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I squeezed the oil all over myself, not only my groin, belly and thighs, but also my chest and arms and hands. Under it all, I was already erect. He immediately dropped them to his ankles. I rubbed the oil to spread and smooth it in and he mimicked me, doing the same. I could see he too had an erection, so this was clearly exciting for him. First things first.

He was still pressing against my foot while touching me, and my toe was still a bit inside of him. He gasped and moaned. He was new enough to this to blush a little when I spoke to him that way, showing his submission with his head down and eyes averted, embarrassed, and perhaps ashamed. I bent down and he dutifully lifted one leg for me and then the other, as I slipped off his shoes and socks, then his pants and undies. We could definitely be interrupted by anyone who had an interest in 'playing' as well. So I always had friends who were girls, and I dated too. I took my hand away from his butt.

I looked at his face. If one of them went in, I tried to go in right afterwards, if I could. We were both erect, even without directly touching our cocks.

He moaned, perhaps with a little discomfort, but he didn't move away. I loved it. I knew I could make him come if I wanted him to. It really has to be a woman. I ran my hands along her thighs. So I was excited a lot. He also moved his hips a little, to press his cock against my finger.

Then I moved my other foot so that my sole was up against his cock. He was nicely shaved smooth all over. Later, when I was away being a counselor at a camp, another counselor used to play with me at night. I took off all my clothes so that the two of us were completely naked, then I sat down on the quilt and motioned for Becky to sit across from me.

Sometimes, one of them would notice and tell me 'eyes up here, Jim. They never realized. But at least for the moment, it was just us two. Meanwhile, he moved his 'clit' against my bare, slippery foot, and moved forward so that my big toe entered his 'pussy' more. I leaned forward and put one hand down to his butt, then touched his anus with a finger.

And all the time, when I was around the women, I was looking at their breasts whenever I could do it without being noticed. Meanwhile, I undid his belt and pants and pushed them down to his ankles. As I touched him, he moaned, also softly, aloud.

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I pressed my toe against him so the tip of my toe went into him a little. So that's what I'd be thinking about working here, being around them, especially the ladies. I stood up and looked him over. But I didn't. I sucked on his thumb a bit, then moved back to talk. His 'clit' was still erect, as he spoke. How was that for you, being in the office with the women here, all those years? He moved a little so that his cock pressed against my foot.

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Now that 'Becky' had fully revealed herself and played with me and others so openly, 'she' was very responsive to suggestions. Becky noticed and reached down to stroke my cock as I spoke. He was bigger than me, and used to put me on his lap and touch me. The door was open and anyone walking by could see us there.

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He was wearing panties of course, silky white ones, which was no surprise. He let me. He was sitting with his knees up, his thighs spread apart enough so that I could see everything. So I'd end up playing with myself afterwards, a few times a day.

I never had the nerve to tell girls about me, that I was bi, that I wanted to be girly, and wear girly clothes. His eyes were half-closed, with pleasure I assumed, and his mouth open. I definitely never had the nerve to tell anyone how subby I was, or tell any girl that I loved touching and kissing her feet, which was part of being subby for me.

I had a friend with whom I used to play. Sometimes I'd lick the seat.

It was hard for me, sometimes, to be talking with them, pretending to be a boy, an adult, while all the time being excited and wishing I could be their subby plaything, at their feet. I was in my usual girl's clothes, in this case, panties and a short-skirted cotton sundress with a halter top, short-heeled sandals, my short hair permed, my fingernails and toenails painted a matching pink, a little blush on my cheeks and a light pink tint on my lips. I reached over for a quilted blanket I kept there and spread it out on the floor in front of the desk.

This shameful confession, even to another sub, excited me so much. Then I moved closer to him so that our bare legs were touching. I moved closer to him and put my legs over his, so that my feet were at his groin.

Footplay with a real man doesn't do it for me. Becky was stroking my back and shoulders as I talked. I leaned forward and put my lips against his and kissed him, my tongue between his lips, our tongues touching. In contrast to me, though, she was still wearing her usual boy's clothing, a suit and tie. Just imagining that, being there in front of her while she peed or whatever, I'd be so excited! I also tried to use the toilet after they did, a private bathroom we had in our section.

As with most men I'd been with, his cock was bigger and thicker than mine. And whenever I could look at their feet, especially if they wore sandals, or if their feet were bare, say if they were sitting and slipped off their shoes, I'd get very excited. I noticed a little dribble at his mouth.

I slipped a slippery foot under his butt so that my big toe was now right under his 'pussy'. I moved up and back in his hands. I'll drop my pants and just be in my panties. As everyone had learned in the past two days, he had been doing that under his male clothes for years. I reached up to my desk drawer and took out the oil from the several lotions I had always kept there for my frequent mid-day masturbation sessions.

I reached out and cupped his balls in my sissy, then trailed a finger softly up the length of his cock. But when I'm Becky, I'm just subby and girly, and I feel like I have to do whatever anyone wants Two do with me. So when I told her to come to my office the next morning early, there she was.

Then I'd kneel down in front of the toilet and just feel the warmth of the seat, where she'd been fuck.

But if I was with a girl and we were fucking, and I could touch their legs and feet as part of it, sometimes while licking their cunny, then I could move so that my groin touched their feet, and that was the best. I had an exciting morning planned for us, now that I had a true partner. I've never been with a guy.

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He immediately undid his tie and took it off, then unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, laying it on my desk. And also about them peeing on me. Then I did the same with Becky. In a minute we were both all smooth and slick and shiny. I loved that too, sucking his cock, being naked in his bed. But he obeyed.