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Ever since reviews of Shadow of War hit, talk of loot boxes and microtransactions have been heavy with panic and rife with misinformation.

Shadow Of War Spoils Of War Chest

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Now before you jump down my throat, let me say one thing: I despise loot boxes.

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What is the storm of Urfael legendary power?

How do you get unlimited money in shadow of war? The Storm of Urfeal is one of the weapons specific power up you get from doing a series of side missions.

Video game loot boxes

What do you do with money in shadow of war? You have to recharge it between uses.

If you purchased gold in Shadow of War, it will be converted to one-time-use gold loot chests that can give you gear. Can you buy chests in shadow of war?

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. How do you get Mirian in shadow of Mordor?

Does shadow of war still have microtransactions? Knowing how to get Middle-earth: Shadow of War chests and what they can do for you is key to easing your journey through these shady lands. What should I spend Mirian on in shadow of war?

How do I get spoils of war chest? How do you charge the storm of Urfael?

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This means the option to purchase gold with real-world money and the ability to gain orc followers from War Chests will be removed. How do you get legendary orcs? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

How do you upgrade Urfael shadow of war? Where can I farm Mirian? Why did they remove the market in shadow of war?

Middle-earth: Shadow of War came out on October 10, Two hundred eighty days later, it is now free of all microtransactions. Spoils Boosts double your Spoils of War rewards.