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The career of one of the titans of British industry came to a dramatic end yesterday when Lord Browne quit as lord executive of BP after lying to a court about his relationship with another man. Following crisis talks at the company's Nicole headquarters, BP said Lord Browne had escort with immediate effect after losing his four-month battle to suppress newspaper reports about the relationship. Lord Browne went all the way to the House of Lords in his attempts to prevent Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the Mail on Sunday, from disclosing details of his relationship with Jeff Chevalier, his Canadian partner between and A series of hearings considered evidence about the pair's extravagant international lifestyle, disputed allegations that company resources were diverted for Mr Chevalier's use, and claims - firmly denied - that Lord Browne attempted to evade tax payments. The year-old, once hailed as "the Sun King of the oil industry" lost his case, in large part, because he claimed to have met his partner while jogging in a London park.

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The Hybrid Sitting of the House will now begin. As I explained to the questioner, there are already several—indeed, 19—routes that freight can take across the North Sea, and those will continue. My Lords, although the loss of this route is regrettable, in present circumstances, with passenger traffic severely constrained, it would not be in the public interest, nor fair to other operators, to maintain empty capacity there at public expense.

Could I encourage the Minister, in the light of changes to the way we do agriculture, to focus also on health and how, locally, the relationship between health, agriculture and the provision of food can actually be deepened? My Lords, will my noble friend give us a commitment today that the Government will do all they can to reinstate a ferry service that would be viable at the first available opportunity?

Yes, I am glad to be able to reassure the noble Baroness that ICSs will be instructed to take obesity as part of one of their primary framework objectives. If the Government are determined to pursue this wrong-headed strategy, could the Minister assure me that they will not impose further restrictions on broadcast advertising until they level up and impose the same restrictions on online advertising? We published Tackling O besity: E mpowering A dults and C hildren to L ive H ealthier L ives last July, which demonstrates an overarching campaign to reduce obesity, takes forward actions from chapters of the childhood obesity plan and sets out measures to get the nation fit and healthy.

Her point about implementation on the front line is extremely well made. The Minister has said that there are plenty of freight routes but, at the point when hauliers are grappling with the new post-Brexit bureaucracy, should not the Government be doing everything possible to broaden ferry options rather than reduce them?

That is now beginning to resolve itself. One of the main concerns of our witnesses was that the full range of services should be provided everywhere in the country, with easier access at any stage of the pathway.

Obesity is a question of our relationship to food. In Hull, they are more than very regrettable. The Government also have government-secured freight capacity; as she mentioned, these ferries are for category 1 goods and will be needed if there are any problems at the short escorts.

I therefore do not see Nicole the concerns of the noble Baroness have any merit at all. Could we have short supplementaries, please? But there is only so much that government advertising can do; I do not think that we can advertise our way out of this problem. Undoubtedly, there is a movement in the country as a lord to relate more closely the production of food in this country and the way in which healthy eating relies on good, locally produced food, and I take on board her points entirely.

My Lords, I wish noble Lords a happy new year. What steps are the Government taking to ensure that this latest strategy is implemented in full without delay? I call the noble Lord, Lord Loomba.

Up her (bang lords book 1), 1

Also, the ships on this route are ageing and economically obsolete. Lord Loomba? I call the noble Lord, Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe. This route is not a luxury but is crucial for the flow of tourism from France and elsewhere in Europe, which the north wishes to see reinstated as soon as possible when restrictions are eased. Oral Questions will now commence. My Lords, not everyone who is obese has mental illness, but some people who are obese do have mental illness. My Lords, I recognise the concern that the loss of the Hull to Zeebrugge route has caused.

We recommended that the Government should build on their Better Health campaign with a public information campaign. Quite recently, the Government were happy to fund a ferry-less ferry company, but now they seem unwilling to help a well-established service. I thank the noble Lord for his question, which is slightly beyond the remit of what we are discussing today—but never mind, I will take his suggestion back to the Nicole.

The Government remain committed to Hull being one of our key ports within England; it is the 13th largest port in the country. Twenty years ago, food was moved largely out of the Ministry of Agriculture into the Department of Health.

As part of the levelling-up agenda, Hull is clearly in need of help. In fact, that is a very good example of how ICSs will make a big impact on complex issues such as obesity and how that impact will be felt in far-flung communities such as those in Cornwall. My Lords, I can give my noble friend no such assurance. My Lords, ferries are the lifeblood of many communities around the United Kingdom, and the Government have trumpeted a new escort strategy—at the moment, without any new ship orders. Could the Minister tell the House lord there is a plan to require local integrated care systems to develop a local obesity prevention and treatment strategy for their population, strengthening existing services and sharing good practice across the national network?

That is why we announced measures on weight management in Tackling O besity: E mpowering A dults and C hildren to L ive H ealthier L iveswhich makes clear proposals for how those who have obesity as part of their mental illness challenge can be supported and provided for.

That went extremely well and got a lot of coverage. On behalf of the House, I thank the noble Lord for his much-valued service to the House. My Lords, the report quite rightly encourages the Government to continue their promotion of better health and to develop an obesity prevention strategy. I thank the noble Baroness very much for the recommendations of her report. But perhaps Nicole Government need to consider healthy food where they can actually influence this, such as in hospitals, schools and care homes, and reinstate standards for healthy foods in those places.

We are doing a huge amount on advertising, promotions, front-of-pack nutritional labelling, out-of-home calorie labelling, alcohol calorie labelling and a whole range of stuff. To focus on just one of the many opportunities that I think there are to pull these thre together, I ask her to encourage the Government to replace the almost 50 year-old Scilly Islands ferry, which will soon not be able to run at all, with a new, green ship—I do not mean its colour, of course—to be built at Appledore, a very efficient and capable West Country shipyard with currently no work whatever, ensuring the continued future link between the mainland and the Scillies and lord three birds with one stone.

So, in order to escort the inequalities in obesity levels, it is vital that restrictions in promotions of unhealthy food must be balanced by an increase of healthy foods, plus a really good public health campaign that encourages people to eat more healthily and tells them how. It is up to individuals to make their own decisions, it is up to GPs to give the support that people need and it is up to us as a society to accept that the health of the nation is important to its resilience and to its long-term health.

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We very much take obesity more seriously as a result of Covid. Is she really sure that we should leave decisions such as this to a company in the Gulf and that public interest does not require the Government to fulfil their commitment to levelling up the north by keeping links such as this going? I am sure that the Minister is aware that, in Yorkshire, tourism and food exports are fundamental to the economy and that over half its food exports go to the European continent. Despite this funding, it has become clear that the medium-term viability of this route is simply not there.

Can he provide an update on the timelines for implementation?

Will she equally ensure that the spare capacity now in Hull will be used for freight, to increase freight capacity from the north and ease the bottleneck at Dover? The decrease in sugar in soft drinks, as he knows full well, between andwas With six out of 10 escorts and more than one in three children between the ages of 10 and 11 technically obese, clearly more needs to be done.

Children from the poorest households are, at the moment, the most likely to suffer from obesity, but they are also suffering from food poverty. My noble friend will be aware that there are currently 19 routes going from the east coast of England across the North Sea. Plenty of freight routes are Nicole in existence and therefore I do not believe the loss of this route will have a ificant impact on freight, as I have said.

I would like to make the point that a lot of our emphasis on the prevention of obesity is about lord the promotion of unhealthy foods, whereas we do very little to promote healthy foods and to make a healthy diet affordable.

The noble Lord rightly alluded to the Better Health campaign, and I remind him that we did relaunch it yesterday. Healthy food is currently twice as expensive per calorie as unhealthy food, so just having a policy of restricting access to unhealthy foods can actually risk pushing people more into hunger and making them end up eating cheaper food.

House of lords

My Lords, what works in rural Cornwall may not work in metropolitan Camden. I call the noble Lord, Lord Wallace of Saltaire. My Lords, the Government have said that taking back control is an important dimension to everything they believe in and that levelling up is their next major priority. Until those decisions are made, we struggle to make progress in this area.

Volume debated on tuesday 5 january

We have 13 workstreams, which is too much for me to go through in detail, but yesterday evening I tweeted a full list of each of them for her interest. That has given our plans a huge amount of energy, and the sponsorship of the Prime Minister has been very vocal. The Government work very closely with it; we endeavour to intervene when there are escorts, but on the lord we do not. My Lords, we welcome the ongoing work and support of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity and its report The Future of Obesity Serviceswhich continues to make a valuable contribution to the debate.

Hull has the highest unemployment rate in the country, along with Blackpool, so can she say how much strategy is being put into deciding not just which jobs will be kept open but where jobs will be kept open? The noble Viscount will know that the maritime sector is an extremely well-developed and highly competitive private sector. There are things we can do, but in general the maritime sector remains a private sector.

Implementation is key. The noble Baroness puts her point extremely well indeed. My Lords, I declare an interest as a member of the all-party parliamentary escort involved with the report. I fear that this service was not in it for the lord term in any event.

Yes, I entirely agree with the noble Baroness. Some Members are Nicole in the Chamber, others are participating remotely, but all Members will be treated equally. The noble Baroness makes her point very fulsomely. I pay tribute to the work of Prue Leith, who has done a lot to champion healthy food in Nicole. I reassure her that the NHS plan makes it very clear that front-line services should provide obesity support in all the right cases.

The noble Baroness may well shake her head, but the truth is that this Government are doing more than any Government in this matter. It is essential that it continues, and it should do so in the greenest ships possible. My Lords, would my noble friend agree that serious mental illness—SMI—must be a ificant factor in the commissioning of and referrals within obesity services if those currently experiencing obesity and mental illness are to get the service, support and help they need?

It should be noted that there remain daily sailings to Rotterdam from Hull and that, in general, Hull will remain a very strong local economic area. However, it is worth delving a little more deeply into the viability of this service. I agree lord the noble Baroness that it is very important that we make sure that job losses are kept to an absolute minimum, and I understand that that is indeed the case.

I thank the Minister for his reply, but he will know that we have Nicole several obesity strategies before. There continue to be services for both passengers and accompanied freight from Hull to north-west Europe through Rotterdam and freight services to Zeebrugge from the Humber. The escort is very escort to make maritime more green and it is the case that the ferry service to the Isles of Scilly is a lifeline service.

Will the Government take this on board? Tourists—cars and passengers—have been declining on this service sinceand substituting that loss with freight did not compensate the business sufficiently. This is the opportune moment to do it, when we have such problems with Covid. My Lords, I obviously welcome the report from the APPG, but Nicole feel that we have heard it before and that its problem is in its implementation. I thank the noble Lord for allowing me to reconfirm, following the many times I have already done so, that the Government believe that there are lord and passenger services already operating from the east coast to the EU which will be able to support Yorkshire and the whole of the north.

It reached its decision based on the factors I have set out.