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Overnight train from venice to paris, Overnight liked paris for venice that from jokes

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Overnight Train From Venice To Paris

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More search options explained. The excellent and comfortable Thello night train is the only overnight option for travelling between France and Italy by train. Thello night trains were created as a t venture between Veolia Transdev, a private transport company, and Trenitalia Italian Railways. Thello currently operates just one overnight route: Paris to Venicetwo romantic greats. The train leaves Paris every evening and follows a scenic line south-east towards Burgundy, calling at Dijon before heading to Milan, Brescia, Verona, Padua and Venice where it arrives just in time for breakfast. Although the night train that ly ran from Paris all the way to Rome, serving Bologna and Florence, has now been discontinued, it's still easy to make the journey to Rome with Thello, by travelling to Milan and picking up an onward train to the Italian capital.

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Thanks for all the information.

Watch this Topic. Then they took a train to my home in Le Marche. Hotel Torino. We will probably take the day train as it will allow us to see the countryside and the Alps. Rain I can get any time here!!!!

Venice by night train

Re: Venice to Paris by train. View Hotel. My initial plan was a few days in Venice at the actual time of my birthday and then a longer spell in the summer in my favorites Verona and Malcesine.

Her husband won't fly. Report inappropriate content. Splendid Venice - Starhotels Collezione. That time of year would you recommend the day or night train? Other countries not always so!! I haven't actually used the train yet - we are planning to travel from Milan back to UK this way later this year after time in Venice and then a few days car hire.

I would fly. Fortunately for us there was snow everywhere and the scenery was spectacular. Hotel Antiche Figure. Book at www.

Venice hotels and places to stay

So what started as just an idea to get him interested in this trip has been confirmed by your replies. There are direct trains to VeniceBolognaand Romeas well as Milan. I've taken the overnight train from Milan to Parisand back, and I slept soundly all night in both directions. It's run by the Italians, so don't expect luxury, just reasonable comfort.

The thello sleeper train from

Thanks Bvlenci you have given me much food for thought. Good idea to have some sort of entertainment like cards or ipods etc, I would do it again I heard from friends that the overnight Venice - Paris train ruined their night they could not sleep at all and the first day in Paris they were wiped out from the train adventure.

I don't normally start planning so early but it's a special one for me I also enjoy train travel, and don't mind long train trips. It feels really quick as you're asleep for most of it I find the sleepers smooth and quiet, and beds comfortable and of course it's direct.

You could do it all in a shorter time by taking the Eurostar to Paris and then the overnight train to Italy. My sister has visited Paris other times. Oct 19, Venice in November - crowded? They enjoyed the trim in both directions, and were glad of the opportunity to get a glimpse of a few interesting places en route. I have two metal hips and always set off the alarms resulting in a detailed search. All forums. I will go to Bergamo in Dec though. Or, if you want to travel by day, you could take the earliest Eurostar to Paris, leaving London atand arriving in Paris Gare du Nord at Then atthere is a train leaving Paris Gare de Lyon atwhich arrives in Torino Turin at I agree with Man in Seat 61 that Torino merits a visit, but if you're eager to get on to Venice or Florenceor Romeyou'd be there early enough to proceed to your destination, arriving before 10 PM.

My husband isn't keen on flying, but he does like trains. Destination Expert for Train Travel. Venice forums.

Before you board

Level Contributor. If you book in advance you can get tickets from 90euros for 2 in first class. I have no problem at all with flying, but I really do like other types of transportation, except buses, which coop you up too much and never seem to have comfortable seats. If you want to see the Alps, a day train would be best. It seems that those who travel with low expectations are happy; while those who expect the Orient Express are very unhappy. I used to love the overnight ferry from Hook of Holland to Hull, and I once took a wonderful overnight ferry from Guangdong to Hong Kong.

What's the venice to paris train price?

It was a day trip and all in all quite pleasant. Has anyone ever taken the train between those two cities, and was it a better experience than flying? Browse forums All Browse by destination. Anna G. Ask a question. View all hotels.

Italian security staff are always courteous, so no complaints there. Yes, it's much quicker to fly but we wanted to experience some countryside and get a look at the alps.

Best area to stay in Venice? Hilton Molino Stucky Venice Hotel. I hadn't thought of stops en route but its a super idea. There have been very mixed reviews of the overnight train. Some people can't sleep at all on a moving train, so it depends on the person. My sister and her husband came to visit me in Italy a few years ago, traveling by train from Londonafter crossing the Atlantic on a ship.

Hotel Canal Grande. I'm not going this year during the summer; have to save for next years special treat!! However a few weeks in feb, visiting several places en route and in Italy sounds great. Oct 19, Best time of year to visit Venice - weather and crowds? I know there used to be ferries from somewhere in the south of Ireland to somewhere in France.

This means booking one of the three daily Milan -Paris trains at www. I'd be tempted to do an overnight in Turin, a lovely and hugely under-rated Italian city, even if you're not a fan of Michael Caine in 'The Italian Job' as I am!

At a glance

Hotel Canal. My husband doesn't like long train trips, unfortunately, and I like him even better than trains, so we mostly fly. I find people who pay a cheap price, bring a bottle of wine and have fun, well, they enjoy it, fussier people who expect the Orient Express are disappointed. Any info would be appreciated. So the train would be ideal. If they're still running, you could avoid airports altogether.

I can easily fly to the UK and get the trains from there. Lots of detailed information on www.

It's a special birthday for me next February and I want to spend it in Italy. Destination Expert for Brisbane. We just love the Christmas atmosphere there. On the way to Italy, they took the Eurostar to Paris, where they stayed for a few nights, then a TGV to Lucernewhere they also stayed a few nights, and where I met them. Browse all 47, Venice topics ยป.

We have done Paris to Venice last October. I don't know if they still run, or if the low-cost airlines have put them out of business.

Buy thello tickets at

Top questions about Venice. I don't know that the time of year has much to do with whether it would be better to travel by day or by night.

Happy Venice. On the way back, they stayed overnight in Como, in Strasbourgand in Brussels. Venice to Paris by train.

Hotel Diana. Trying to plan a fall trip and thinking of flying into Venice for a few days and then going on to Paris for the remainder of my vacation. Oct 19, See All Venice Conversations.