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Spanking boy cornee, Ethiopians chica hunting for cornee for boy

That certainly taught Phillip a fine lesson. How useful to reinstate the idea of placarding the brat - and in front of Melissa too! There's no doubt that he'll ever find a romantic attachment whilst those two upright ladies are present to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Spanking Boy Cornee

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What is my age: I'm 18 years old
I can speak: English, Russian
My Sign of the zodiac: Virgo
What is my figure features: My figure features is thin
My favourite drink: Lager
Music: Jazz
What is my hobbies: Blogging

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Otk spanking corner time

So I could not even dream of the embarrasment. Posted by: Rory January 10, at PM. Ladies such as these dominated many a Victorian household with the strictest of discipline. Or ordered to reamin in the corner while his embarrassment intensifies?

Where I stood for 10 minutes shiffling saying how sorry I was, problem was I was 22, in the corner I ended up pleeding to be able at least pull my knickers and tights up. Only ever happened once over 30 years ago, my Aunt put me over knee spanked me gave me a long lecture and sent me to the corner. Needless to say I make good use of the corner before and after punishing her naughty bottom. Posted by: Roger August 20, at PM. Posted by: Richard August 15, at AM. This illustration really strikes home no pun intended Rory. To be honest I think she [mother in law]has never taken it litterly.

January 05,

January 05, Corner Time After a spanking or caning, it is usually traditional to send the naughty boy to stand in the corner. In addition to good old-fashioned, bare-bottom spanking, When a young man is disobedient and requires punishment, a sound bare-bottom spanking is one of the time-honoured methods to teach him a lesson! The unfortunate young man in the picture above has also been deprived of his clothes and is required to stand naked, with his well-caned buttocks in full view.

I seek it and would love to discuss this with interested females [experienced or not!

The weblog of a naughty adult boy!

Any attempt to rub his hot, sore bottom is likely to draw further punishment, so he is well advised to stand still and not to attract further attention from his Mistress. So I could not even dream of the embarrasment Paddy P. My wife always has me stand naked in a corner after a long hard spanking! The additional shame and embarrassment may serve as a salutary warning to mend his errant ways!

Subscribe to this blog's feed Powered by Typepad. Posted by: dave March 31, at AM. I found this picture very arousing. Here he can spend some time to think over his past behaviour and resolve to try harder to be good in the future.

Hence my name! Nothing is more embarrassing for a grown man than to have his Mistress take down his Over Her Knee The Weblog of a naughty adult boy! Posted by: cornerboy4u April 01, at AM. Cornertime is an essential part of the ritual. While I am a great corner man I would think it would not hold if it were a complete outsider. On Caged.

I'm in favor of corner time. Speaking of shame and embarrassment, wonder what would happen if a visitor came to the door while this naughty male was still standing in the corner. On A Spanking at Bedtime.

Jan 5, AM. Comment 9 Reblog It 0 9 Comments. I love to both give and receive discipline, particularly the cane and whilst I quite enjoy being stood in the corner my partner hates corner time and finds it even worse than the punishment.

While my wife has often told my mother in law that she punishs me and can sometimes leave sniffling in the corner I have to say that she has never done in front of her nor even suggested it. After a spanking or caning, it is usually traditional to send the naughty boy to stand in the corner. Would he be allowed to retreat to another room? I think naughty males always need time to reflect on their behavior Posted by: steve March 31, at AM.

Picture depicts just as I get, my wife is always fully clothed when I go over her knee for a good taste of her rattan cane, she wears seamed stockings to add to the taste of discipline and always puts me naked in a corner whilst she inspectas her handiwork.

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CJ Owww! Posted by: pete April 01, at AM. Steve your question is well put, now I p you mean a visitor who was not family shall we say. My Other s Yahoo! His nose is firmly pressed into the corner and he must keep his hands beside him or on top of his head if more discomfort is desired.

Please Ma'am - I promise I'll be good! Recent Comments.

Denny: Ive only been spanked by one Black Woman that I On New Artwork.