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Sloppy wet or unforeseen, Elitesingles wet hunting for men unforeseen for flirtbook

Since writing the song inmany artists have included the song in their repertoire. God loves us with unconditional love known as agape love, and we should express ourselves in a way which allows us to mature and grow deeper in our relationship with God. Notice the difference between verse 2 in each version and enjoy the powerful song!

Sloppy Wet Or Unforeseen

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Similarly I've heard that some people change the line in Matt Redman's song 'Blessed be Your name' from:.

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He is jealous for me loves like a hurricane I am a tree bending beneath The weight of His wind and mercy When all of a sudden I am unaware of These afflictions eclipsed by glory I realize just how beautiful You are And how great Your affections are for me.

Peace, J. They put everything in their cookie cutter formula, wanting every singer to sound the same and not feel too much or be too expressive so it will be palatable and predictable. I guess all of us have different experiences that make us like different lyrics. But before we go further, the reference…. Very true.

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David Crowder made this song popular a couple of years later and changed a few of the words. Truly two voices to this generation expressing the love between a Father and His children. I guess folks can view this phrase from the perspective of their life experiences. Music Admin. Looks good but tastes like plastic.

How he loves

My question is, why do we think we have to sterilize and neuter any passionate expression of worship for a God who is called Love? Is He such a religious prude that He would be offended by such uninhibited child-like devotion from His own darling children? I will forever think of the original lyrics whenever I hear the Crowder version.

What does that say about us? April 21, at am.

Notify me of new posts via. Clearly, this Divine song is allegorical of Christ and His bride, and there are some pretty graphic and even steamy sections therein, little one. April 20, at pm. But where do you think we got this love response to our children from? My beloved is a bouquet of wildflowers picked just for me from the fields of Engedi.

Come on. Awesome is He and He loves kisses. Address:.

You are commenting using your Google. In My Father's House. Mel, I really love you brother!

Oh, Mel, I love the original lyrics. I love its pure passion and raw poetic flair. A few days ago, I was watching a live performance by John Mark McMillan of this song on YouTube below and decided to read some of the comments. Never can I see my relationship with my Lord that way.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Here are just a couple of the PG-rated examples of how the Shulamite us describes her beloved Jesus :.

I really like David Crowder, and I appreciate him having made this wonderful song so popular, but when I first heard it on the radio I have to admit that I was dumbfounded. Susan Irene Fox says:. Did the decency police decide it too dangerous to our safe and moral sensibilities? Real transformation begins when we finally realize how He loves us.

Nothing changes there! Would it get any airplay on our Shulamite Christian radio stations? I agree with you. As a parent, would you be offended and grossed out if your 2-year old daughter ran up to you and wanted to plant a big sloppy wet one on your kisser? Thank you!

'sloppy wet kiss', or 'unforeseen kiss'? 'you give and take away' or 'you give and bless the day'?

Blessings to you. Not to mention, like the more mature-audience rated response from the Beloved in this song!

Should you share the meaning of yadda also? You are commenting using your WordPress. How wonderfully demonstrative those three words are! I know that God loves wild variety, so I will abide your worldview.

Unauthorized use of this material without express and written permission is strictly prohibited. It has no power to penetrate the human heart. Thanks for your comments, John. Great name for a blog, btw! What does this say about how we see our loving Father?

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Our palatable concerns take the artistry and depth of feeling right out of the art. Have we never read the Song of Solomon? Yes, we do. Very sorry to hear that happened to you and that this phrase brings up those horrific memories, Deb. I can understand why you would feel that way. Dearest Shulamite, would you sing this song at your Shulamite church? I think not. My favorite pastime is being iconoclastic and trailblazing the depths of God's grace.

When it had different lyrics later on, I was also shocked and disappointed. His head resting between my breasts— the head of my lover was a sachet of sweet myrrh. My sweet Lord is all the things these men were not.

I wonder what would happen if songwriters actually started writing songs like this? Are we really that fragile in our relationship with God? Like this: Like Loading About Mel Wild God's favorite and so are youa son and a father, happily married to the same beautiful woman for 40 years. He responded with the way the father greeted the prodigal son. Way to go Mel Wild. My passion is pursuing the Father's heart in Christ and giving it away to others. We have three incredible adult children. April 21, at pm.

Perhaps you will too. That would be fun. I asked my pastor what he envisions by that phrase. I love exactly how this song was originally written. Man makes bricks everyone is the same but God made stones no two are alike. I first heard him sing it at a conference inafter that, we sang it that way for two years before David Crowder released his version in It was so strange to me that David Crowder would change the words.

How he loves us – “sloppy wet” versus “unforeseen”

I'm also senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Wisconsin. You are commenting using your Facebook. You are commenting using your Twitter. Notify me of new comments via. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Really good, Mel. Often thought about this myself. Mel Wild says:. Why are Christians so offended by lyrics like this? Yay God! Reblogged this on Daniel Lovett and commented: I am enjoying reading this mans thoughts. Bookmark the permalink. The phrase regales with love and joy and laughter.