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My wife put me in diapers, I'm wife put that diapers twister

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My Wife Put Me In Diapers

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I used to get upset about being incontinent and then one day my wife just said "For Gods sake just wear a nappy and get on with your life" I was shocked and then we had a good talk about it. If it helped me cope with my incontinene and nightly bed-wetting where was the harm.

I hid my diaper and wetting fetish for so long, felt so lonely and isolated for decades and could only indulge my diapers and wetting in secret and often in somewhat humiliating or embarrassing circumstances. But I couldn't do it until my 50's when I decided to throw caution to the wind and meet girls and be totally honest and forthcoming about my secret life. I've been with my wife for 18 years.

We do have a great and loving relationship. It took awhile, and not without a few bruises but well worth it. My Wife knows and is totaly fine with all of my desires, but doesn't participate. I could right a book about life experiences because the truth is stranger than fiction. She asked if I was incontinent and I told her know, I just loved to wear diapers and go potty in them and had since I was a kid and wet my bed.

Now it is real and true to her feelings. My partner diapered me last night, after pushing a lump of saddle soap up my bum, then she put me in plastic pants, then i dressed.

At home I have no right to cover my diaper no time, she says that for her it's easier to see when I'm up for change, besides I'm not allowed to sit on the couch where the chairs if there is no a plastic mattress, she makes frequent checks of my diaper throughout the day.

I was wearing my cloth prefold diapers and rubber pants. I truly wish I had understood what you are saying long ago when I was a young adult pursuing a career and so afraid and ashamed that I loved to wear diapers and rubber pants and wet myself while at the same time being a responsible, mature adult in a very competitive career. Sometimes I get a spanking first sometimes not.

But I do have a very good female friend that does do all my diapering for me. As I get up I check if my big baby still pee in his diaper. At home I wear a nappy frilled plastic baby pants and a short dress which makes it easy for her to check me to see if I'm wet and chabge me if I need it.

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Thank god for the internet, and societal changes regarding sexual attitudes, behaviors, openness and acceptance. Here lies the key to our "agreement" wich sounds realy strange, but couldn't find a better term on the whole diaper thing: I don't want or crave participation, I just want to feel accepted. She can be quite blunt at times but then so can I. When I first became incontinent I was forever worrying about wetting the bed at night or having a noticeable wet patch in my trousers. Though, have read about many situations where this was the case.

I just prefer to do my own care-taking. Even when I had a broken leg and my leg was in a case I managed myself.

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But I wont push it with her ,She is happy for me to wear them -Possible chance of wetting the bed else. I love it. She laughed again and told me she'd like to see me again and we did.

Near the end I told her I had something I wanted her to know about because I wanted to see her again and again. I smiled, said I hope so and she said she wanted to my diapered butt. The incontinence thing is not a game it is just real life.

I had much the same experience when I met my fiancee ten years ago. She said it didn't matter to her if I wore nappies and if it meant I got on with life what did it matter. In the early days of coming to terms with my weird love of Plastic PantiesI tried to involve my wife ,Sadly She didnt want to knowI have made love to her whilst I was wearing my Plastic Pants ,but just pulled down abit ,It was a turn on as I knew my panties were touching her ,but sadly No interest.

This starts on Friday night, I'm only entitled to my cotton diapers and panties plastic, especially I have no right to touch my diaper without permission. I did right after I paid the bill and we left the restaurant.

I wish my wife would diaper and change me but she does not. All I wanted was to have a loving relationship with a girl who could understand my needs and be comfortable and supportive and hopefully playful with her diapered guy. Eighteen nappied years.

Not my thing, but would certainly let someone do it though perhaps not until they had spanked the resistance out of me!

Don't ask me why. My wife diapers me primarily on weekends when we are both off.

She asked what and I told her I was wearing diapers and rubber pants right now and I had gone potty in them several times during the evening. Never been diapered. So she laughed at me, and asked if I liked being a naughty baby and if I really thought a pretty girl like her would ever want date a diaper baby.

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I sat here at my computer for over an hour till i couldnt hold on any longeruntill i shit myself! Not ever. My wife usually puts me in a diaper before she leaves for work. What is. I usually just pee but sometimes she diapers me after an enema before I have had a chance to expel all of it. So hung together that evening, talking and having a few drinks and then agreed to meet again. I have had local babysitters look after me, but, not someone I was involved with any other way.

It would be to please me, and that would be wrong and unreal. My wife soon worked out I had started to enjoy being in nappies and told me it wasn't a problem.

I have never physically been put in a nappy by my wife but she encouraged me to were them when I became incontinent. It is always she who decides when to change my diaper. I saw her, was immediately attracted to her, starting chatting and offered to buy her a drink.

My partner diapers me when I ask but other than that it is not done enough of the time wish i could get her onboard more often. I am not allowed to change my diapers, sometimes my wife likes to spank me and keep me in my diapers wet and baby pants for hours and treat me like a baby.

Even small things don't escape her attention - I even have 's toothbrush and I have lost of dolls and sof toys - but No, I don't sleep in a crib - yet. The other thing is: It is my fetish and my hobby. She is very much okay with my bed wetting issues and the choice I made to wear diapers to bed.

Even when I had a surgery for a broken hip again I managed myself. But we can do better than that. We did, talked a few times over the phone before then, and I again wore my cloth diapers and rubber pants. I hate being forced to make a messy diaper that way. I'll have to get you some cute dresses. It will make changing you easier. And I'm happy it's just mine and I can be as open as I want to be with it around her. That freedom is worth more to me than a change on frequent basis and would feel selfish to be honest.

See a problem?

Common situation. Actually, a lot. I don't have a wife or girlfriend. In general it's my wife who manages my diapers on the weekends, much less the week she makes me manage my diapers myself. She puts me in diapers and does frequent diaper checks throughout the day. You must show me!


When she accepted, I went potty in my diapers I was so excited. She does however make remarks or jokes in a playful way, not the bad kind about my ABDL side. She have control like that all day long, which annoys me enormously in the long run.