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My boyfriend and his friends raped me, Boyfriend like his male and friends fetisch

The responsibility for this lies with the perpetrator alone, says Annalisa Barbieri. You are not to blame: he is.

My Boyfriend And His Friends Raped Me

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This just happened and I don't know what to do and I'm an absolute wreck. Bear with me, this will be very long. My boyfriend and I, his best friend and a few others went to a karaoke place.

My age: I am 51
Color of my hair: Dark-haired hair
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
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At some point I blacked out, and remember waking up in a car the next morning. Ayden was also there, I was too drunk to stand and remember him holding me up and making me perform oral on him while Chris was behind me. Please stop being with someone who has so little respect for you. They left me alone, and I proceeded to drink more and more.

But I'm not. Still I forgave him, as I found out I was pregnant and later miscarried.

His crime, my punishment

Your bf did nothing to help you get over the past. When I did, I panicked, cried, was angry, and went to the hospital. I loved my now bf even then, enough to not press charges and continue to see his weirdo roomate. Any info or advice is helpful. His not forgive that!

He said I shouldn't expect him to punch him or hurt him, because he's a better man than that and completely cutting him out of his life was the biggest thing he could do. I really don't know what to do, whether to and, or how to feel. Lately I think about cheating on him a lot even though I never have. But for the next couple days my bf acted very weird around me.

He says it's because he used to cheat on his ex a lot, and doesn't want to feel undisciplined. His pals raped you and there were no consequences. No your boyfriend should not have punched him or hurt him, that's not going raped benefit anyone and would likely just land him in jail for what amounts to friend more than temporary satisfaction. He disappeared for about 2 days and when I confronted him he said he did it because he's lonely, lost all his friends because they're all bad influences, and because I was stressing him about because of my schooling and yelling at him, which I do admittedly when the house isnt clean.

Admittedly it's been very toxic. Apparently this happened in the back of an alleyway, and my bf only saw me after it all happened but didn't question it as we were all fully clothed. What if my bf really was drunk and didnt see Chris 5 months ago at the party. Keep in mind I didn't want to sleep with anyone but my bf and Chris was not good looking or attractive to me at all. If I leave it's my fault, because I can't let go of the past, and that makes me feel like a failure. What should my bf have done? But Chris and all my bfs old friends influenced his coke and drinking habit, and so it had to end eventually.

He is the failure here. Also, the rape wasn't his fault, why am I do angry? You will regret being with someone who doesnt want to have sex for 'discipline'. First of all, the age difference. I don't know how to feel.

But just because you're in a good spot financially doesn't mean you should feel as if it's too late! In the past year we've maybe had sex about 15 times which is sad. Give yourself a good start into and make sure to leave this loser behind. This post makes me sad. After they came back, I was already mildly drunk, and proceeded to boyfriend with his friend Chris about life and the military.

This sounds like such a toxic, controlling relationship.

His best friend on the other hand, had a history of rape, which is why they said to be careful of him. I understand you guys are both in good positions job wise and you deserve it!! I didn't remember any of this for days. I should be happy.

Even a couple months after this happened, he hung out with my rapist at a rave and says he was too high to do anything about it. And if I leave isn't it too late, since things are better now? Maybe some therapy too? Sorry guys. He kept asking if I slept with anyone at the party, and I said no. Some girl that had sex with both my bf and his roomate also went with them.

Fast forward another 2 years, and about 5 months ago, after we had been living together for 1. You're not even happy with him, you're thinking about cheating, why are you still subjecting yourself to this?

He is in his 30s. We were both in the same branch.

You have such low standards. You're angry because your boyfriend should've been there for you, supported you, and defended you. Though I was mad at my bf, I was still interested in him and possibly wanted to date him, so I was willing to forgive his abandonment and stick with him throughout the night though there were other guys there. Either you leave him or you should continue to expect poor treatment.

Maybe once a month. Please have some respect for yourself. Now 5 months later, he's got a better job and is making more money, were getting a settlement, I got a great job and benefits and am back in school. Please get out of it and find yourself before you're completely lost.

Also, as mentioned we don't have sex often. Fast forward a week later, and I go to the cops, but refuse to file any charges because I didn't want to ruin my bfs relationship with his friends. Your boyfriend seems immature and just a really terrible person. But that's neither here nor there because this entire relationship sounds awful.

His best friend and roomate, let's call him Ayden, were there, and both told me to avoid his best friend, we'll call him chris.

I was raped by my boyfriend’s friend. now i’m afraid my boyfriend will leave me if i tell him.

Was his reaction to Chris acceptable? He promised to stop hanging out with his group of friends, but it took him about a year to fully stop clubbing and doing drugs with them, even though I begged him too. At some point in the night, my bf, Ayden and Chris all went to score some coke. You can guess what I did, I wanted to kick him out, scream, yell, etc. Please break up with him. But that's a story for another day Anyways, 2 weeks into knowing each other we went to a party and got very wasted.

Hi guys. But the feelings of resentment still linger, and if I leave him it feels as if it's too late because I already forgave him and we're in the best positions in life we've ever been in. I chose to stay being a dumbass and eventually they came back. You are dating someone who doesn't seem to give a shit about you and yet you continue to date him and think something will change for some random reason.

I didn't want him to be homeless or lonely, or be dating the girl that ruined their squad. Finally, about 3 days later, I got flashbacks and realized that I had in fact been raped by his best friend and roomate.

What's worse is I found a pic of him with my rapist, the same rapist he saw make my life traumatic and anxiety ridden for about 2 years, and he says he was too drunk to know Chris was there and so I shouldn't be mad at him for it. If you don't leave him, then it will be too late to turn back! Lately I also have had feelings of resentment and guilt, but don't know what to do with them.

My bf called his best friend and said I was upset, and only comforted me by saying that at least Chris says he doesn't remember being "fully hard" or "finishing. My bf 32m and I have been together for 3 years now.