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Naked hiking stories, Elite hiking seeking friend Naked lapdance

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Naked Hiking Stories

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I love to go on hikes. I often hike in the woods, or at state parks. It is great to get out of the office and back to nature.

Years old: 41
Caters to: I love man
Color of my hair: Straight hair
I understand: English, Japanese
Body type: My body features is quite muscular
My hobbies: Sports

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The two took hands, beginning their walk up the trail. She had never considered herself sexy, but the thought of being out in public without underwear on got her heart racing. He moaned and putting a hand on each side of her head, he began to fuck her mouth with his throbbing cock. The sensation was amazing in combination with the smell of the meadow grass and sound of the breeze blowing through the nearby tree branches.

All she could do was grab his ass and take it. Using her hand and mouth she pulled as much of that penis into her mouth as she could, feeling the tip of her tongue brush against his ball sack it was in so deep. The pair found themselves facing a steep incline after a half hour of hiking a wide declining dirt trail.

Then he began to kiss her red and puffy lips, swollen after her vigorous blow job. Letting the base of her shorts fall, she dashed off to them, hearing her partner running behind. Without delay, she gripped his cock and stuffed the head in her mouth.

With a growl, he walked up to her, grabbed her right breast and kissed her deeply. Climbing in between the trees she found that they came to her waist, providing long views up the multiple trails. It was up, but not all the way to the top. What remained was now felled, with their large smooth stumps lying on their sides forming a triangle fortress. Feeling ready to explode, she pushed his head away and slipped off her shorts, now fully nude except for her hiking shoes and socks. She could feel his tongue in her mouth and his hand gripping her bosom like it was a lifeline. Along with the sway of her breasts hanging freely within, the sensation was naked.

Pulling them harder, she felt the hiking pull against her pussy as the bottoms of her shorts approached the waist band, her stories appearing more like a thong. Looking under her right leg, she could see her hiking partner standing behind.

She knew they were going on a hike at the base of the local mountain that morning. Holding the bottom of her shorts in her fingers, she pulled them up.

She gripped the sides of his pants and yanked them down, exposing his rod and balls. Through the side of her eye, she could tell he was looking at the point where the zipper on her sweatshirt closed. He had her arms held behind her back, gripping her hoodie that was bunched up between her elbows.

She could feel his warm breath and wet tongue on her. If he only knew that underneath she wore nothing and that her nipples were already hard, rubbing against the story inner fabric of her top. It was warm enough out to be comfortable, but not so hot that she was left sticky after stretching. She knew he was attracted to her, but his look was ravenous, like a wild animal out on the trail hunting its next meal. She took the lead in the hike, letting her partner fall behind a bit as he stopped to look at naked of the rocks in the stream bed.

By the look of things, he had the same thought in mind. It was then she realized that her partner had switched tits and was suckling on her left. Looking hiking, she could see her partner hiking up behind her about ten feet back, with her sweatshirt gripped in his right fist, staring at her back hoping to get a glimpse of the side of her breast as she walked. Published 8 years ago.

A slight breeze blew directly onto her bust, causing her nipples to get erect. The path they were on split in multiple directions, all empty as far as they could see.

Her partner was soon leaping between the trees along with her. Walking up the first hill they made idle chat about how beautiful it was outside. She knew he must have been wondering if she was wearing a sports bra or something else form-fitting hidden inside. At the bottom of a gully before the incline was a dry track that would have a stream running through it during the winter. Not wanting to disappoint, she raised her hands and put them on her head, acting as if she were catching a breath. The sway of her chest could be seen for certain. Her skin ached for cool air. At this point she could feel the soft material from her track shorts, pressed up against her clit.

She could feel the fabric pulling up the crack of her ass, her butt cheeks being exposed.

Cresting the hill, an open meadow opened in front of them. This was the first time that she had exposed herself in open nature and the feeling was incredible. At some point he had pulled off his shirt as he now stood nude in front of her as she worked his shaft.

At the intersection of these paths, a grove of large trees once had grown. A large group of walkers just went by, back to their cars after a morning stroll. She reached up and began to unzip. for Free!

Standing her up and pushing her back up against the smooth fallen log, he pushed her legs apart and put two fingers in her. He was already getting excited, which was all the better for her as she had some naughty thoughts in mind that were guaranteed to drive him wild.

With her left hand, she pulled the leg of her shorts aside, exposing her pussy to her partner, making it abundantly clear she wore nothing underneath.

She saw that the sun was higher in the air and the paths around her were still empty allowing her to enjoy herself without concern. When the zipper was in the middle of her chest she halted, years of restriction screaming stop.

In anticipation, she put on some tight track shorts, a zip up sweatshirt and nothing else. His eyes opened wide and she saw him grin with hunger. Standing up from her stretch, she looked over her shoulder and could see the grin on his face. The feeling sent a shock down her spine, straight down to her ass and up to her pussy. Her calves, thighs and gluts all came to life. Not thinking, she turned around, sweatshirt completely open, and faced her partner saying that this breeze felt much naked.

Kneeling down on her discarded story, he how stood before her, erection pushing hiking through his shorts. Hearing the footsteps behind her, she ignored that voice and pulled the zipper all the way down. He was licking up every bit of her wetness, making things even moister with his saliva.

As she hiked up the hill, she could feel her muscles pumping. She spun away, letting her sweatshirt slide off her arms. Leaning up against a long smooth stump, she reached up with her right hand and pinched her nipple, feeling the jolt run through her body. Her feet wide, she reached down to touch the ground between her feet, feeling the stretch in her legs.

They had a habit of holding hands when alone, a quick way to get in synch.

The odds were that there were more people on the hill, but that just added to the excitement she felt so scantly clad. Her sopping wet pussy getting banged with his fingers, she felt herself close to climax, her own cum running down her thighs.

Score 4. Knowing her audience was close to losing control, she reached down, slowly running her hands down her waste, over ass, to the base of her track shorts. The mountain was beautiful with the sun just high enough in the sky to cast a long shadow off the fence in story of her; the entrance to the park. Her top opened like rose petals to the morning sun. Then she began hiking up the hill again, leaving him standing there with her jacket and a boner pushing straight out the front of his shorts like a tent.

She could taste the sweet pre-come, swirling her tongue around the tip, hoping to coax out more. She could see the hiking shape head of his cock through the soft material of his basketball shorts. Head back, she looked into the sky and felt the warm sun on her face; on her body. She got wet naked the direct contact of the light shorts. She felt exhilarated and free walking up the hill again, this time completely topless. Pulling away from the kiss, he planted his mouth around her nipple, sucking and nibbling.

With her ass exposed, she heard her partner say that he had to have her.