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Years: I am 28
Nationality: New Zealand
Tone of my eyes: Clear gray eyes
My Sign of the zodiac: Aries
My figure type: My figure type is quite athletic
I prefer to drink: Gin
Other hobbies: Driving a car

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That was astonishing. I actually don't even remember if we made it all the way to the very end, but at one point he was pulling my hair so hard and wailing for release that I felt almost sorry for him and finally finished him off with a flourish.

Done right it can be great, done wrong, bad.

Posted - May 5 : AM I have been spending some time on sites devoted to teasing and denial. Devinn Lane would be good, too. Venus Girls seems to be the place to go to find what titles to look for.

I often masturbate to the brink, pull back and go again and again and build to a shattering climax but I wouldn't want someone else controlling that. Denial on the way there, but no doubt that I'd cum as long as I was capable, I guess. Beautifully told, my friend. Needless to say I had an ice pack pressed to my jaw for about two days.

I just licked his cock teasingly for almost the first hour alone, then sucking it in an alternating rhythm soft, then hard, then backing off and using my hands. And, Yes! Devinn Lane would be awesome.

Sweet Jesus. Probably the longest I kept my partner in denial was this one time, as a challenge, I vowed to give him a blowjob while he watched the movie Cleopatra the full-length Elizabeth Taylor version on television. Well, I like some "tease" type stuff. I second the thought at how good Devinn Lane would be at it, and I hear a third from down below Taylor St. Actually, I think the rest of her has something to do with it. I REALLY like the idea of a woman that could tie me up and tease me and hour or two without letting me release no matter how hard I try. I've no desire to make him suffer.

Eurobabe Index.

Sometimes it really turns me on. She'd touch me all over, and at first she'd only just brush my dick, slowly making that contact harder as she went along. Some go the extreme of considering the male orgasm to be offensive and fantasize about it be punishable by law. I'd like to see a full hour long, merciless session that I hear about. During all this I had about the hardest hard-on I'd had in years.

If they are into it and it is voluntary choice, so be it. But in a weird way, that can make the rest of the sex better because your anticipation and anxiety has grown to the point to where when you finally get the sex, you just devour it. I also like like the notion of being forced to masturbate to the brink of orgasm over and over again.

For about fifteen minutes she teased me with various parts of her body including her very silky long blonde hair and a few pieces of equipment.

Our hotwives

Posted - Mar 16 : AM Probably the longest I kept my partner in denial was this one time, as a challenge, I vowed to give him a blowjob while he watched the movie Cleopatra the full-length Elizabeth Taylor version on television. But not my thing. I knew it wouldn't be the same in a relationship which had started out 'normal', and that a professional domme would know the ropes, so to speak. Celebrity Photographers, which looked like the hottest of them all, was not in the price search.

Not for heavy domination, humiliation or pain, just for the curiosity of being at someone's mercy sexually, and it being someone who really knew what they were doing. I am lured by the potential naughty tease talking, but at the same time I think that most sex scenes are that long and the men don't beg.

I'd especially like to hear from the lovely, sexy, extraordinary women of ADT. And somehow I think Jewel De'Nyle has some experience in the matter if not an outright love of it. Link to this post.

Tease and denial

Though, had I grabbed your hair and demanded release I surely would and deserved being tied up while watching the longest sexies porno imaginable while being given the tongue treatment, only to cum at your tease, despite my desires And I would be required to buy and hold the ice to your jaw afterwards. Sometimes even just blowing lightly on the forum. Anyway, the basic idea was for her to tease me, tie me up, keep teasing and eventually make me cum.

However, many of these people are into long-term orgasm denial and male chastity devices. Melissa P. There is the oily fun of rubbing each other all over all slick and slippery and wet but not cumming for as denial as possible Why did I never respond to the new posts? Sometimes, the thought and anticipation of what's about to happen can be better than what actually ends up happening. Anybody else here have teasing and denial fantsies? Posted - Mar 10 : PM Blatant bump. I get tempted, but they are so short. She started by telling me to get on my hands and knees, then put a dog collar on me and then a blindfold.

I'm really straight-forward and not into any kind of game-playing, although playful foreplay is certainly nice. Well, I guess you can figure out what my dominant kink is at the moment. At some point, the teased is just going to sit back and say "OK Not so keen on that.

Fergus -- That was a great piece of writing -- I enjoyed it thoroughly. And then wring out my fucking underwear. Featured New Release. Fergus Member Oh yeah Several years ago I decided to visit a professional domnatrix - a Mistress.

A more organic, tantric type thing might be cool to try, but not what you're talking about, Endorphin. Tall Goddess has several cocktease movies, if you're looking for a DVD to check out. The poor guy was already prepared to explode by the time Cleopatra made her ostentatious entrance for Cesar but he begged me to keep going. Please see Where to Shop for adult movie shops and porn download sites.

Blatant bump.

I was practically pressing my face to the monitor while gripping the side of the table reading along to the part of your amazingly descriptive orgasm. Posted - Mar 10 : PM Posted - Mar 11 : PM Done right it can be great, done wrong, bad. RandomPrecision Senior Member Enjoy! You are not logged in Log in Register to Post.

Whoosh, never again. She does post on orgasmdenial. Molon Labe I'm a very impatient person, especially when it comes to sex.

Cuckold tease and denial survey

And now I need to go post in the "most recent orgasm" thread. Then she started running her hands over me, especially my dick and balls, and lightly tapping me with a riding crop. That vulnerability obviously helps the sense of powerlessness.

Umm, next she got me to stand up and she tied me to a huge framed leather canvas against the wall, both hands high, with leg-spreaders as well. That would just turn me off and probably piss me off. Other times it just flat out scares me. Just beautiful. I want my man to feel good, and often. I just don't think I'd enjoy this at all.

Why am I responding now? Tease is an art, however because it can be taken too far to the point to where it's just not sexy and gets boring. I was nude and she was in some very sexy fetishwear, with long black boots since I'd mentioned I find them sexy too. To what degree have you made it a reality?