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Spying On Wife Stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. This is a story about my wife and her good friend Debbie. Alice and Debbie have been friends for about five years now and Alice has helped Debbie through two divorces and a rocky relationship with her current fella.

Years old: 26
I can speak: English, Thai
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Gemini
Favourite drink: Liqueur
My favourite music: Easy listening
Stud: None

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From that room you could see the bar and the front area of the club in the day but when it got dark and the lights went on inside you could see almost the entire club with its three dance floors and indoor jacuzzis.

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I told her that I had cut a deal with the boss in which I could go but it would be a working vacation and I still could be working online for eight to twelve hours a day and that she would have to find things to entertain herself while I worked. I actually came from looking at your cock. Then a week beforehand I told her something happened at work which made it impossible to take the time off. I even get off on the fact that she does so much nasty shit behind my back.

But I noticed and my stomach did a flip when they dropped their pants. Fucking cheating cunt. I also hired two good looking and young private investigators to help keep tabs on her. It was also quite impressive how she would steer the conversation into something sexual so naturally. But she would never take the bait. She had picked the spot strategically as it was fairly hidden from the people gathered around the swimming pool and semi-private. You came in and pulled out your magnificent cock and pissed. Oh yes!

Then he walked up to her and as quick as lightening slapped her hard across the face sending her flying across the room where she spied against the wall and crumpled to the ground. I felt sorry for her but as I said, that cunt needed to be put in her wife. The way she would sit or rest her legs on some strangers lap was a sight to see as her legs never even came close to closing and were most often story so wide that it looked like she was posing for Hustler magazine.

The vacation was costing me a fortune but I figured, in the end, it would be worth it. I love it.

He punched her in the face with a closed fist. Lead the way.

That she risks everything to feed her cocklust. It turns out she is way sluttier than I had imagined and she deserves to be taken down a few notches and I wanted to see her whimper. Everybody she had fucked today was basically non- threatening, but these guys were not only huge, but they were also serious men and I am sure they were used to getting their way.

I was laughing as one guy was saying that his wife was the jealous type and she very smoothly turned it into asking him if his wife would consider it cheating if she were to rub his hard cock all over her bald cunt to make it glisten with his precum. Fuck that fucking bitch! But I been a secret voyeur for years and It has come time for me to be involved in at least some of her activities and I figure that showing her proof that I know about the things she does is the only way she will admit to it.

The other two roughly pulled her lower half off the ground and one of them slammed his equally massive hard slab of black meat balls deep into her cunt and she jolted like she just got electrocuted. I turned on the monitors and watched as she writhed around going on and on about how much she needed to be fucked like a whore.

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You guys have to come to my room right now. The closest I got to being spotted by her was when I followed her into an adult bookstore where she spent hours sucking and fucking cocks through the glory holes in the video booth she had chosen. I just wanted to know how much of a slut she really is. I booked us a two-week vacation at a Florida hotspot with a reputation for being a pickup resort.

I thought she almost spotted me as I watched her get gangbanged in the bookstores little theatre. It was our first full day at the resort. And also a room that had a full unobstructed view of the pool and spa area and another one that had very close proximity to the infamous pick-up bar at the resort. I knew my wife was a slut, after all, that was the reason I had set up this little sting operation. She would pretend to be shocked and upset.

Spying on my slut wife

The bulk of the expense went for hotel rooms and surveillance gadgets. I acted as if I knew nothing of its reputation as a meat market and would only talk about the beautiful beaches and restaurants. Even though I had just been spying on her as she had milked about a quart of come from the dicks of a local amateur softball team.

I listened as two guys were talking about the food on their flight and within a few sentences, she had turned it into how guys all have different tasting cum. Oh my god, this is like three feet of cock. When I told her this she actually had to hide her giddiness. Each guy had at least 12 thick inches hanging down and swinging between their legs. The second reason for wanting to be here so badly was.

I actually put my dick through one of the holes and she enthusiastically sucked a cum load out of me then moved along to the next hard dick. We made eye contact for a fraction of a millisecond before a huge load of cum splashed across her face and into her eyes. The first being that these guys scared me a bit. Room Service was poking me with. I have tried different methods in the past and they have all failed. I wanted to see her put in her place. But if that ever did happen, all this video footage and information I was gathering would ensure I would come out on top.

These guys would give a horse a run for their money. All of these things transmitted into a very powerful computer that had four fail-safe hard drives for backup. He had shoved the entire thick and hard inch cock all the way down her throat and held it there with his balls on her chin.

Nobody seemed to notice the jizz dripping off of her as she dove in and came to the surface cum free. Well, to be honest, it was really more of a surveillance operation. Her conversation went like this.

I booked four rooms for the duration of the two weeks. All unbeknownst to my wife, I booked the room that aded the room we were staying in. Rub your cocks and your balls all over my slutty face. But as I said, a divorce is the last thing I want.

I told her I had made arrangments with the hotel and they would be letting me use a small conference room as a makeshift office to avoid the distractions that would occur in the hotel room. I however had a perfect view of her as she constantly adjusted her tiny bikini bottoms.

For the next week, she would go shopping for the sluttiest things to wear and secretly pack them for the trip.

I watched you take a piss this morning. I said get the fuck overhear! I was just about to leave when I saw her turn and she moved out of my line of sight. I immediately left the bookstore.

She was laying out at the hotel pool surrounded by men she had never met before talking about her pussy. I had been planning it for six months. Either subtly pulling them into her slit or exaggeratingly pulling them back out or making an adjustment and pulling the stretchy material as far as she could away from her and pretending not to notice everyone would get an eyeful of her smooth hairless snatch.

Get the fuck overhear.

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It took until around noon for her to suck out her first cumload. I had several homing devices that were easy to use and very accurate. So, as far as I could see, having hard evidence was the only way. She was suddenly wide awake and scared and she started sobbing and wailing.

She got out of the pool and grabbed her purse and started walking towards our room so it was time for me to move also to the adjacent room I had rented. As far as gadgets went I had three-dozen very high fidelity wireless microphones that were about the size of a bottle cap and where magnetized so you could attach them to anything metal.

I get off on it. The reason I wanted to get there so fast was actually two reasons.

I had never seen so much dick hanging off a human. Her eyes were full of panic. We had arrived last night I was sitting in the pool view room watching and listening to her flirt and talk nasty to the groups of guys that would invariably swarm the area where she sat. I was still listening but I could no longer see anything.

Once I showed them pictures of her and told them she would most likely offer her pussy to them if they just went up and talked to her they became rather generous with their services. My wife had in fact been carrying around one in her purse for the past month which I had been using to track and follow her when I could.