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Thunderbirds fanfiction alan forgotten, Fanfiction alan seeking forgotten to thunderbird

And I think a nine piece series is definitely enough for one day! My latest work to tag onto The Long Reach! Enjoy and let me know what you think?

Thunderbirds Fanfiction Alan Forgotten

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It had been one of those days today, and Scott was glad to finally escape into his room for some sleep. But the ominous thunder getting closer and closer with every rumble meant that the oldest Tracy brother was still wide awake, despite it being way past his bed time.

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The two blonds had made their way up one of the more dangerous courses at the resort. Scott smiled and chuckle that came out at the comment. One they knew full well they weren't supposed to be on. Words like blood loss floated around threateningly; Alan did his best to block those out.

That, and the fact that his unflappable big brother was reaching hyperventilation, and displaying all the textbook s of shock. Despite being the youngest, Alan had plenty of memories of cheering up Gordon, Virgil and even Scott when the situation called for it. He should be fine. He and Virgil figured that they were probably up to something and when they called John to see just where they were going they knew it.

A once blue shirt had turned purple, torn where that morning it had been immaculate and brand new. Kayo was standing outside of the door, leaning against the wall and scrolling through something on her phone as they approached. So, not only were they about to go down a hill they were not entirely prepared for, but also a hill they were not familiar with.

House rules: chapter 2

Just worried. What happened? With Gordon by his side, it seemed marginally less impossible, and he gave a single, jerky nod of his head. A strong gust of wind almost threw Scott off his feet, but he kept his balance and was able to see the familiar red and yellow of his brothers. Kayo moved out of his way, and Alan watched blankly as Virgil repeated response checks — to the same answer — and started trying to find the origin of all the blood.

Not for the first time, Gordon thanked Brains for his need to over-prepare them for any situation. Next to him, Kayo was kneeling on the hangar floor, talking urgently into her comm on one wrist while the other hand tried to get a reaction out of Scott.

Blood gold

His gloved hands were tucked up under his arms and his scarf was wrapped over his mouth and nose. The blood was taking up rather more of his awareness. Well, if John could do it, they could, too. John was in his uniform — the only one of them in uniform — and in theory that meant his temperature was strictly monitored and regulated.

Scott took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of his nose. Alan instinctively slowed, knowing that that meant no entry until they were done. Scott caught up to the two and looked them over--they weren't hurt, yet--but there was something unusual going on.

John had to be feeling completely rotten. If there was one person in the world — except Scott — that Alan knew without a doubt could be trusted to keep his brother afloat no matter what, it was Grandma. You look like you had some fun. He knew his brothers and when they were set on something, there was very little that could change their minds.

Alan was a trained first responder. The aquanaut jerked his head towards the door. Neither of them ever really smother-henned John. By himself, the idea of approaching John and trying to get his big brother to calm down had seemed an impossible task.

Sad headcanon 😭

Those things just did not compute — John never panicked, at least not noticeably, leaving him the brother Alan knew he could rely on for a cool head no matter what the situation. Alan tiptoed his way to the threshold and peered through, expecting to see the ginger being shepherded out by an irate medic.

The grip tightened and he turned his head to see his immediate brother standing beside him. Of course the modules had fire suppression gas, sprinkler systems, and the engineer's own version of a foam that could be safely deployed if civilians or any of the brothers were in the fire's location. Scott swore once again as he tried to look up past the snow that was getting blown into his face.

Thunderbirds space — for fear, a thunderbirds fanfic | fanfiction

Normally, John would be all metaphorical offended cat at the invasion of his personal space. Alan could understand; the idea of being the reason any of his brothers ended up in the infirmary made him physically ill if he dwelled on it. The two coats froze and then turned toward their brother.

His hair was a mess, his cheeks bright red from the wind, and his eyes were bright with excitement. So, he sat down behind them, grabbed Alan around the waist, and tucked his feet under Alan's legs. Just don't drink my chocolate when it comes. Come on, John. It was nothing dramatic, just a shift in his posture, but it was the first independent movement John had made since Alan had seen him kneeling by Scott. It transpired that Scott was on the next bed over, blood bag attached and feeding his veins the crimson liquid while Virgil fussed around near his waist.

But that wasn't really what Gordon was most thankful for. Scott grumbled as he forced his way against the icy wind. Between them, John sighed. Gordon led the way without discussion. A brisk tip-toe had him reaching the same bed and pulling himself to sit on it. The melting marshmallow fluff was spreading across the surface of his hot chocolate as he waited for it to cool. A second shift, and then a third, had the younger Tracys scooting over, once again giving John some of his beloved personal space.

The aquanaut led the way over to a workbench nestled in an alcove a little way away from Thunderbird One, John more or less being dragged between them until they deposited him gently on the bench and sat either side of him, thighs pressed to thighs. Alan threw it over his shoulders anyway, tucking it tight until John resembled a burrito in the hopes that the action would have some — any — psychological benefit.

It meant he could ignore the feeling in his spent limbs that told him to collapse on the spot, because this was doable. From the way Virgil nodded, and he and Gordon promptly filed out, the two of them agreed. Alan was too young and inexperienced for the course, and Gordon was only allowed down it with either him or Virgil and he hadn't even done that yet.

The extinguishers were rarely used, but deemed necessary in the situation fanfiction Thunderbird 2's systems were down. He had been sitting with Virgil--who had gotten a twisted ankle from skiing the day before--when they saw the two youngest leave, both laughing their he alan. Alan held his breath as Gordon reached out and lightly caught his shoulder. He padded over to the door, glancing back at his eldest brothers one last time before thunderbird. Scott pinched his lips behind his scarf and sighed. Having Scott unconscious and John freaking out, thereby both his eldest brothers out of action suddenly, felt a lot like someone had just yanked his astroboard out from under him while he was EVA.

Hurried footsteps echoed through the hangar, fast enough to almost be a run despite the no running in the hangars rule, and Alan found himself nudged aside gently but brusquely as Virgil rushed past him, either unaware or uncaring about the oil that he had, as usual, managed to splatter all over himself during maintenance.

Across most of the brothers, the smothering went two-way to at least some extent. The breath Gordon let out was slow and whistled a little. It rang true as he stood staring at the wall of handheld extinguishers. I'll go get us some dinner. All they could do was sit with John and hope that with Scott now out of forgotten, his brain would start firing again.

Instead, he saw John perch on the side of an empty bed, elbows on thighs and chin on steepled fingers, and watch something out of sight from the doorway. Scott sat at the kitchen table watching the rain pour down outside. Alan followed him as he edged closer, slipping around Virgil and Kayo and whatever they were doing with Scott. There was no arguing with Grandma. It was the view of one particular canister sitting at ground level. Apparently they have an exclusive side quest for Cavern Quest and Gordon's going to help Alan get through it. It meant no climbing and no need to waste a grapple charge.

Out in the middle of the hangar, the hoverstretcher was moving, propelled along by a harried-looking Virgil and Kayo until it passed from sight, on route to the infirmary. John blanched, and for a moment Alan feared he was going to shut down again, but he just slumped forwards to bury his face in his hands.

The only brother that could consistently handle John was Scott, and Scott was very much unavailable right then. A glance shared with Gordon showed that his brother was, despite his bravado, equally disquieted by the circumstances.