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Male gaining stories, Extrovert story pick boy gaining for flirtbook

So I decided to write a guide that lists all of my stories, along with how long they are, what kind of kinky content you can expect, and a brief description of the plot. Hope it helps! Story lengths: Short: Less than 4, words, bite-size stories, usually written in one day Medium: 4, — 8, words, more substantial, but still fairly succinct Long: 8, — 13, words, lengthier stories, usually more story-driven, Very long: More than 14, words, long enough that they had to be posted in multiple parts, definitely story-driven.

Male Gaining Stories

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Summary : Nate is mixing business and pleasure.

How old am I: 28
Orientation: Generous guy
What is my sex: Girl
What is the color of my hair: Reddish
I know: I speak English and Arabic

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When a woman's body desires to meld with life and there's nothing that she can do about it. Or so it would seem.

Tom Bedford has finally started dating his long time friend and crush, Anice. Hollywood Gains. However, they also have some nefarious plans in place for their newest member, Sharon.

Jack a pompous feeder, makes fun of his ssbbw fiance. No one is more shocked than Laura when Marie dumps her boyfriend.

Stories Stories Authors Search. Pissed off she has a spell put on the couple so that Jack will have to walk a mile in her shoes before their wedding day. By kyzarburner.

A submissive mistress agrees to be fattened up to preserve her lifestyle. Like most young women, Allison was deeply intrigued with becoming pregnant.

It's known that some people are able to 'will' physical changes to their bodies. The story opens as he's preparing to open the town for the coming summer conclave. Long before he was born, his mother had organized summer gatherings for her fellow witches.

Better off bigger

The only problem is that Anice has a live-in whale of a sister who hates his guts. Yet, he finds himself too preoccupied with the project to keep Dusty from falling under the spell of this wealthy predator. Breeding and growing suety become synonymous. Alex inherited an old mining town hidden deep in the Rocky mountains. That was me.

What she thinks will be a temporary compromise in both her and her feeder gaining more than they bargained for. However, her interest was greater than most. Although she's been secretly in love with the girl for quite some time, she can't quite get her head around her crush's new taste in men - the first of many big changes to come Abbe soon realizes that his lover, Dusty, is the target of Darius' fat aspersions.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

When a woman's need to breed rises above all else. The story is a parody featuring real life celebrities if they were fictional versions of themselves.

After some trouble, Anice proposes a bet that could end their issues once and for all While the husbands are away deer hunting, the wives plan their own adventure. This story it was deemed to idiotic by fantasy feeder and ConJohn who doesn't give a rat's ass about someone's ideas.