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Once upon a time sex fanfiction, Fanfiction baby upon male once sex time

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Once Upon A Time Sex Fanfiction

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After the curse is broken by Emma and her adopted nephew she tries to find him again. Then she gave up and started over in a small village. You're mine, my baby and you'll always be.

My age: 26
My hair: I have got luxuriant ash-blond hair
In my spare time I love: Diving

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Both women stared at their son and waited for him to continue, but when he declined to be more specific, they both realized what he meant. With great care, she leaned over her son, allowing his mouth to latch on to her nipple and begin to suck. Henry looked over at Emma and shrugged his shoulders, replying, "I don't know, really. Would you like that? Regina dropped onto him, hard and fast, bouncing on his cock over and over again. She must have been burning for him. He couldn't believe how fast she had reached this peak.

Henry looked back and forth between his mothers and had to make a decision. Henry nodded his head again, as Regina leaned in and he latched on to her other nipple.

Regina and Henry laughed at this, each kissing one her cheeks and curling up beside her. When she felt the light pressure of his teeth latching on, Regina let out a soft whimper. He hadn't heard that one in a while, and it made him feel warm all over. He hadn't expected the warm, wet sensation of her mouth around him.

Our beautiful, handsome boy. She knew she had to stay quiet. His expert tongue moved back and forth until Emma was bucking hard, fucking his mouth with passion. Finally, Henry responded. He'd expected her soft, warm hand.

It had been so incredibly long since they'd done this particular activity that he'd almost forgotten what it felt like. This only further aroused Henry, and he was at the edge anyway, so when he felt her walls finally begin to flutter, fast and hard, squeezing his cock, he bucked one last time and came deep inside her.

Regina was still crying.

Once upon a time fanfiction regina puppy

Slowly, he licked a line from the back to the front of her sex, making her back arch when his tongue flicked over her swollen clit. Little prince, Henry thought, instantly blushing. Once teeth were brushed and they were settled into bed, Henry wiggled between them and rested his head on the pillow before shutting his eyes. When he could stand Regina's touch no longer, Henry reached between his own legs as he kept mouthing Regina's pussy and jerked himself hard and fast. Seeing her wife laugh encouraged Emma to very slowly slide her hand south, placing her hand lower, where her soft fingertips were just barely touching his penis.

We both do. What's the matter? Is everything okay? Her son's mouth fell open as he stared at her and said, "But that's… not… How? How is this possible? Henry's mouth fell open, and he cried out, shocking both women to the point of freezing in place.

Regina leaned in a little closer when her nipple popped out of her son's mouth, allowing him to get a better grip with his lips. You know, back when I was in college.

Henry loved this, as it calmed him completely and put him fully into a daze of comfort. Of course, this was to be expected, but it was far worse than Henry could have imagined. Nothing was more beautiful than watching his face twist in pleasure, hearing his soft, childish whimpers, and seeing come explode from his pulsating member. This was about Henry. As he massaged her, Henry whined in reply, reflexively sucking harder on Emma's clit. When Emma started to pump him more steadily, Henry struggled to take air in, and both of his mothers could hear him breathing hard from his nose.

Henry said nothing, but crawled onto his knees and pushed Emma down onto the bed. Lying in their mess, covered in shared come, they fell asleep.

Emma just laughed softly at this, enamored with how innocent he was in this moment. Their son let go and nodded his head slowly, wiggling his hips in an attempt to receive any kind of stimulation. Again, he cried out, and the noise faded with a loud whine that petered out into a soft whimper as his hips continued to lift.

After their baby girl was born, none of them got much sleep. He nodded weakly, face turning bright red, and Regina responded immediately. Sensing that he was becoming overwhelmed when his sucking began to slow, and loving it completely, Regina sighed happily and continued to play with his hair. Tell me what's wrong.

The sudden shock of intensity made Henry cry out again, louder than before, as he bucked up into her, fucking her sex as hard as he could from below. Henry bucked in surprise, feeling the gentle stimulation surge through him.

Once upon a time fanfiction regina headache

It was so surprisingly sudden, so loud and desperate, that it caught them both off guard. To Henry's surprise, hearing his name falling from her lips, over and over, made his long cock twitch to life again. Emma and Regina both laughed at this, and Regina wrapped her arms tightly around her son as she held him close.

In fact, they hadn't done anything truly intimate since the baby had been born about two months ago. He loved when she begged, and it urged him on, so he took her clit in his mouth and began to suck, just as she'd done to him earlier. He didn't want to be selfish, and he really had no preference — their bodies were both heavenly for him — but he could tell that Regina was fully aroused, while Emma appeared calmer and more collected at that particular moment. Henry's cock remained hard and erect as he sucked his mother's pert nipple more fervently, and Emma found herself staring at it as it continued to leak precome.

They'd named their daughter after the Greek goddess of wisdom and courage, something they all felt was fitting, given her lineage. Henry loosened his grip with his teeth and began to suck slightly harder, with more enthusiasm, caught up in the sensations soaring through his body. And as Regina thought about it — about the first time she had kissed their daughter on her soft little forehead — she felt that Emma was right. Seeing his length begin to harden, Regina positioned herself behind him and reached between his legs, gripping his swelling sacks gently in her hand.

As soon as Emma heard the wet noises caused by his suckling, she gripped his length at the base.

This wasn't about her. And I honestly don't know," Regina sniffled, wiping her eyes again.

When he began to suck again, Regina had to bite her lip to keep herself from moaning. She screamed, feeling him expanding inside her, and came, long and hard.

You said—". Henry followed her voice into the den and found his mothers sitting on the couch, holding hands. She palmed him carefully as he whimpered but didn't stop his loving assault on his mother's sex.

Our little prince. It's okay, bubba. Emma chuckled at his sudden desperation and put her mouth directly over his aching, pulsing, pleading member, sucking him gently. I know this is a big change, for all of us, but I promise it'll be okay. Henry pulled away from Regina and wasted no time thrusting into his mother's tight heat, fucking her with more force than he had intended. It's been so long, Henry thought in a haze of pleasure, as Emma began to stroke him with nimble fingers.

Regina pushed down as hard as she could, filling herself with her son's length as much as possible and allowing him to empty himself inside her. But what he got was the perfect sheath for his cock, and he found himself gasping for air as he bucked his hips and fucked his mother's sweet, perfect mouth. I love our son to death, but I don't think things will ever be the same between us all. Henry cried out, arching his back in response. But… perhaps we can make a better effort to give you what you need.

Henry couldn't speak. That had been a kiss of true love, and maybe, just maybe, it had broken the spell of infertility she had imposed upon herself when she was young. But he had certainly never stopped wanting it. You probably can't. So stupid and selfish I know, but I… I just miss the way things used to be.

Then, he positioned himself between Emma's legs and began dipped his head between her thighs, something she certainly hadn't been expecting. Regina tilted her head in confusion as she looked into her wife's green eyes as they stared back at her with intensity. The sweet, tender words pushed their son closer to his climax, and the women both felt their hearts racing at the prospect of watching him come. When he started to lift her hips to pull her off himself, Regina whined, "Keep it in me.