly placed? In order for the quest to continue on after you've killed Jyrik, he must be dead, obviously. I've used tcl and am literally on the marker but there's no pick up icon.

I cant equip more than 3, and removing an amulet lowers that to 2, or both for the standard 1.

Toadofsteel15 November UTC. When I enter the room behind the wall you break, everything turns white and this wierd person appears, and no one does anything. I came here because I'm already on the Forbidden Legend quest, and can't get into Saarthal to complete it. At the start of this quest I had some average generic amulet on, and I equipped Saarthal Amulet to break through the wall, and later equipped Gauldur Amulet Fragment when I found it.

Does this qualify as a bug? Also, if you do raise him again, be warned that when he dies, he explodes in flame all over again. I had the issue and used moveto.

Anyone know a script command that will help with this? Since both of them are essential, and none of them were hostile towards me, I just tried to calm them down, but both insisted that they were "busy". I've only been to Riverwood and Whiterun, then everybody was telling me to go to the College. Tolfdir never arrived at Saarthal when I began this quest to gain access.

Just remember particularly well to save before entering the final chamber. Don't bother damage attacking him, he will just remain on the ledge and cast. Would it be OK to mention the closing grate and extremely high level second half of this quest?

This says the female can take care of herself, while the men were scared. I got as far as the first puzzle but the pillars i need to move, wont move.

Skyrim talk:under saarthal

And awhile after completion I noticed I had all 3 amulets on. Make sure you do anything with that Draugr's body afterward. I moved the help petition from the table in the itself to here.

Anyone else encountered this? Is there a fix to this? I try to talk to Tolfdir to unlock the door and it just says he is busy. The 3 rings of health were removed, he made a snide comment That was that. Well, now I'm completely stuck Under Saarthal! That says those are for player level Another description of this part of the quest says "aggressive draugr deathlord who can easily disarm you with his shout.

Yet this first puzzle easily solved led to a shout-ing Draugr Scourge. Things got interesting after that, as Tolfdir, by reasons unknown, decided that my follower Serana, non-vampire deserved to die, and started to rain balls of fire upon her.

However, doesn't placeatme make a "duplicate" of Tolfdir and moveto would be a better choice of command to avoid possible issues?

Only the female trainee showed up, while the other two male trainees remain back in the Hall. First time that I've ever seen two followers have a private showdown, and I have no clue why it happened. After reading this I understand I need to do the Under Saarthal quest to get in, but I don't know how to start the quest.

I then had to Shout Force him slowly off the ledges and slide him back down to a walkable path, and then he continued his walk to Saarthal. Should this be noted under the bugs section? Walk with him if it's not too late. I was playing a fresh game on an xbox I want to know if this is one of those "rare issues" talked about in the patch notes, or if it is repeatable.

Tolfdir has a chance to get "lost" due to conflict with other creatures in the game and even stuck "off the path," unable to return for days on his own. Someone wrote there: "Anyone know how to find the Arch Mage? It's just the three of us in that room and no one is moving, I can't leave the room, and if I try to talk to anyone it says they're busy.

I finished Saarthal with no problems and talked to Savos where he told me to talk to Urag but no quest appeared and Tolfdir and the Arch Mage both remain inside the college while Urag has no dialogue, im playing on a pc so if anyone has the console code to add the "Hitting the Books" quest thatd be much appreciated — Uned comment by It is best to walk with him to saarthal as he may otherwise get lost but you should also let him enter first because he will take off again. I've become mere level 10 inside this dungeon 2 of those levels were in alchemy. So if you choose to fast travel, you run the chance of losing him like this.

I was happily cruising through Sarthal, made my way to Jyric, and slapped him down as soon as Tolfdir did his thing with the orb. Well, except Jyric, obviously. One of the console workarounds listed mentions using "placeatme" to bring Tolfdir to the player's location.

Reloaded the game to the spot right before Jyric awakens, and then suddenly everyone got along just fine. And if so maybe it should be added to the bugs section. The game just loops back to the same save as I die repeatedly.

His ID is also something different from the article.

If you raise him, Tolfdir will not give the speech option that allows the quest to progress Sending you back to the Archmage until Jyrik is dead again. I could only understand "Keep him occupied! Is there any reward or benifit to actualy retunring the rings to him?

And that after I literally spent hours of fighting the high level Draugr in this dungeon. What is happening?

The third time I tried to catch upto him but was unsuccessful evenwith fast traveling. I'm going back to my save in the circular room and leaving without entering Saarthal. You can atleast see his marker. Because I can't seem to get to the 3rd ring.

When Tolfdir tells me to return to College Winterhold, I go all the way back to the saarthal excavation place, and find myself in the coffin room, trapped. I can equip a new amulet, but I have no idea how it is determined which of the currently equipped amulets gets removed. In the chamber he said a few hours, i waited 2 weeks for him to finally arrive! When you find him, you will have to talk to him and pay a fine in order for the College to forgive you, but you are only half done.

There's a duplicate description on the Skyrim:Saarthal. Rhonijin2 July UTC. I, Tolfdir, and the other student arrive at saarthal. I just wanted to see if you guys had a similar issue so we can place this on the list of bugs for the quest as well as Jyrik's. I don't know about editorial policy at UESP Wiki, but shouldn't a quest walkthrough include how to initiate the quest?

Perhaps these duplicates could be merged? But that means I cannot complete either quest, or advance at the College.