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The Hardys and Lita Amy Dumas rose to prominence in the pro-wrestling world owing to their alliance known as Team Xtreme, which was formed back in Matt and Lita were involved in a real-life relationship with one another till their separation in after she allegedly cheated on him with fellow WWE Superstar Adam Copeland Edge. WWE used the Matt-Lita-Edge love triangle in their on-screen storylines for a better part of the months that followed.

The Hardy Boys And Lita

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Team Xtreme was the hottest team of the early s, before they parted ways and each achieved individual superstardom. Read all Team Xtreme was the hottest team of the early s, before they parted ways and each achieved individual superstardom.

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Edge and Christian won again as this match was a highlight on an amazing Wrestlemania. Team Xtreme were extremely popular No pun intendedas well as being successful from toobviously in tag team competition and also in singles. But Matt Hardy started to be upset with Jeff's risk taking and challenged Jeff to a match at Vengeance.

Twist of fate: the best of the hardy boyz

Eventually, Matt was noticed by the right people and soon he was wrestling on live TV with his brother Jeff who was 16 at the time. Whilst Matt had Edge laid out on a ladder suspended between the ringside barrier and the ring, Jeff climbed a large ladder and jumped off, leg dropping onto Edgeand putting both men through the ladder.

The match is memorable as it was Jeff Hardy's first shot at the World Championship. This was the first time we'd ever seen someone go through the ladder. On July 11th, Matt Hardy was rehired and shown attacking Edge backstage on Raw in a segment that seemed real.

Wwe news: lita on the hardy boyz' return to wwe

Jeff would try again and again to win his first World Championship. The next night, The Hardys were placed in a 10 team battle royal, That's right there was actually 10 teams in the WWE at one point. Kane has been involved in terrible storylines.

After finding out about the affair between Edge and Lita, Matt Hardy took to the Internet and told everyone how he really felt. This match showed that these four men would be the future of the company and were future superstars in the WWF. Amy Dumas aka Lita, debuted as the valet to the talented and unmemorable Essa Rios, where she would perform her ature moonsault and hurricana on Essa Rios' opponents after he won.

Edge and Christian played the heel team whose goofy antics gave them face reactions. Matt found out and to say the least he wasn't happy. The three teams feuded near a whole year and a half, trading the Tag Team championships between them, letting another team have a run every now and then.

The Hardys would then revive their tag team and compete in matches against MNM. At Armageddonthe Hardys inadvertently and legitimately injured Joey Mercury's face, which started an intense feud between the two teams. The match was won by The Hardy Boyz and the next night on Raw, all four men were given a standing ovation by the crowd in attendance. However, D-Von moved and Jeff Hardy crashed through the table.

This match is actually my personal favourite of all time.

Lita (wrestler)

The title was traded back between Nitro and Hardy making Hardy a three time champion. At Wrestlemaniathe The teams had a great Triangle Ladder Match that was the best match of the event. Jeff lost the match at the Royal Rumble, and it looked like he was set for going on to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania When Hardy returned he was drafted to Smackdown, where he and pushed again into the main event. Despite the lame prize, the match itself was phenomenal as the four young men reinvented the boy match, making it suit their style.

Luckily for the Hardys, WWF stayed in business in storyline. Jeff beat Edge by disqualification. Edge wasn't disciplined because at the time he was Mr. Money in the Bank, and about to become one of the golden boys of WWE. Edge stated that this time was very personal and hard to get through, yet despite everything he still trusted Matt in the ring, even when he was on top of a Steel Cage ready to jump on him.

Weirdly, on the Smackdown after, Jeff had a celebration where he had pyro and lots of confetti to go with lita hardy victory, which showed how Jeff was favoured over Matt in WWE all their careers. The match itself started off with The Undertaker beating on Jeff Hardy for the majority until Jeff turns the tables and cracks The Undertaker over the head with some vile chair shots.

Matt was announced to be back on August 1st after attacking Edge and Lita over the course of the month.

The reasons given for his release were Hardy's erratic behaviour, drug use, refusal to go to rehab, deteriorating ring performance, constant tardiness and no showing events. Jeff then set his sights on the Intercontinental Championship and in October, became a two time Intercontinental Champion after finally beating Johnny Nitro. Which is something that will come up again. Edge and Matt then started a very personal feud that lasted for two months; during this time, both men showed themselves to be total professionals.

He was written off TV to recover from a knee injury. I would like to state now that I was a big fan of the Hardy Boyz when I was younger and as I grew older my support never really lessened From that point on, the young boys became infatuated with professional wrestling and as teenagers started their own wrestling organisation called OMEGA with their friends including future WWE and TNA star Shannon Moorethat the older brother, Matt, ran and sold to local wrestling promoters in order to pursue his dream.

You could say he hasn't been the same since. But there were two feuds that were important for Team Xtreme's growth.

They won after last eliminating Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. As for Matt Hardy, his girlfriend Lita had recovered from her neck injury and asked for Matt to be brought over onto Raw. Matt eventually turned face and started a storyline with Lita and Kane where Kane had apparently impregnated Lita and wanted to marry her.

Jeff stated his reasons for coming back as wanting to be a World Champion and putting right the wrongs he had in his life. With the addition of Lita, the Hardys formed Team Xtreme.

Wwe/tna: the hardy boyz timeline

The match also saw interference from Rhyno, Spike Dudley and Lita, along with many huge bumps through tables, chair shots to the head, falls from ladders, and Matt Hardy and Bubba Ray Dudley falling from a huge ladder through several tables. Matt had already turned into a heel after becoming jealous of Jeff's success in the WWE. Matt started a gimmick where he dubbed himself 'Matt Hardy Version 1.

At Wrestlemania 23, Jeff and Matt Hardy competed in the annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match and during the course of the match, Jeff Hardy once again did the biggest spot of the match. The match was so good, they did it again at Wrestlemania 17, this time in the first ever TLC match. Their first reign, though, was a short one, as they lost the title back to the Acolytes at Fully Loadedwhich was 26 days later.

The most memorable moment of the match was afterwards, when The Undertaker came back to the ring and showed respect to Jeff Hardy by lifting up his arm.

The highlight of this feud was definitely the promo via satellite between Edge with Lita and Matt Hardy, which at times sounded like they were shooting at each other. They wanted to steal the show at No Mercyin the first ever tag team ladder match in WWF, for the managerial services of Terri Runnels Yes that's what the epic battle was over New Jack and Dustin Runnels somewhere are laughing. Jeff Hardy started his style of taking huge risks in a match to make the crowd pop big time, such as when he leaped off a 20 foot ladder to swanton bomb Bubba Ray Dudley through a table.

In a moment when the whole arena was on their feet, they watched as Jeff Hardy climbed the ladder looking up at the coveted prize, and we all prayed that he'd take that title down so we could witness a truly mark out moment.

They became serious tag team championship contenders when they added Michael 'PS' Hayes as a manager. Obviously, this was not Jeff Hardy's time to win a World Championship but we saw that Jeff Hardy was capable of being in the main event.

He finally won his first World Heavyweight Championship That counts. The spot took both men out the match. It was during this time that Lita and Edge, Matt's real life friend, engaged in a relationship whilst Matt and Lita were still together.

Both Matt and Jeff showed their athleticism during their time as jobbers and in they were given full time WWF contracts and were sent to train with Dory Funk Jr. The Hardys were repackaged and started using an unorthodox, crusierweight, high flying, risk taking style which quickly made them popular.

Edge and Christian won the match.

In light of the recent events related to Matt Hardy's release from TNA, I thought it was timely to do an article going through the events and key dates in The Hardy Brothers careers that have shaped them. At their wedding, Matt Hardy saved Lita but was then Chokeslammed off the stage through some tables. Fittingly enough, Jeff returned and confronted Edge who was the WWE Champion and the man, who a year earlier had wronged his brother. They started out as jobbers, who are wrestlers that are in matches to lose and make their opponents look good.

This event was important as it effectively ended Team Xtreme as Lita would break her neck and be out of action for a year.

The Dudley Boyz played the tweener team who played faces that did heel actions. Hardy Boyz played the face team that everyone wanted to see win. Jeff had a short feud with Randy Ortonwhere Jeff leaped off the huge set on Raw, swanton bombing Randy Orton in one of the biggest swantons he has ever done. The brothers had lived out their first dream to be Tag Team champions together; Jeff has stated that if it all had ended there then that would've been fine because they only ever wanted to be Tag Team Champions.

He didn't do anything particularly memorable but all the big Jeff Hardy fans followed him there and TNA gained recognition.