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Mom pees pants, I'd like date somebody pants pees tradition Mom

Listen, we can all agree that motherhood is beautiful.

Mom Pees Pants

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Six real women share their postpartum leaking stories, and an Ob-Gyn gives tips for managing incontinence. Almost any woman has probably had a moment at some time in her life when she laughed too hard, or perhaps drank a little too much alcohol and really, really had to go to the bathroom.

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I quickly ran over to scoop her up and put her on the training potty that was outside with us, and I felt a gush of pee myself. November 30, First Person When mommy pees her pants There were complications during and after the delivery—and at home, too. Later, after that shower, when everything was cleaned up and I was clothed and alone with my new baby, I did a quick Google search.

About the author Lauren is 36 and began experiencing UI since the birth of her first child at age How to find the best incontinence p for women. I almost wish I had fallen, or that I was crying out in pain—which after a third-degree tear, was considerable. Neither was the case.

She got upset, and a little embarrassed, as I quickly plopped her down on the potty and encourage her to try and finish. He was checking on me because he had heard me crying. Later he confessed to me that he was afraid that I had slipped and that I had gotten hurt in the shower. Instead of immediately becoming frustrated, I laughed. I was crying out of shock, a touch of shame, and a whole lot of embarrassment.

The two of us made quite a pair, peeing our pants while playing outside on the last real day of summer. He laughed because he was relieved that the only thing I had hurt was my pride.

I felt momentarily bolstered by that information, and secure in the knowledge that I could flex and stretch my way back to a tight seal in no time. Mommy still has them too! I was on the other side, hiding behind the shower curtain, my face burning red from embarrassment and hidden from view.

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She lives in the Philly Metro Area. My husband, not one to mince words, laughed.

But on the bright side, children make easy scapegoats for any strange smells or patches of wetness I may encounter. With Kegel exercises and some pelvic floor strengthening, most women saw ificant improvement over time.

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Yesterday she squatted down to play with her toy while we were outside on the deck and peed through her underwear. I discovered that some urinary incontinence after childbirth was indeed completely normal.

Lauren is 36 and began experiencing UI since the birth of her first child at age Her go-to product are Always Xtra Protection liners. We were only just home from the hospital; I had just given birth to our first child two weeks prior.

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Unfortunately, I still have frequent accidents of the urinary variety. Even with the sound of the shower running and the door closed, he could hear me sobbing from our living room. There were complications during and after the delivery—and at home, too.

My toddler has just begun potty training. Next Got pregnancy bladder control issues?

I am lucky as a stay-at-home mom that most of my bladder control problems are only witnessed by my children, which is convenient because, with both of them still in diapers, they have no room to laugh at me.