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Muscle wife stories, I am muscle for lady who story jokes

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Muscle Wife Stories

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This is only the beginning of my Journey. I am proud of where I stand today as the progress and from the past 9 weeks is more rewarding than receiving a trophy.

How old am I: 22
Ethnicity: Thai
Tint of my eyes: Dark hazel
My sex: Lady
Color of my hair: Gray
Hobbies: Yoga

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Diversity of stories and experiences will make this th interesting. If I remember the story correctly, Tina flexed again for Candy during that time. In other words, her arms did not look like a bodybuilder's arms but anyone who would see her flexed arms will be impressed at the size and definition. Author Topic: Share your stories - muscular women in your life wife, girlfriend, friends Read times.

I said that Tina has a love and hate relationship with her muscles because there were times when she did not want to flex for me. At first, she thought that my request was weird and acted like she did not know how to do it. Guess what?

When we first saw each other again, she was wearing a sleeveless shirt which she did not do often before. Candy said that she awoke to go to the bathroom and saw Tina there. I guess it all depended on her mood. Tina told me that she was brushing her teeth and noticed her muscles. There was another time when we were forced to go on a long distance relationship for a year.

Tina was embarrassed and did not want to flex. One time, we were eating dinner with friends. Before starting with a gym program, we were asked to do a physical fitness test. We did it together and Tina kept going even after I stopped.

Until now, I don't believe that ballet can help build arm muscles she had nice looking biceps that I will describe later but she didn't work out or play sports so I wonder if it was due to genetics. However, she does not have ripped bodybuilding pecs. It was the first time that I saw a of her having muscles.

They all went to bed while Tina stayed up.

If you saw Tina during that time, you will see that she is on the slim side. Tina also did not have muscular calves or shoulders so she doesn't look like a bodybuilder. Her lats were v-shaped and she told me that her friends noticed her back even when she was wearing regular clothes and not flexing.

Actually, Tina's pecs and lats were also amazing. Her muscles were also defined with a "cut" at the bottom so that it looked like a small hill when flexed. Some of them thought that she was a swimmer. Please or register. It seems that she had a love and hate relationship with her muscles as you will learn from my stories about her. Granted, she was not doing regular push ups although she told me afterwards that she could have done regular push ups if the trainer did not ask her to do the assisted push ups.

I met Tina while we were in college. She was impressed and asked Tina to flex again. I find it extremely sexy to think that she looks like a petite girl next door until she flexes her arm and pecs.

Love muscle pt. 01

Tina did not see Candy but Candy saw her. After doing the 21, Tina said in front of me and the trainer that she could feel the burn in her biceps then suddenly did a double bicep flex for both of us! Then one of her friends let's call her Candy told me that recently they shared a room with Tina on an all girls trip. Her biceps were peaked and looked big for her size. I'm not only interested in hearing stories about bodybuilders, but any type of woman with muscles.

I'd like to start a thread where people can share true stories about muscular women in their life.

I taught her how and she did it for me. I remember her flexing her pecs for me once and I was shocked at how big her chest looked compared to when her pecs were unflexed. Honestly, my brain blanks out about what happened next but I know that I really liked the because I asked her to flex for me more often since then. The instructor asked Tina to do assisted push ups with her knees on the floor since she was a woman while I did regular push ups.

But after a few months we would enroll in a gym together, which will be my next story.

During that time, I was obsessed with her biceps so I never asked her to wife her lats for me. All of a sudden, Tina flexed in front of the mirror. Finally, there was one time when I jumped on her back while we were horsing around. We kept in touch over the phone. One of the tests was push ups to failure. But her arms biceps and triceps were incredible but remember, they are not bodybuilder sized. One time at the gym, the trainer taught us the "21" method for pushing your biceps hard. When Tina and I were alone at the car, I asked her about the flexing incident.

I didn't believe her either and put that muscle in the back burner. I will call my ex-girlfriend Tina not her real name. She thinks that it is weird for her to do it. However, there were several times while I was driving when all of a sudden she would asked me if I can see her muscles then start flexing for me. Simply amazing!! On hindsight, that would have also been an amazing experience. Her biceps looked impressive and I did not know what to say. Thus, you will be shocked when you see her flex and that was the trainer's reaction to Tina's story.

They were slightly oval shaped but had a nice bulge especially when looking at her flexed biceps from behind. Nobody would suspect that Tina had muscles because she was petite around 5 feet tall and very slim.

She became curious and wanted to see how big they were and that's when Candy saw her. I don't know how she did it because she did not work out regularly during that time. All of a sudden, some of Tina's girl friends asked her to flex in front of the group.

Her unflexed arms looked noticeably bigger but she was still on the slim side overall. She flexed and her muscles looked incredible. She told me that she gained 20 pounds and that I should see her muscles. She did that more than once during our time together at the gym after doing the 21 exercise for her biceps. Candy described Tina's biceps as looking "like a rat on her arm".

Her arms are not skinny but not buff or ripped either. But she was not flexing at that time and was unaware that I was looking at her arms. Now at the dinner table, Tina was too embarrassed to flex because there were a few male friends who were cheering her on. Her biceps were clearly toned with a line or "cut" across her arm so I know they were there.

Welcome to Forum Saradas! Now to follow are some random stories about Tina that were memorable for me. That was when Tina noticed that Candy saw her. Before we started dating seriously, she once mentioned to our group of friends that she built some muscle due to ballet while she was a. When we started dating seriously, I asked Tina to flex her arm for me. One day, I saw her sitting down reading a book that was placed on her lap. I will kick things off by sharing true stories from my experiences with my ex-girlfriend.