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Sissy husband cuckold tumblr, Bbbw cuckold tumblr up husband especially for Sissy

Do not msg me only to call me pet names like mofo you didnt earn that right to call me what you will. Like crinklebutt or sissy or little boy that's like automatically calling ur sister mommy which I'd enjoy that n maybe doing your mom. Lol i know a few ppl that are on my side.

Sissy Husband Cuckold Tumblr

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Years old: I'm 48 years old
Orientation: Hetero
Hair: Flaxen
What I prefer to drink: Gin
Music: Blues
Hobbies: Marital arts
I have tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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This time they had been obviously worn and her scent rising from them made me instantly horny. My mouth leaned in without delay and I began kissing, licking and sucking her tight rosebud. When I came out of the bathroom they were gone. She made me look at it in the mirror as she kissed and toyed with me and explained how useful it was.

She would rub against me until I came and then she would allow it to soak into her panties before she moved up to my mouth so I could suck her pussy through the cummy fabric.

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That third year, every Saturday, She and he would be on the couch while I would be on the floor rolling. There could be no misunderstanding! Without knowing exactly I would say I was beneath her for nearly two hours as she teased herself to numerous orgasms on my face.

I had to go and wank off in the bathroom. I was under her for a long, long time and she extracted every last drop of cum from her pussy. I looked around and the sexy set remained hanging on the door handle. I said that if I were dressed like this for her again she could call me Cathy if she wished - the thought made her smile….

I worshiped her with my mouth and fingers for what seemed like hours and she caressed me through my pyjama bottoms and kissed and nibbled at my nipples and breasts through their lacy covering until I spilled copiously, drenching the satin and lace, my cock softening and spilling to the stage where it comfortably nestled in the crotch of my red thong.

You get the picture! She was getting obviously horny, her every motion was to arouse, her breathing became heavy and loud, and her voice became thick with arousal:. But what really excited me, along with her beautiful gift, was her dominant attitude. The string rasped between my ass cheeks and, while the front could not contain my erection it did press it back against my body.

Most of my fantasies begin with her dressing me in lingerie and end with her total sexual satsifaction being achieved by the way she sissy me like her lesbian tumblr. Those who know my blog will know that Ass Worship is one of my, many, fetishes, but is one of the few that she will encourage me to partake in on a relatively infrequent basis.

One day I got back from work to find a pair of sexy husband panties hanging on my bedroom door. The lodger started teasing me, saying that they seemed a little stretched and my wife kicked into the tease saying her nighties and panties were always stretched but what could you expect when you married a sissy she has never caught me, nor does she appear to suspect. She moved back to me and began to kiss my back and neck while running her hands over my ass and cock.

I was lost in arousal and then she stopped and said huskily:. I held them in my hands and luxuriated in the feel of the satin and lace for a moment, knowing they would soon be on my body and then with a cuckold at her I put them on and pulled them up over my trunks. When he was rock hard she might lift her arm to show me how it was pressing against her ass, tenting the top of his sweatpants.

All our desires

My wife knew her through friends, knew she needed somewhere to stay and knew we could do with the money. She would climb on top of me and rub her pantied pussy along my cock and between kisses would tell me how she wanted to touch his cock with her hands, how she wanted to kiss and suck it and feel it enter her mouth and pussy. Now there was no doubt that this would be the first totally sexual intimacy of the night - Everything that had gone before, whilst sexual in nature, was also an expression of our love for each other - this related solely to lust.

I could only nod and groan as she bit gently at my neck and ears and continued to tease the tumblr around my thighs, ass and cock area. I accepted her explanation and she thanked me for bringing her her underwear and no more was said. She was definitely the cuckold sexual partner and she knew that I was happiest doing whatever she told me to. Jane ticked every sexual box there is; she was a cuckold, a flirt, had the sexiest curves, a gorgeous face and she was always horny. And oh my God - Damned pothead memory failure! And this was exactly what she did on Saturday sissy.

As I was folding and sorting and chatting and giggling I came across this tumblr green satin cami top with dark green ribbon shoulder ties and ruffled white lace marking out the bra area and at the hem and I asked her where I was to put it:. Once again she watched me as she said it and this time I pleaded ignorance, saying that when I had come in I had gone to the sissy and there had been nothing on the door when I had come out. I was gently kissing the curves of her bottom when she pushed her hips up from the bed, reached back, and pulled her cheeks apart.

She was pretty and sexy but in an understated way and fit in quite easily into our lives and husbands. And then she would bring me to our room and she husband lie me down naked while she remained dressed and she would idly play with my cock as she asked me if I had seen how hard she had made him, if I had seen how big he was?

Ja bin ich. đŸ˜‹

The next day the same panties were on my door accompanied by a matching bra. It was such an exciting night and when my wife, last night, finally saw from my eyes that I remembered it fondly she remarked that she still had those pyjamas and maybe it was time for the lesson to be repeated…. About four years ago my wife and I took in a female lodger for a year. She finally chose a shorty set over nighties and long PJ bottoms so that, if we were disturbed at any time I could simply throw on my own clothes and nobody would be the wiser. The other thing she did was that afterwards she ignored my sexual needs completely.

The third time she came was always a huge orgasm, her cum squirting out in a pulsing stream soaking my face and torso as I tried and failed to swallow it all, whilst her fourth orgasm tended to be that long, prolonged, crest of the wave which eventually tails off in a shudder. She said that she had been fantasizing about having that sexy body beneath her knowing Cathy would always be submissive to her from that moment on. Isn't the satin so erotic as it glides over your ass and your cock?

She threw them at me and I pulled off the bottoms and put on the panties.

Only twice in all that time did she touch my cock and I was rock hard all the way through. Then she stepped back, took a long look at me, got me to turn around, made some minor adjustments and took me by the hand. We did nothing but kiss and run our hands over each other for about an hour and in that time she never once touched my rock-hard cock but instead concentrated on stroking my ass, nipples, neck and back through my sexy, new pajamas while she gave me full access to every area of her body.

So we were sorting clothes and she decided she needed more drawer space because, obviously, she had a lot more clothes than me.

It was all one big tease which left me red-faced which only encouraged statements about how prettily I blushed. Now take them off and try it without any underwear! My nipples pressed hard against the semi transparent material and my hard cock was completely encased by the bikini panties and covered over by my skintight shorty.

Jane HAD to cum at least 4 times a day and she made sure that it happened when she wanted, where she wanted, and how often she wanted. She would often begin by fucking me until I came and then make me go down on her and eat our combined juices.

I being totally enthralled and submissive to her every whim gave it up without a fight and she took everything out of the drawers and dumped it on the bed where we started sorting through piles of clothes. So I can show you how it works? She came up with a gorgeous red pair of pretty simple de with a thin red lace waistband and a cotton crotch that thinned to a string at the back before connecting to the lace waistband. She would be looking at me all the time she was doing it, calculating my reaction. I remembered everything!

How could she not? Afterwards I would be left to change the sheet and the mattress protector and she would put on something flimsy and curl up with our flatmate on the couch. Before long we were spending quite a lot of time together and, as you might expect, bumping into each other coming in and out of bathrooms and bedrooms first thing in the morning.

I was standing there, naked, and my cock just started to rise up in front of her as she told me that she had been looking for the perfect set for me since that night in February. She came out of the shower and, with my eyes closed I pictured tumblr, naked and dripping wet, sissy over to pick up her cami and shorts before I heard a throaty little laugh as she opened the door and left. I clumsily put it on over my head and she smoothed it out and put the bra cups over my nipples and then tied the dark green satin ribbons over my shoulders.

Later that evening she did, making light of the situation but watching me all the time. I was used in this way until she orgasmed for the first time, with her bouncing up and husband on my stiff cuckold and then, without stopping, she swiveled around and dropped her soaking pussy on my face and her hands began to stroke and pull at my nipples while she rubbed herself from clit to crack along my nose, lips, tongue and chin. As we smoked she would always move into his arms, lying against him while the three of us talked. Will you put one on for me?

And I did, this time pulling the sensual material up over my ass and hard cock, which pressed out madly against the front of the bottoms, surrounded and shrouded by gloriously erotic satin. My wife is like that - thinks about things from every possible angle!

Now she ignored my body completely and turned onto her front, telling me to kiss my way down her back to her ass.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She would smile at me and he and I would smoke another and she would make small talk and rub gently against him, teasing him with whispers when she lay her head on his shoulder. You need a thong Sweetie. We were living in a two-bedroom apartment sharing with a male friend of ours. But she kept me hard because whenever she said anything to me she addressed me as if I were female.

With crystal clarity! So I picked them up I may have smelled them and knocked on her door. A few minutes after I began to kiss her neck and throat area things began to move forwards.

Sissy husband

The temptation was huge, my cock was hard as steel and I sneaked back to bed and pretended to sleep in the hope that she would take them away when she finished in the shower. I love these chats as they always give me new ideas for when I get the chance to raid her wardrobe and they excite me too; but last night, in the middle of discussing the merits of a G-String, she stopped and looked at me:. Then I put the bottoms on again and felt a mounting excitement as her hands wandered around my contained cock and still free ass cheeks.

I had such an erotic memory restored to me last night that I had to share it at the first opportunity.

Her caresses made me weak from excitement as she pressed her thigh between my legs as she lay on top of me running her hands up and down my body, kissing me passionately on my lips, neck and throat; totally in control of making love to her sissyboi. That stopped it, but, as you can imagine, I now fantasise about all of the possible scenarios that could have transpired, if only I had taken her up on her offer!