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There are a lot of important things Uncle Igor had been monitoring for me.

Read Interracial Romance Books Online Free

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Looking for an interracial romance book to read? He puts his life on the line every day as Sheriff, but loving Belle might be the greatest danger of all. This contemporary romance is so much more than just a love story. In fact, this IR romance tore our heart out and put it back together.

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He pulled Kayla close and shocked her with a deep, wet kiss on the lips. She needed a break from all of this. Frank slipped his card into the leather book and Kayla waited impatiently for the date to be over. He came from money — even if it was inherited. Kayla just shook her head. In the bathroom, Kayla adjusted her updo.

This book is a bit slower burn but when it gets hot it gets HOT. Gym buddies turn into true lovers as this story increases in speed throughout the interracial romance story. Some date. And sure, Frank had money too but he was just missing a special something. Kayla could barely begin to wrap her mind around the hypocrisy.

She fussed with her hair in the mirror for a while, unsure if she was being a perfectionist or just doing everything in her power to get time away from Frank. She sighed before leaving the bathroom, knowing that she was about to face the rest of her terrible date with Frank The Analyst.

All she wanted was a nice, rich man who could live up to her standards. Chocolate for my sweet dark chocolate. One third into the way of her date with Frank McIntire she already knew that it was a failure. How could a man keep her titillated constantly when her job was such a source of stimulation and energy for her?

I grew up here. He had nice, gray eyes. As Frank had promised, it was divine. Dating in this city was an absolute nightmare. When she returned Frank greeted her with a smile.

Now came the uncomfortable part. Kayla raised her eyebrows in surprise. Kayla disagreed. Kayla also had an interracial gay couple who needed her help navigating their new marriage. A chance for what? Kayla was almost finished her her chocolate mousse.

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As Kayla got closer and closer to forty, things got even worse. Who was Frank to tell her how guarded she should be after almost twenty years of dating in a harsh city like this one? Kayla resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Again, she was hot and cold with Frank. Frank nodded, even if it was clear he still had no idea what that meant.

She supposed that his taste in food was another positive trait of his.

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Before my dad died we went to Jamaica together and I spent a lot of time painting the mountains, the beach and the waterfalls near our place. Instead, Kayla chose to reapply her lipstick. Dessert came and Kayla found herself half-listening to Frank explain the entire recent recession and its impact on small business owners on the East Coast. Joanna would urge her to stop being so judgmental and to give this guy a chance.

After her big chop six years prior, Kayla had been growing out her long thick hair and trying to love her natural strands just the way they were. The lipstick also highlighted the dark brown — almost black — color of her eyes.

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She wore a deep oxblood shade that looked phenomenal on her dark, mahogany colored skin. She was a strong, independent woman of thirty-six who was at the top of her career. Frank was still talking. She had an executive with over sixty people underneath her suffering from alcohol abuse and unmanageable anxiety. At least he was trying his hardest to compliment her. He ate with the wrong fork, his tie had a terribly done knot in it.

He had a good job. Her thick, natural 4c hair was braided in a halo around her head. This guy had so many flaws that she could fill an entire journal. Kayla chuckled — she was more laughing at Frank than with him. However, what Joanna would say was almost too predictable for her to even bother.

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Maybe Frank did have some redeeming qualities. There always was. Instead, Kayla was thinking about her patients and how she would spend the next week. Kayla pulled away and Frank dragged her close, kissing her again.

Kayla cringed internally.

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The meal had been delicious but the date had been lukewarm. Kayla knew this time she was doing a terrible job at hiding her grimace. Rock Hard Alpha Male is a super hot republish of a sweet and steamy interracial romance.

Is anyone in your family a singer? Jamaica must be incredible.

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Kayla was too intimidated to make eye contact. Of course, Frank would more than kill his chances with her by bringing up the painful subject of her estranged homeland. How could her dating site have been so wrong?

She had a twenty-year-old NYU student who was suffering from depression because her forty-year-old boyfriend and professor dumped her to go back to his wife. He could afford fancy restaurants. Her best friend Joanna had warned her that this over-critical tendency of hers would force her to end up single. After a few more minutes of forced conversation, Kayla excused herself from the table to go to the bathroom. At this point, Kayla was forcing herself to feel some sort of chemistry with Frank.

Stanford was right about online dating being a waste of time. He died when I was twenty-seven. Right was failing miserably.

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She knew it was rude to tell a man that he was boring on a date. Kayla pulled out her phone and considered texting her best friend Joanna. The chemistry was nonexistent but he had his moments too. She tried to empty her mind of the hundreds of criticisms of him that had run through it and see the positives.

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It was almost an impossible task. Call me at the office tomorrow because I need to see how my schedule will work out this week. What do you think of that? The chemistry between them was forced at best and entirely non-existent at worst.