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School spanking fiction, I'd spanking fiction school that loves transvetite

Mercedes senior year at St.

School Spanking Fiction

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The Complete Works of T. Mid-West Punishment Trilogy

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Sorry again to be the bearer of bad news… Thank you, Mr. Tearful Alice looked up at her boyfriend, sadly, then stared back down at the floor. Bunyan looked surprised. So I thought we should call the parents and give them the choice. And the girl? He turned and left the room, wondering how he was going to play this as walked upstairs to his study.

Your behaviour last night was a disgrace. And she paused, stared into space, then removed her skirt. About going co-ed. And Alice had only just ed the school. Hymns sung, prayers recited, announcements made. Assembly is dismissed. Edwards rapped the top of the desk with his cane.

Stories totalling 3,, bytes (about , words).

Four rings, then a booming voice at the other end of the line. Good night.

The boy — well, he was trying to look brave. And slept like a log, until the alarm woke me at 5. She followed him into the room, and heard the heavy door shut behind her. Bunyan recognised the boy first: Alan Griffiths, one of the brighter of the Lower Sixth, who clutched at a pile of clothes from the floor to cover himself.

The Headmaster finished his lecture. And another pause. And can imagine if the press finds out? Now, I need to sort out Alice. Every eye on the room was focused on Alice, in amazement.

Alice had been crying, he noticed. It had been his fear, of course. But I was reflecting on how Mr. Stewart might react if we simply expel his daughter. I discovered them at it myself…. Send them to bed. Bunyan sat down behind his desk, and picked up the telephone, dialling the internal. Alice Stewart. As far as he could tell, there was only one real course of action: expulsion. Now usually we would simply expel the pupils concerned, but we are prepared to make an exception if you would prefer us to use corporal punishment instead….

Longer… and with a sigh, sliding down her knickers, stepping out of them and placing them next to her other clothes, her hands covering her modesty.

She had gone bright red, and looked close to tears as pairs of eyes turned her way. Alice Stewart, follow me to my office. They have admitted it to me…. But grave as their offence doubtless was, expelling a pupil always seemed so harsh. Shaking her head, she slipped off her blazer, and folded it over the arm of the leather sofa. Alan, go and pack your things. Simon Bunyan, Bloxworth School. And with that they left, downcast, doubtless to spend a sleepless night pondering what might befall them. No gender discrimination here. Yes, very serious….

That was it. One final, very disappointing announcement. It was a very worried-looking young man, and a very tear-stained young lady who sat opposite Bunyan as he flicked through his phone book.

Having just taken girls on this term…. He glanced at his watch: Not too late to call the Headmaster?

And remove your blazer, skirt and underwear. Do I make myself clear?

Then go and wait in the library, and do not speak to the other pupils. Simon Bunyan stopped as he walked past the television room. They sat at the end of the high table in the oak-panelled school dining room.

With Mr. Stewart having been one of the key advocates for the change? He wondered how the parents would re-act — never mind how the students would feel as they heard their potential fates. Irritated, he swung the door open.

School spanking stories

Have you anything you want to say before we begin? Alice watched him withdraw the cane, and gasped: it was so long, so thick-looking, with a horrible curved handle. So get a move on, and bend over the back of the chair, or I shall add two further strokes to your tally. Apologies for calling you so early, but I have a rather pressing disciplinary matter regarding Alan that I need to discuss with you….

If the parents consent…. So I think you understand the bad news. It was two very shame-faced, and very scared teenagers who entered his room.

Equal opportunities for all at Bloxworth. An attractive lass, he thought to himself.

Thank you for that. Thought someone had left the television on again. Yes, the cane, from the Headmaster…… Well yes, we would need your consent, hence the call…. Bunyan gestured to them to stand in front of his desk.

I shook my head at them wearily.

Edwards paused. The pupils listened intently.

Then meet me for breakfast at seven, and we can decide on a course of action. Indeed, yes, well you will understand the seriousness of this…. And he went to bed. And woe betide you if I hear any reports of physical contact between you en route. The school had survived very nicely throughout its long history without needing the presence of girls.

A school girl's tale

We will find you when your parents arrive. And it is your decision…. I walked straight in on them. A pause. I shall ask Mrs. Fine… Yes, very disappointing…. And her father was a Governor. She was sitting up now on the sofa, her hands desperately trying to protect her modesty, as she looked around frantically for something to cover herself with.

See a problem?

He struggled to remember her name. So can you be kind, and make some phone calls for me? Thank you for thinking to bring this to my attention, Simon. Let them listen in to your end of both calls. Edwards sounded annoyed now. Straight to bed.