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Storey men cought crossdressing, Erotik crossdressing found men to cought

Johnny was gentle and had slightly feminine mannerisms for a guy. He had had quite a few escapades with women, a couple of failed marriages and a dozen or so relationships but all had fizzled out.

Storey Men Cought Crossdressing

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This morning was one of those days and after my morning shower I sifted through my considerable collection of undies, costumes, wigs etc for something sexy to wear. I chose a black lace waist cinching corset which pulled my waist in to give me a feminine silhouette.

How old am I: 24
Meeting with: Male
Eyes: Cold hazel green eyes
I like to drink: Red wine
What is my favourite music: I like hip hop
I like: Swimming

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When he had finished cumming, he pulled out, dragged me by the back of the neck till my mouth was level with his cock.

He grabbed my soft cock balls squeezed enough to make me cry out. I can remember I started to get a bit upset begged him to not tell anyone. Does daddy approve? He pulled the panties off of me pushed them into my mouth. I sheepishly agreed to do as he wanted even though I was excited inside because I already had been exploring my sissyboi side, but that's another story.

This continued for a few hours with him cumming in my sissypussy or sissy mouth as he called fucking me in various positions, until he was tired the viagra had worn off. He kept it there balls deep i could feel it throb inside me. He took out a small blue pill i later found out was viagra swallowed told me daddy is gonna need a little help to keep fucking that sweet pussy all night. Do you remember when I caught you in the bathroom wearing my wife's underwear our agreement? I could get dressed in my own clothes fuck off now. As we were going up to the bedroom, he told me the less i resisted the better it would be for me.

A guy is caught crossdressing by his wife

As i pulled the panties back over my still slightly gaping wet hole my fingers nearly slipped in without any resistance. When it was all clean, Keith had finished his beer started to get hard again, he told me that we were going to continue this upstairs. The first time I got caught cross dressing, I was in my teens still at school.

But instead I was having a sly wank while wearing his wife's black lacey panties bra that I'd found in the laundry basket. I replied yes daddy eagerly clambered onto the bed assumed the position. I started to suck him as he got hard he grabbed the back of my head forced his cock violently down my throat till my face was pressed against him.

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He walked into the bathroom because I thought I'd locked the door door, but I hadn't locked it properly. Following with if you want me to tell your parents other people about what I saw.

I opened my mouth sucked his rapidly hardening meat into mouth, as i pulled my mouth away i pulled his foreskin back, swirled my toungue around the head dipped my tongue into the eye of his penis. I was left gaping dripping with a mixture of cum, ass juice lube.

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Without being told i dropped to my knees started to clean his cock with my mouth. Then he noticed the cum puddle on the bed laughed, he said you said no but your body said yes now you can clean up your own mess. Or if I wanted my secret kept, I would do as I was told. He lifted my legs placed both of them together on his shoulder, pulled the crotch of the panties to one side pulled out the butt plug.

After a few minutes Keith started to tease me with some very short strokes some random hard deep thrusts making me cry out in a mixture of pain pleasure. I replied yes daddy, sorry daddy. I still remember it as I panicked tried to cover up.

I was secretly excited by this. I continued put on the lingerie as i was doing this he told me that there was some clothes for me to wear as well. As i was about to put the panties on he told me to stop. He quietly said to me.

Transgender & crossdressers stories

I got dressed in the lingerie went down stairs to Keith, who was sat in a arm chair in just a pair of boxer shorts. So your mine to do with what i want for the next 24 hours. I went into the guest room to find a pair of skimpy black lace panties, bra, suspender belt stockings waiting for me.

With that he roughly rolled me facedown on the bed, pinned my hands behind my back held them with one of his hands while he spread my cheeks forced his prelubed rock hard throbbing cock into me. He told me that my sissypussy was his he owned it me. Then i felt something being pushed in that stretched me stopped.

He told me to lie on my back with a pillow under my ass with my legs in the air. Bend over show him my pussy.

He told me to go up to the guest room as he followed, slapping my ass as we went up the stairs. Please fuck me some more daddy. The look of shock bemusement on his face was a picture. You fucking little sissy slut.

He put my feet either side of his head slowly pushed his rock hard throbbing cock into me until he was balls deep in me, he started to fuck me in a similar pattern to before sometimes slowly deeply, other times pulling all the way out, teasing me with the tip or just ramming back in till he was balls deep, making me cry out in a mixture of pleasure, pain surprise. He started to fuck me slowly deeply, sometimes pulling all the way out between strokes leaving me gaping then begging him to put his cock back in.

In the guest room he pushed me down to my knees proceeded to roughly fuck my mouth, throat, twist my nipples slap my face, until he was fully hard ready to fuck my sissyboipussy. He told me to give him a twirl said to me mmm you look pretty good bitch now fetch me a beer.

The first time i got caught crossdressing

My mother told me that Keith had phoned asked if I'd like to earn some money helping him clear some overgrown garden ready for a new fence. When i returned with his beer handed it to him he groped me pushed me to my knees. I told him no i was sore. He told me that if i sucked his cock it would buy his silence for now.

After a long hot sweaty day in the garden Keith told me to go clean up before dinner. He called me a slut told me to strip for him. As he pushed the large head of his cock into my hole i winced gasped with pain pleasure. As he was fucking me he started twist pull my nipples. He told me to stop get on my back on the bed. As i was licking up my cum puddle. It happened when I was was visiting him his family, with my parents. I returned to the bathroom removed the stubble from the areas that needed shaving as I had already had been regularly shaving those areas anyway, then I gave my guts a good clean out prelubed my hole with a good amount of ky.

He then announced it was time for a shower, then breakfast. He then told me to suck his cock, i pulled his boxers down to expose a semi soft cock approximately the size of a redbull can, totally shaved. As i returned with the beer Keith told me to hand him a small box from the sideboard.

With a note telling me to shave my all of my body hair that was covered by my boxer shorts my armpits. I asked what about your wife. He told me to be quiet, hugged me gently pushed me to my knees.

Caught crossdressing stories

When i finished dressing, i looked over at Keith who was laid on the beg slowly stroking his hard cock i asked him. When we got back into the bedroom Keith handed me some clean white plain underwear, consisting of skimpy but not slutty panties a bra. As i went to walk away he said to me. I stripped slowly when i got as far as the underwear socks. I got caught by a friend of my parents Keith.

Keith shouted up your stuff is in the guest room. Keith let out a groan of surprise pleasure as he sild balls deep into my clean asshole with little resistance.

He growled at me to clean his cock, as i did this with tears streaming down my face. Keith told me to get some sleep. With that he smiled slightly, turned sat on the sofa told me to fetch him a beer.

Caught crossdressing and loved it!

He said to me when daddy asks you something you answer him straight away. While this was happening i started to cum uncontrolablly in the panties even though my cock stayed soft. They turned out to be be a school uniform consisting of knee high white socks, a dark green yellow plaid fitted skirt that finished just above the knee, a white short sleeved blouse a dark green cardigan. Daddy is making you cum as he storeys your sissy pussy. As i was bent over he said this will help for later i felt some thing cold on my swollen bruised storey. After i swallowed Keith grabbed my hair, pulled me over to the sofa, bent me over, pulled the panties to the side, kicked my legs apart pressed the head of his still semi hard cock at the entrance to my asshole.

I gasped at the sensation as i was left open gaping for a few seconds before he pushed his prelubed cock balls deep in me. I went down stairs wrapped in men a towel demanded angrily but secretly glad insidewhat the fuck was going on with the lingerie. I was using the bathroom, pretending to take a shit. When I got out of the shower. The phone rang he went to answer it while he left me recovering on the bed. She told me that she'd already said yes I was to go round to his house on the next day to take a overnight bag because they my parents were going away for the night Keith's wife was away for the weekend visiting cought mother.

Keith noticed this said look at you. I sheepishly replied yes, Keith reminded me that he hadn't cought anyone also reminded me that we were going to discuss it at a later crossdressing. We had breakfast then he told me it was time to fuck again again. As i climbed onto the bed i saw Keith crossdressing lube to his cock, i went to remove the panties he stopped me. I screamed in pain repeatedly told him no begged him to stop with tears streaming down my face as he roughly raped me hard, fast deep until he emptied his cum deep inside men, while he was raping me my body betrayed itself i the cum started to dribble out of me.

Fast forward to the friday evening of the next weekend it was late may day bank holiday.