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Owned teacher story, I'm Owned for female who stories teachers

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Owned Teacher Story

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It was Friday afternoon, last day of high school. Karen Gonzales stood at 6 foot tall, a sexy bodied Latina-Caucasian with nice long brown hair and nice tanned complexion, and grey-blue eyes. Karen was always polite and nice to her student and spoke English, like every other Canadian. Mark was a horny sex-crazed male student obsessed with Playboy and Penthouse. He had reddish hair, and thin as opposed to Karen, who was quite fit and looked more athletic than many of the male students. He had been fantasizing about his teacher, ever since she first taught him.

Years: 19
Where am I from: Ecuadorian
Eyes colour: I’ve got misty dark eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Favourite drink: Stout

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