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Meaty with a chance of big balls, Thai with ball for big for meaty

Small things can make a big difference.

Meaty With A Chance Of Big Balls

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Duration : 68 min.

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Let us know on social media by using the ComfortablyPoor. And finally they wrap up the show talking about celebrities and what they could do with their money to help the economy during the unfortunate times we are currently in. So, Sit back, buckle up, and share some laughs with us. The gang is all back for another new episode.

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As always follow the whole crew on Twitter, Adam: adrock, Alabama: alabamaradio, Dan: romeroonair, and the show everywhere at, cppod Wax on wax off This le into the conversation of other odd phenomenons regarding peoples junk.

The problem is that the cartoon is directed at ages year-olds. They jump right into an article about a cartoon in Denmark that shows a man with an enormous penis and what he has to go through.

You can always call and leave a voic at — or use ComfortablyPoor. We say what we mean and mean what we say. The new baseball cards.

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Please make sure to share this episode with everyone you know, it takes all of us to turn this around. There is tons of laughs to be had about this specific fetish area. You can leave a voic by calling Or click on the ask us a question link on our website at www. Today they share their thoughts about what took place at The capital last week.

As always be a part of a future show by calling with questions and comments, or leave voics, Best of our Live Shows part 5.

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The gang talks about living with their ificant others and the types of changes that have to take place when living together, and Alabama asks The Fellas about being blind. in Get started. Today they dive deep into the vault of their live shows and share some of their favorite clips.

Persona history from steam

Apple Podcasts. The whole gang shares their thoughts about both topics. You can always call and leave a voic at —9 97— We want all of our listeners to be a part of the Comfortably Poor family. The Fellas transition to talking about Ken Jennings taking over for Alex Trebek on Jeopardy and their appreciation for comedy.

Do you leave it alone? Adam, Brando, and Dan give their thoughts and opinions about sexual assault and rape in the blind community. The fellas are back once again. We are back to just the Fellas for this episode. This episode is very specific to the blind community, if you know somebody or are somebody in this community make sure to share your thoughts and tell us what you think about what was discussed in this episode. Today they are talking about favorite fast foods, school lunches and so much more. Today Alabama brings up the conversation of fetishes and that le into sucking toes and eating ass.

What’s a plant ball?

Adam learns about how cemeteries operate in New Orleans. Best of our Live Shows part 6. Today they are talking about hooking up with the homies sister, and even your good male or female friend. The gang puts a nice little bow on the episode by tying it all back to As always be a part of a future show by calling us with your questions comments or crazy stories at The gang is back with a brand new episode.

They go every which direction on this episode, but one thing is for sure, you are bound to find some laughs somewhere in this conversation. Make sure to be a part of our future show and hit us with your questions, comments, or wild and crazy stories. Google Podcasts. Then the gang transitions into talking about how Alabama became a vegetarian, and her experiences having a stroke and what that was like.

Are you someone who is in support of it? As always tons of laughs and interesting conversations in this episode. By Comfortably Poor Podcast.

Jimmy "big balls" and the meaty cox

You must say no for it to mean no. Today they introduce the world to their new cohost, Alabama. Toes in the water, ass in the sand.

We represent from coast to coast. The fellas dive deep into the vault of their live shows and bring out some of their favorite clips to share with you all.

Meaty with a chance of big balls

Don't forget you can always call us with your questions and us during the live shows by calling Best of our Live Shows part 4. As always be a part of our future shows by calling in with your questions, comments, crazy stories, and whatever else you have on your mind.

We learn a little bit about who Alabama is, where she comes from, and what actually goes down in the state of Alabama. Do you tell them? After a couple months break The Fellas come out the gate hot!

Today they dive deep into the vault to find some of their favorite clips from their live shows. Remember to us every Saturday for our live shows and be a part of them by calling —, or use the ComfortablyPoor To chat With Us On Twitter. The gang is back once again. The gang is back with another great episode. She is going to become a regular staple in the group, making sure to bring a little bit of that female energy to the show. Pocket Casts. Rest in paradise Bentley! We talk pop culture and anything else we find in the bowels of the internet.

Then they go off on some random tangents talking about what a persons name might mean or represent.

Where to listen. Comfortably Poorr. You can leave a voic at We want this show to be as much about us as it is about you. What are your thoughts about that? Make sure to go check her out on YouTube and social media and show her some support. You can leave a voic by calling —9 97— Welcome to Alabama.

Or are you someone who is against it? Rich people suck, and so does Covid.

There is so much in this episode you will just have to listen to see for yourself. Want to share a crazy story? Comfortably Poor Podcast. The fellas are excited to be adding her to the show as they transform from the Fellas to the gang. As well as the crazy Karen living right next-door to you.

It seems to be a touchy topic the last couple weeks so they want to let their own voices be heard about the subject. The fellas have conversations about Kenya and an upset up preacher, legal prostitution, and then they switch things up and wrap up the show talking about letting a close friend know when their ificant other is cheating on them.