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My Wife Likes To Watch Me Fuck

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Couples think they can handle something like that but instead of making the relationship better it makes it worse. Its almost like I want to watch him please another woman because it makes me feel like a benevolent goddess to share what I have lol. Do you think it would be good to try it once on like a trial kind of thing and if she gets jealous, we can stop and not try it again? I have never considered cheating on her as I am perfectly happy with our lives.

Maybe act on it if you do not have any children It's like this, I can fantasize in my head about my husband doing another woman, and it's arousing to me Is your fantasy worth the risk of possibly screwing up your relationship? Even if she doesn't think so now, it's going to lead to jealousy, not to mention what could happen with you or the other chick involved.

She's assured me she won't let it hurt our marriage and she thinks it could even be good for our marriage as I will get to have sex with other women and she gets to experience one of her fantasies. She needs to be mentally prepared and ready. We've been watching porn regularly since we started dating almost 5 years ago and she always tells me she would like to watch me do that with another girl.

It's just always been a big fantasy of hers to watch me with another woman.

It works for tons of other couples, but if you have doubts, and you obviously do, then I don't think it's a good idea to act on Is this still revelant? The erotic image, the fantasy is sexy, arousing, but that doesn't mean that it is good for the marriage. Boy, I regret that lol, but it's a fantasy that I have now. And neither of you will really know how you'll feel about it until it happens.

She's okay with it now, but once she sees that another woman can give you better pleasure, she will hold it against you. AliasGrace Xper 2. Besides, how many times have we had such high hopes for something, thought wow, this person is soooo hot, and then it just ruins for disappointment and you got more out of playing it over in your head getting off to the thoughts of it than you did in the reality?

I just never acted on it. Of course I would be jealous, I already told her I wouldn't be okay with her having sex with another guy and she's told me lo of times she's not interested in other men. She might not care right now because she's horny and lusting about it but in the future she might think back to it and realize how messed up it was and feel the resentment and jealousy which will probably cause a lot of fights and eventually a break up. I have the same fantasy. Maybe even turn the situation around and blame you for actually going through with it.

But would you like it if she was having sex in front of you with other men? It's a talk that needs to continue to be brought up before you actually put it in action. Watching porn together and her fantasizing about you penetrating other women is nothing compared to you actually having sex with someone else. I look back when me and my husband of 16 years were dating and we almost had an opportunity for this I had a woman approach me that was into me, and lord I love women lol.

Add Opinion. Some things were just meant to be a fantasy, you know what I mean? It's not for everyone, only you know your wife and you know if she'll resent you for it later. Can this be good for our marriage?

Share Facebook. Not only potential emotions from you, her, the other female, but there is also pregnancy, STD's, etc. She regularly tells me how much she loves me and does a lot of cute little things which shows her affection for me. Logorithim Influencer.

It's not something to talk about one, two, three times. Wife wants to watch me have sex with other women? Yes, this gentleman has verbalized exactly what I was thinking. It is an interesting prospect. I'm happily married, he's content more so than myself, so why screw with it? Even if it doesn't result in any jealousy on her part, I doubt you'd enjoy that, and, furthermore, good luck telling her "no, you can't have sex with other men" after you have had sex with other women.

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Bad idea. Really bad. If she wants to engage in this fantasy, she can do so in the confines of her own head. Up Now! Related Questions.

Will she eventually get jealous if I go through with this? Our sex life is amazing. Anon85 opinions shared on Relationships topic. Show All. Again, I stress that both of you are secure and prepared. She just wants to watch me with another girl because it's one of her strongest fantasies, it's something that turns her on Its just not right.

We all have our fantasies, even if we are single though, some of those fantasies still are not necessarily a good idea.

Because if you loved her you'd get jealous right. I'd suggest that you look over at your wife while you are banging the other girl, as a "you're still one" thing.

You could catch feelings even if you don't want to She could see how jealous she really is in THIS situation. I don't see any benefit to this. Am I out of order for saying I would never be comfortable with her being with another man considering the fact that she wants me to have sex with other women?

Tbh it's not an in the moment kind of thing, she's always been into it.

The decision shouldn't be made because its in the moment type of thing. She has already told me that she has absolutely no interest in having sex with other men So you reckon we should try it once at least and agree if we don't like it, we just won't try it again and we won't let it come between us?

Yeah I know that, but I'm not okay if she would have sex with someone. Just keep talking about it, the good and bad and eventually you will know if its truly right for you guys. You may fantasize about doing a busty redhead, but acting on the fantasy probably isn't a good idea right?

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This is one of her strongest fantasies and she's desperate for me to agree to it If you guys are married, I don't think it's a good idea period. I'm sceptical to say the least and wanted outside opinions on this.

Also she may only be testing you. She has told me she wants to watch me have sex with other women. Sorry don't know what else to say. I've told her I would never be comfortable with her having sex with another man, but she assured me she doesn't want to be with another man and she will never expect me to allow her to have sex with other men. Having sex changes everything. That's not true.

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But she really wants me to have sex with other women My wife and I have been happily married almost a year now and I love her to pieces and she regularly tells me how much she loves me. Let's say you accomodate her and have sex with other women in front of her. Probably not. Sex is like fire - it's good when it's in the fireplace but you let it get out and it's a mess to contain.