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My aunty seduced me, I would like date seduce that aunty emotions


My Aunty Seduced Me

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Jul 25, by anonymous views 8 comments. I promise every word of this is true. Injust two weeks before I was to be married, my maternal aunt seduced me. Well, kind of sort of.

Years: 25
Ethnic: I'm from Brazil
Available for: I like man
Eyes colour: I’ve got large hazel green eyes
I like to drink: Rum
Stud: None
I like tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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Unfortunately my uncle passed away when I was Married but I would say I enjoy sex much more with my aunt than my wife. Her name Felicity. I waited and I slightly opened one of my eyes,to see her gazing at my hard cock. Post Something.

She smiled and to my surprise, she started to jack my cock with one aunty and playing with my balls with the other one. After about 10 minutes of working her back and shoulders and then rubbing the sun tan lotion up her seduces and into the soles of her beautiful feet as she urged me to, I was becoming erect to my embarrassment and tried feebily to hide it along with my intensely building feelings of arousal and lust for my aunt!

And as eager as I was to feel her pale pillowy soft skin under my inexperienced hands, I quickly obliged and walked over to her after I was finished drying off. I came back home. My aunt Sharon put one finger confidently to her full lips and gestured silently "shuuusssh" as she boldly dropped down to her knees right there in the grass of her backyard and began going down on me for the 1st time to my amazement and shock!

We then naturally kissed and took off our clothes. I kissed her ,her neck, her tits and when I started to suck her pussy, then her clitoris, she started to moan loudly which excited me more. As I knew she would bring coffee to me in the morning,I had jacked my cock and put it outside my slip.

How disappointing to so many lovers to have a 3. She swallowed it all, just like she did my small scrawny penis and balls together into her mouth. A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you.

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She was like an animal, sometimes I could not understand fully what she was saying. When she came near the bed, I pretended to wake up and apologised about my hard cock.

I sensed that she noticed right away as I neared towards the end of the treatment she reached out for the front of my gray swim trunks and pulled then down just enough by the waistband to completelu expose my hardening 3. The tone in her voice was authoritative, which made it seem more like a demand than a request.

She turned away from me removing her purple bikini top and then lied down on her stomach on the chair handing me the bottle of lotion before taking one last sip from her glass of Jack Daniels. Size 12 flip flop Jeesus christ, she was a fucking sasquach. As an only child, my mother would often drive me over to her sister's cabin to stay with her for the weekends as she worked as a bartender late nights on weekends so I wasn't lonely.

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I have got my diploma after 5 years. I must say that I had peeped at her several times secretly and jacked several times ,thinking of her body. If you do not receive your shortly, please check your spam folder. That was the 1st time she had taken our relationship to the next level and was certaintly not the last. This particular day I could feel her eyes on my more than usual, all over from curly black hair down to my dripping wet feet as I got out of the pool to dry off, she watched from her chair over her book.

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You get more hair for sure, but not length much. And it happened the summer after my 14th birthday 33 years old now seduce my at the time 35 aunty old aunt in the rural countryside of west Virginia my hometown.

Aunty sex always turned me on,when i was early twenties my mothers sister was visiting and her and my mother had a few drinks,after a while she sat on my knee eventually edging up to my crotch causing a bulge in my jeans,she couldnt have missed it as she continued to wriggle he ass against it,always wished i'd felt her up or more. Sharon would often wear bright sundresses around the house when it was just us and I could always hear her coming up the stairs and walking down the hall in her size 12 flip flops.

She instructed me to "just massage it into my skin Tim in circles all over". No need to tell you that we are fucking like animals and my parents do not understand why I have not a girlfriend seriously to be my wife. This is a true story, an of my first initial incestuous sexual experience and is the first time I've ever shared. I too had n still have sex with my aunt.

I then fucked her.

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I still remember the first time my aunt n me had sex It was lovely Seeing a 32 year old woman squirm n cry whilst getting fucked by a 17 year old virgin is really something She always maintains till today that my thick penis touches her in places where my uncle could never Luckily her daughters were not at home n it was only the 2 of us Well I instigated the sex N she didn't offer much resistance N while the daughters were at school we fucked like rabbits Believe me neither I went to college nor my aunt went to the bank where she works for a week As we just kept fucking I would say those were the best days of my life Giving the name and ages, it makes you very recognizable.

Overwhelmed and completely taken by the moment, I didn't last long and experienced my first orgasm, as she made me cum powerfully into her warm wet mouth 2 minutes later. Then,we could fuck only during my holidays.

We have a great relationship and became close during my stays there and I loved Sharon. When I heard her coming, I made as if I was still sleeping.


I was startled and froze stiff when she all of a sudden loudly asked me if I could help apply suntan lotion to her back for her. D brothers wife. I slept in another room. I know I was under age at 14 that's when my aunt taught me the pleasures of sex I am eternally great full.

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I could her walking on the rickety wooden floors as she was coming to room. I was 17 she was My uncle used to work abroad n used to come once every 2 years Well a couple of inches in length but girth wise was much thicker according to my aunt It really stretched her We had fantastic sex n she used to orgasm a lot Those were good days Now I'm 45 she is She is living far away But we meet for family functions n all Well actually we have continued our sexual relationship over the years.

Better hope family doesn't come here. At 14 your dick is pretty much fully grown.

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I have fucked her very often during 5 years and we stopped when I had to study overseas. It was especially dry and humid that summer I remember, and she had a pool out in her fenced backyard in the countryside which we would lounge by during the day while she usually read a book on the lounge chair in her skimpy two pieces that became almost see thru when wet leaving little to my teenage imagination and sip her usual - jack and coke on ice.

My aunt was a very beautiful short haired brunette, 34C breasts, tall - she stood 5'11" barefoot and fair skinned. Later on,I knew that she was telling me dirty words, We fucked again during nearly the day, except when eating something or taking a shower.

Yes my aunt had large feet always. The first time. I was 16 years old and during a wedkend,I had to stay at my aunts Emily place who was a widow since two years. You must be a very small guy.

I did my best, so young never having given a massage. At 51 years old, her body ,though had taken 3 or 4 kgs,was still gorgeous.