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Tumblr closed my DMs here if you want to chat try my other blog, muskykisses love to chat with M, F, other. All posts are assumed to be public and of consenting adults.

Real Hotwife Texts

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Age: 24
My sexual preference: I prefer male
My gender: Female
Hair: Flaxen
Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
What I prefer to drink: Beer
My favourite music: Reggae
Hobbies: Looking after pets
I have tattoo: None

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It wasnt about appearance though. Most importantly however I expect my other half to enjoy the sex with me. Although I have big weakness for this she explained me this is big humiliation for her and therefore she was not going to do it.

Hotwife text

From what Im writing you probably imagine how frustrated I could easily get having this home without possibility to play with it. Raising a baby is difficult, you really have to be that real of person fully devoted and obsessed with family to enjoy all parts of being parent. She said she would feel like a cheap whore if having cum in her mouth or on her face. Nothing we wouldnt know of or didnt expect as we both had experience with long term relationships before we met.

We never tried hotwife position. We were enjoying many positions. The baby was born, beatifull girl. This fortunately has changed and today I feel Im in love with her like never before and Im even happy for these downsides that we came through.

After 3 years together we however got to the point where sex didnt go well few times consecutive, especially my fiancee admitted she didnt enjoy it and it was a breakpoint. I also came up with the idea of visiting sex therapist, she agreed but again. Particularly not in your relationship. The intesity was about once a month at that time but something else happened that made us not thinking about that. I was even trying to motivate her by gifts, she agreed but again.

But then when things settled a bit. Im sure you have heard about lots of women being extremely horny when pregnant, but that wasnt my fiancee. I love to watch her tan by the way. And that was probably the time when my thoughts started gently turning into frustration.

Even if looking for it for lifetime with no success, it is very important for me to see and know. I was expressing and communicating my needs more often and intensively to her. I think that was the time when the intimate part of relationship disappeared completely and we were blind to it thinking of upcoming things and life with baby. I was hotwife my fiancee when she was giving birth and it was the strongest emotions in my life. She certainly is for me these days but I do admit it wasnt always like that. So I ended up watching pornhub in the evenings and helping myself to satisfy my needs.

I text almost forgot, she has lovely smile. And we all want to be back there again. So now something about those times without sex. From what I said earlier in this post about my fiancee, the way I was describing her body, you could say that I think of her as most attractive person in the world. It wasnt that fantastic as everyone says but I enjoyed it, it was a nice change though. You are not text the kid all the time, you enjoy your work so take care of yourself. This is quite important point for the following story, so dont forget it : If I didnt finish being in her, she let me finish on her boobs or ass real.

Soft boobs of average size. Dont get me wrong, I never regret, I love being father.

It sounds sad if I write that but we felt happy together and we were accepting that. She always took care amazing of our kid, but when the kid went sleep she did nothing else then rolling on the sofa watching stupid never ending tv shows or browsing social networks discussing all the time how others are doing way better than us. There might be people who want to have sex twice in a year or not at all. Before I tell you about my frustration from not having sex, I should probably introduce my fiancee.

Every time we had the discussion she promised whatever I wanted. Those few times we had sex was nothing I want to remember, she lied down, lifted up her texts and classic. There were times in past two years when even if I was frustrated from not having sex, I didnt find her that attractive. What is more important for me is when I see that the other half is hotwife trying to do something and look for solution. At that time I loved her so much.

Of course I understand after so many years sex is not about orgasmic explosions, but at least not being allergic to it. By reasonable I mean for example healthy issues. Her body changed with the baby of course but we will get to that in later posts. Less kissing, real touching, less sex, less passion etc. Trust me, you dont want to be sexually frustrated.

As expected the baby was a big changer. She is not really the skinny type of woman, as I mentioned she has amazing curves, at least for me. We didnt have a lot of outdoor sex, but those few we had I really liked. We lived happily but limited sex to minimum.


I like trying new things and I dont really mean fisting or something like that. Im not an expert but I believe there are people who have the darkest sexual fantasies or maybe they even practice them and at the same time sex is not something which could affect their relationship if went wrong.

Except of sucking that sometimes was included she never made any activity. Ive never blamed her though, I could never understand what woman goes through. And Im not talking about sex at all now, that was dead long before but another activities we both would enjoy. My expectations were to have sex ideally once a week and experiment.

Cuckold & hotwife texts

Despite the minimum intensity my fiancee got pregnant and we were truly happy. And finally her ass, the biggest pride of her which even she is very well aware of. Dark brown hair, very soft skin which is very easy to tan.

We couldnt stop time though, all these passionate stuff was becoming less intensive and our bound was naturally changing. We definitely were not on the right path when I realised Im almost 2 years without sex.

For : hotwife texts

It shows you that love feelings and emotions can be restored in relationship. Unfortunately not to mind of my fiancee but I fully respected that. Regardless of what everyone thinks about these things in sex like intensity, positions etc it is worth mentioning how you look at sex as aspect of your relationship, which has nothing to do with sexual acts. Big roundy, curvy. Pregnancy was. And you could certainly think of these changes that woman goes through when pregnant and after giving birth as healthy ones.

I was always trying to communicate openly and express my feelings openly to my fiancee.

With oil on her ass the lines are even more perfect. I respected and accepted that. Time was passing.

I believe all of you went through this stage - love, sex all the time, everywhere. I met my fiancee 6 years ago. But generally of course classics, oral, she let me do anal once when we were on vacation.

And trust me that hurts a text She is the kind of person who gets tanned very quickly and her tan stays very long. For me sex and intimate life is very important part of relationship. About how often, intensity, places and so on. I know we are all different, everybody has different meaning about sex. I cannot say we didnt have sex at all though, that year it was like 3 or 4 times but when I look back I see it was only a result of me insisting. I do however have understanding and somehow have the ability to suppress my needs if there is some reasonable cause as barrier.

Probably as we started living together very early, we were too comfortable. The pictures you see were however taken during first three years of our relationship. The little one hotwife our lives upside real and for couple of months I didnt even think about having sex or some playing.

Like I said earlier, the sex was great between two of us. I had few arguments with her about that trying to persuade her to do something which she enjoys and makes her happy. It was coming from both of us at that time. But my fiancee probably didnt enjoy it as much as I did because she told me she would never let me go through her back door again. I mean I or we wasnt broken, we werent going to leave each or something like that.

She is beautiful woman with delicious curves.

Apart of that she never swallowed my cum and she never even let me finish in her mouth or her face. That included no intimacy either. Some costumes maybe, high heels, toys, new places, places where you can easily get caught etc. And my fiancee was taking this even worse. She actually had some kind of block and she didnt want sex at all when pregnant.