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Mfm vs mmf, Mfm chica seek friend to mmf

Triple threesome action! Angry and aroused, Drew watches, conflicted about what he should do. Worried about what she might find inside, Jenny enters her house quietly to find her husband in a romantic embrace with another naked body.

Mfm Vs Mmf

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I've tried looking for this before, but most of what I've come across has been more erotica than romance, which just doesn't keep my interest for very long. I generally tend toward paranormal, fantasy, or urban fantasy, but I'm not too picky if I could just find this dynamic. Series or standalone, doesn't matter, though I do prefer a slowwwww burn. EDIT: Thank you all so much for these amazing suggestions! I'm still in the process of sorting through all of them, and I'm super excited to start reading! I would recommend Sea of Ruin by Pam Godwin!

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Femme slash. I buy mf, mfm, mfmmm. Notify me of new comments via. Having to look up meaning online is so annoying….

Mmf vs mfm - what's the difference?

Notify me of new posts via. Learn how your comment data is processed. Guys all touching each other. It might save you some money and quite a bit of angst.

Most of the time. Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

True menage! A lot of these terms seemed to originate in the fan fiction communities across the internet, at least when applied to writing. You are commenting using your Facebook. Could also be mmmf or mmmmmmmmf or whatever.

See a problem?

It makes avoiding your squicks much easier. There are also a ton of genres and tropes like sex pollen, bonding fic ahem, like my Dream Marked serieskinks knife play, fetishes, etc. Or as we would say today: mm. Again, thank you so much for the rundown of our erotica codes ;D. What about fmmn, do the males touch.

Everyone touches everybody. The f stands for female. Name required. I wish we had an easy symbol to show that, but the labels are limited. The guys often do touch each other, as well as the girl.

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Here is a primer:. Thank you so much!! A fantasy seems to lead nowhere but wasted time. Classic menage.

Having to look up meaning online is so annoying… Reading through your explanation is so much fun and humorous. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by. What the hell? Anyway, maybe this will help when perusing the shelves at your favorite online bookseller. required Address never made public. Crazy, huh? Seems many of the fans of this show decided that there was a ton of delicious romance going on under the surface and they categorized their stories with a sort of shorthand so that everyone would know what they were getting into when reading them. With trapeze kidding! Fast forward to and voila!

You are commenting using your Google. There are other codes too:. There are a whole pile of fun codes that go with this! Often involves brothers with one woman. Like this: Like Loading Coming soon to an ebook near you.

~edgy erotic romance~

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter. Ever since I received an odd review on one of my books, I have wondered how much readers know about the weird terminology that abounds in the erotica world. Basically, the m stands for male. Reading through your explanation is so much fun and humorous.

The boxer, my wife and i - our first mm, mmf, mfm: book four in the 'my wife and i' series

Then the slashes disappeared and all that was left were letters. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Let me tell you, I was getting confused with all the abbreviation!

I will have to adjust and enjoy what I do have in marriage. Comments 7 Comments. Tons of mf and mmf and mm and mfm and even mmmmmmmf all over the romance novels at Siren-BookStrand as well as other publishers. Standard Posted by Erin M. Posted on January 24, Posted under.