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Nipple bitten off by a beaver, Off chica seeking nipple to bites

Now, when I say I got thrown out of a bar, I don't mean someone asked me to leave, and we walked to the door together, and I said, "Bye everyone, I gotta go! Those big old New York bouncers that think that bouncing is cool.

Nipple Bitten Off By A Beaver

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The animal then bit him in the leg, buttocks, arm, hand and torso before he managed to grab it and hold its jaw closed. One Boy Scout pulled Brousseau to shore, where he tossed the beaver away from him. The Scouts then used rocks to kill the animal. Comon' with a topic title like that you know you had to read the story. I will admit that i was laughing after just reading the headline

What is my age: 37
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Tint of my iris: Enormous hazel green
I like to drink: Whisky
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My Master points out that men don't need nipples. They have a mind of their own. View Voting : Smartest and Funniest. Keep in mind where most of Oklahoma's tribes were removed from What's black, white, and bloodstained? Elephants being both endangered and considered dangerous require s and such. Back when people fought from horseback, a trained warhorse was a weapon of its own.

Better than being poked by a rhino. To make a long story short, I put out my hand up to close the top stall door mesh and the horse struck out and grabbed me bit me in the face under my right eye and just below my jaw line.

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Gyrfalcon : What's black, white, and bloodstained? Baloo Uriza. Okie and The Red Headed Stranger have the same lawn. Otherwise she just would've paid medical and it would have been over. George Jefferson points, laughs. Yes, I noticed you beat me to the joke, but I decided to go ahead with the joke anyway, 'cause that's why I came here!

Or, zebras can have a nipple.

My thoughts on the city by the bay & the greater bay area

Muskogee's the misspelled version of Muscogee. Crass and Jaded Mother Farker.

If a dog would have bit him the dog would be killed. Your Hind Brain. Try -Free Fark. Odd standards here, if it would have been a horse or cow he would have received the live stock can be dangerous speech. One of my friends had his nipple mostly bitten off in a bar fight Double CSB!

Sounds like somebody got on the fightin' side of that quadruped.

Jeff foxworthy

How the hell can you have a pet zebra? Whatever is that poor man going to do now that he can't use that nipple anymore? Justin Beaver : How the hell can you have a pet zebra? Spelling Spetsnaz.

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Justin Beaver. When I was 10, I was forking hay into a stall, and we had a horse that would crib. A zebra once bit my sister Is there another Muskogee? It seems like the only problem was the city has an ordinance against exotic animals. That's a void that can never be filled. It fractured my jaw upper and lowerbusted all of my back teeth, fractured my cheek and tore my face up pretty bad. So I guess a Zebra falls somewhere in the middle.

Came here to make the Jeff Foxworthy reference. Cats and rats and elephants? It would put it's teeth on the edge of the stall door, and suck in air like a reverse burp.

Forgot password? My parents had American Standardbred and Albino horses. Mind you, zebra bites can be nasty. Danger Avoid Death.

Also 1 hump camels, llamas, alpacasgiraffes. I think "that bastards thinking how good I would taste with a side order of fried hay". So it was black and white and red all over? SwiftFox : Is there another Muskogee? DrunkenYodaZen : Sounds like that Zebra earned some stripes.

Now we know why men have nipples.

Submit a Link ยป. Well cats and rats are obviously common pets.

In which there's one in Georgia, and another in Florida. Prosperous Cheater. This needs to be greenlit just because. Do people know what traumatizing means? DarkSoulNoHope : [www. Zeeba Zeeba Zeeba just got the munchies.

Yeah, but then he started hanging around Willie. If you can read this, either the style sheet didn't load or you have an older browser that doesn't support style sheets. I wonder if this happened near Muskogees dirt sub:. Sounds like that Zebra earned some stripes. The safe word is 'Polka Dot Afro'. This is probably the most exciting thing to happen there in decades. People always think "daaaawww nice horsey".

Kalashinator : Damnit! I used to live in Muskogee. Zebras have long tongues, so it's likely the guy was exposing his nipples to the animal for licking. Come at me ze- BRAH. Captain Steroid. I was raised on a horse farm. Prophet of Loss. It's a place where even squares can have a ball. Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the. Did anyone bother asking him why he had his nipple that close to the zebra's mouth?

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They aren't endangered and aren't considered dangerousso pretty much if you are zoned where you can have livestock like cattle and horses you can have a zebra in most states. But sure as you're born, You're never gonna see no Unicorn Not too many Mad Men fans on here, I see This thread is archived, and closed to new comments. In my best Hedley Lamar voice, "Kinky!