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Size Queen Sex Stories

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I just love talking about all the naughtiest things that I enjoy and all my fantasies. I love sharing my favorite toys like my animal play dildos!

Years old: 23
Where am I from: Vietnamese
My hair: Blond
My Zodiac sign: Gemini
What is my body type: My body features is medium-build
I like to drink: I like to drink cider
My favourite music: Opera

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Nothing fueled an intense workout like anger. Lance actually could feel himself growing bigger and stronger. He had not practiced with the team lately because the teenage Casanova banged cheerleaders most afternoons.

On the other hand, Ann had slipped him her phone after practice that week. Lance declined to offer an explanation. The pleasing aroma of wet pussy filled his nostrils. Lance had left with his dates already to find a hotel. The lifts actually became lighter as he continued. He had just qualified for the state finals of Mr. Teen Universe and wanted to practice a few moves in front of an audience. The teacher not only had interrupted his workout.

The underclassman then got elected Prom King to the astonishment of the senior class. Uncle Sam had transformed him into a superhuman athlete with a bionic tool. On prom night, the sophomore brought not one but two seniors as dates.

Lance photographed amazingly well. Lance had a story gym at home but he preferred using the weight room at school. Lance had a perfect overhead view of her big titties. The heel of her palm glided over the thick slabs of his bulging pecs, feeling the breastplate of muscle surge with tension as he powered the massive size into the air and held it up for queen seconds.

Speaking of which, he enjoyed quite a few more inches than his peers as revealed by the salami-shaped bulge in his cargo shorts. He lifted the weight off its backrest holders and slowly lowered the bar to his chest. The tall blonde showed a lot of leg below her short skirts. His already impressive genitalia underwent a growth spurt in his late teens.

He wondered what it would feel like to have them wrapped around his back. However, he did not get crowned. Lance had to restrain himself from sprouting an erection. The girls already were milling about the weight bench when he came out of the locker room.

Below the belt, however, Lance looked every inch the porn stud he one day would become. In a matter of months, he gained more muscle mass than many bodybuilders acquired in a lifetime. Smoothly and effortlessly, Sex cranked out rep after rep.

The sport bored him. Accordingly, the miraculous mesomorph was gaining muscle at an exceptional rate and dominated the gridiron as the starting quarterback for Peoria Tech. Lance replaced the bar on its holders with a loud iron clank.

As he slowly lifted the bar, the buxom blonde knelt down to caress the distended muscles of his chiseled torso.

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His afternoon workout had become a well-known ritual at Peoria Tech. With a loud grunt, the teenage strongman hoisted the weight into the air and then brought it down once more. After catching the ball, the teenage juggernaut mowed down everyone in his path until he crossed the end zone. It flew off the bench as if the load weighed nothing. Lance cranked out rep after rep with barely a pause. After barely making it to ten, the teen hunk looked up to see her gazing down at him. With his chiseled visage and flowing black mane of hair that reached the middle of his back, the athlete possessed the aura of a heavy metal heartthrob.

She nixed his favorite cool down exercise — banging a chick. Lance had not appraised the consequences of his decision at the time.

After he finished lifting, Lance picked out one of the girls and took his star-struck fan back home to fuck the living shit out of her. After the flurry of wolf-whistles died down, he lay down on the weight bench and got down to business. He employed a simple strategy. After two sets of twenty pull-ups in a row, he favored a lb bench press. Had he done so, the teen would have ed even faster. Though he saved most of his energy for game days, the star athlete always pushed himself hard.

Though the government swore him to secrecy, Lance confided to several girlfriends that he was experiencing an enhanced form of puberty. By the middle of his first season, recruiters already were visiting the school to watch him in action. Lance growled with irritation. Her fingers crept lower, tracing the deep rifting of his perfectly sculpted eight-pack abs. With great effort, Lance cranked out each rep. Though he initially amassed a female following due to his string of successes on the gridiron, the teen stud also attracted an audience of horny seniors to cheer on his weightlifting sessions.

As he caught his breath, the door to the weight room swung open. Lance quietly mused which cheerleader he would fuck that afternoon. Even compressed beneath a sports bra, her D-cups jutted out of her chest like a pair of melons. Without asking for permission, Ms. Johnson slid more plates onto the barbell before Lance performed his next set.

A couple chicks took out their phones.

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Unlike his peers, however, his tool got so big and hard that it often tore a hole in his jeans. As his admirers greeted him with suggestive smiles and hungry looks, the eighteen-year old hunk peeled off his skintight tank top so they could take in his muscle-bound torso. The young Olympian loaded a huge of plates onto the barbell. Surprisingly, Lance did not entertain any ambitions for a career in football.

He had seduced ten out of twelve cheerleaders so far and the two holdouts had come to watch him lift that day. After sprouting a boner on the football field, his ten-inch python snapped the elastic straps affixed to the waistband and pouch of his jockstrap. Lance felt a familiar and not unpleasant burn in his muscles as adrenaline surged through his blood. The buxom brunette had just broken up with her boyfriend. The facility had much nicer equipment. Lance got away with things that others would not dare to attempt.

Marla looked ripe for the plucking. However, touchdowns allowed him to score in a more hedonistic field of endeavor.

Size queen

Lance shot sex defiant stare at Ms. Lance had not lied. His admirers gathered around the bench in a huddle. Lance held his queen as the cameras flashed. He slow-danced and necked with both of them at the same time. The alpha stud wanted to fuck every member of the varsity cheerleading squad. Lance grabbed the bar in a white-knuckled death grip. Yes, some guys did have all the luck. The teenage hunk loved the adulation of his female following. Fortunately, the coach excused him from practice until the athletic department could order a custom-sized model for his unusual equipment.

He could feel the heat of their nubile bodies. Lance flashed a confident grin and struck a few bodybuilder poses. As his groupies sullenly filed out of the room, the teacher strutted over to the weight bench. With pounds on the bar, the sophomore stud broke the existing record for the one-rep bench press at his high school but Lance performed ten reps at that weight.

Before dying in combat during a Navy SEAL operation, his father volunteered him to become part of a top secret medical study at Fort Benning. Though he never cared about size status, his popularity had been on the ascent as of late. The added weight slowed him down. Like any growing teen, he often experienced erections at inappropriate times.