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Star wars fanfiction luke tortured, Fanfiction liked luke star who wars whisperyacht

A little girl with a little stuffed loth cat comes up to Rex and asks him if it was scary to fight the droids. This is Bunny Princess.

Star Wars Fanfiction Luke Tortured

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The Dark Lord tilted his head. The Falleen obviously had a hand still to play. Xizor's enjoyment was obvious.

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And you shall help me. The only thing left was the imagine of a young man burned into your brain.

The imagine of the man that had tortured you: Luke Skywalker. The Emperor waved his hand and the handcuffs you and Luke had been restrained with fell off.

Just Imagine It. Subscribe RSS. me and she will be spared from this. You could feel your consciousness and sanity slipping away as you struggled to pinpoint who it was you should hate.

You will find that it is you, who are mistaken, about a great many things. But then everything went black.

I have been expecting you. Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor.

Originally posted by backtothestarwars. You struggled to focus on the face of the man torturing you, determined to hate that face as long as you would live.

He was old and withered, but then young and handsome with sandy blonde hair the next moment. You could barely make out anything in the daze the pain was causing. After what seemed like hours of being shocked, everything started going hazy.

me, young Skywalker. Once you came to a stop you chanced a worried look at Luke that was met by a reassuring glance from him.