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Stephanie Mcmahon Wet

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The only time fans might get a glimpse of McMahon is during an overseas show at the airport — of course, he still takes a private jet. It is no secret, WWE follows a script both backstage and in the ring when it comes to promos at least most do.

Surprisingly, he did go through a dark time when a little weight gain took place.

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Alex Passa Articles Published. He might be on top of WWE nowadays, but Triple H had several ups and downs on route to his current position.

Share Share Tweet. According to an urban legend, Hemme lost her job with WWE due to her flirtatious ways with The Game behind the scenes.

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Fans were all over The Game — to his credit, he even stopped for some photos. While the Kliq partied it up, Hunter was supposedly making himself a sandwich He truly is and will always be a true student of the game!

Candid photos will also be featured on the list as well. Candid pics can bring the best or worst out of anyone.

Her dress "accident" at wwe payback

Following the controversial Curtain Call, Triple H was the one to suffer. Stephanie is an absolute gem with the fans and one of the nicest WWE employees despite her villainous gimmick. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend.

We also have a couple of wardrobe malfunctions; one with Brock viewers really need to see to believe! Though, Kanellis might want to be careful At times, the traveling can turn pretty bad especially in places outside of the US. He was mobbed when arriving in India at the airport.

The same holds true for the photo above as Keibler does a little bit of flirting with The Game. Now Triple H never confirmed but we have reason to believe that took place in this photo, or perhaps Brock yanked him up for the F5 a little too aggressively It was supposed to be a special night for Triple H as his best friend stepped out of retirement returning to the ring.

Behind the scenes photos of Vince are generally few and far between. To his credit, Hunter took it like a man and sold his backside off! When we think of Triple H, we usually visualize a Greek God. Both then and now, Triple H has one of the more sought after physiques in the entire WWE — hard work always pays off, folks.

Stephanie has more than a few steamy backstage moments, particularly a plethora with Kurt Angle. Doing what you love and getting it taken from you can be a harsh reality — unfortunately, The Game dealt with this on more than a few occasions.

Things quickly went south as Triple H tore his peck during the earlier portion of the match. Nash and Hall left the company while HBK was untouchable at the top of the card.

​photo: stephanie mcmahon pees her pants at payback?

In fairness, Triple H can also point the finger the other way. The new documentary about late actress Brittany Murphy and her tragic life and death has people angry. What followed was a brutal contest filled with botches from both sides. Read Next in wrestling.

Given the way she is, Stephanie might want us to avoid such pictures, showing the cranky side of Triple H. Given all the traveling he does, can you blame him? This is a part of the industry wrestlers tend to keep on the DL. Given all that protein buildup, things have a tendency to come out on the wrong side every now and then. He would also take part in embarrassing matchups like this one inside a pigpen.

Photo: stephanie mcmahon pees her pants at payback?

In this picture, Triple H is also there for the ride — a picture both would rather keep on the DL. Though in truth, Hunter was always the deated driver. Triple H is a student of bodybuilding as well. Triple H went from a potential King of the Ring winner to losing matches night after night.