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Male gainer stories, I liked gainer guy Male loves story

So I decided to write a guide that lists all of my stories, along with how long they are, what kind of kinky content you can expect, and a brief description of the plot. Hope it helps! Story lengths: Short: Less than 4, words, bite-size stories, usually written in one day Medium: 4, — 8, words, more substantial, but still fairly succinct Long: 8, — 13, words, lengthier stories, usually more story-driven, Very long: More than 14, words, long enough that they had to be posted in multiple parts, definitely story-driven.

Male Gainer Stories

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For the briefest of moments, Connor sensed his heart skipping a beat. He felt the shock wash over him, only to be replaced by a futile excitement. Max was single!

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After sticking his whole dick inside of Drake, he slowly began to thrust, watching as each thrust of his cock sent a little ripple across his juicy ass and jiggly belly. Refilling his glass, Jordan tipped the bottle and let the 5 pills inside fall into his palm.

Jacob loved feeling his new belly rock as he kept being fucked by the strong man who just fed him like never before. He looked down at his new body. He could feel it slowly push against his distended belly, making the top of his belly bloated and firm. Take with water for best. Inside was a dark green pill bottle that rattled as he pulled it out.

His belly, round and soft, was just like he remembered it, and his puffy moobs still sat like they did before. His ass, once firm, was now soft and round, freeing it and his throbbing boner from his underwear that snapped off a hundred pounds ago. And Drake was enjoying every second of this. Despite not male able to move his head due to his restraints, he could slowly watch as the fleshy mass that was his belly slowly entered his frame of vision.

Together, each mouthful of the sweet serum was approximately 9, calories, give or take. Drake immediately got hard as the hot man pressed his body into his soft belly. Drake had never felt anything like that before. Drake could tell he was in for a wild night, since the huge vat of serum was barely drained, and he was already noticeably bigger.

Nothing remarkable happened immediately, and so Jordan sat story and scrolled through his gainer.

But now look at you! As he jacked himself off, his cock began to stretch longer even faster, blowing up to 9 inches long and still growing. He came up behind Drake and slowly inserted his throbbing cock inside of him, reveling in the moans of pleasure Drake was making.

Drake spent the next minutes filling his gut, groaning at its tightness as it steadily grew fatter.

Gainer stories

His cock slowly continued to grow harder and harder until it finally stood straight up. He burped as he slowly rubbed his belly, and closed his eyes in relief as Jacob ed in seconds later. This time, the serum came down much faster than before, and Drake was swallowing the fattening solution at a much faster rate.

Drake closed his eyes in pain as the thick serum began to pour into his story, and it took all the effort in the world to swallow. Jordan looked at the small box that the mailman just dropped off at his door. His moobs now rested gently on top of his firm belly, pounds of fat stretching its skin. It was Jacob! Drake had to walk much slower now, and he waddled slowly behind Jacob, ripple after ripple of fat moving across his entire body with every heavy step he took. While not by much, he could tell that he was definitely bigger.

It was like all that shake had made him even more sensitive than before. Drake got a gainer look at his surroundings. It was male and male sweet, tasting almost like buttercream. He could feel his stomach stretch to contain the sheer amount of serum being forced inside, stuffing him with hundreds of thousands of calories. His moobs also began to grow heavier, swallowing more of his gainer as they sagged ever so slightly onto his belly.

He filled his glass with water and started sipping. His long hours at the gym definitely showed on his body, and his toned pecs and arms showed in almost any shirt he wore. Taking them two at a time, he drank until he drained the glass. Looking around, he saw Jacob enter once again, precum drenching his meaty boner and exposing the print of his thick cock against his tight underwear. Drake went from having a pound beer belly to having an almost pound gut that dominated his entire body.

The flow of fattening shake slowly drew to a close, and Drake moaned in equal parts agony and pleasure as Jacob finally removed the story from his mouth.

By now he was pushing pounds, nearly doubling his weight in only a day. What Drake saw when he looked down at his exposed belly surprised him. As his dick grew longer, Jordan grew hornier.

As he swallowed the first mouthful of serum, Drake felt as his belly rumbled again as he got hungrier than before. He slowly rocked his hand up and down his shaft and watched incredulously as his dick began to stretch upwards. He remembered chatting with a feeder, Jacob, online about stuffing him silly and then getting pounded.

His love handles, formerly modest in size, now pushed out further than ever and completely hid the chair he was strapped to. His nipples swelled and grew increasingly sensitive as they were stretched by the new fat deposited on his chest.

Mostly male weight gain stories

He ran his tongue across his belly, careful to not accidentally lick up some serum. It took a while for the effects to kick in, but when he began to get hard after 10 minutes, he knew exactly what was going on. Drake could feel that he was being pushed to his absolute limit.

The sweetness of the serum was intoxicating, dancing on his tongue as he swallowed mouthful after mouthful of shake, keeping him coming back for more. Their hearts were racing, and for a while all that was heard was heavy breathing from both of them and an occasional burp from Drake. The changes to Drakes body were almost comical. After a while, he felt a second sensation, something warm and hard poking into his underbelly.

He could hear all of the thick shake slosh loudly inside him. His belly was now impossibly huge, more than double the size it was before today, and was still bulging outwards.

It was late August, and Jordan was still perfectly tanned from his multiple trips to the beach. He was wearing only his underwear, exposing his pound body. He turned it until he could read the name on the label and laughed as he saw what was on it. He quickly stripped down to only his underwear and wrapped his fingers around his hard cock, shuddering at how heightened the sensation was.

Delicately, he placed a hand on the top of his massive belly and rubbed in a small circle. Drake began to swallow as the thick and creamy liquid entered his mouth. His boner was completely buried under his soft underbelly and fleshy legs, completely shielding it from the air.

He felt impossibly stuffed, stomach filled to the brim with creamy serum. His belly had completely engulfed his boner, covering half of his lap in firm, warm, soft belly. He closed the door and put the box on his kitchen table as he grabbed a glass of water.

Abandoning his phone in the kitchen, he ran to his bedroom and pulled his pants and underwear down to watch what happened.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

A little bit of the creamy liquid escaped his mouth and slowly trailed its way down his face, between his swelling moobs and down his monstrous belly. Stifling a burp, he began to swallow much slower until the supply of cream eventually stopped. His curiosity eventually got the better of him, and he delicately opened the box. He was rounding out very nicely, body dominated by a bloated, round, hairy belly that kept on swelling.

Which is exactly what Jacob was filling Drake with right now. But a free chance to give himself a monster cock? Suddenly, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching the room he was in, and he turned to see who was entering the room. His belly, once soft and jiggly, was now solid as a rock due to the sheer amount of serum that was forced inside.

Drake gradually began to slow down after countless minutes of swallowing the sweet serum that was being forced into his massive gut. He lingered on his his sensitive moobs, rubbing his sensitive nipples, and smiled again as Drake tried to moan around his feeding tube. After a few more moments of swallowing more of the sweet concoction, Jacob suddenly turned off the flow and walked over to Drake. His sides and ass had also expanded, rounding him out, making him look positively enormous.

This one was made with three very crucial ingredients: a powerful metabolism suppressant, an appetite stimulant, and a rare substance with an impossible amount of calories, fat, and sugar that Jacob story in bulk. He began to swallow more rapidly, desperate for the fattening serum to fill him up. His moobs were massive, sticking out from his chest and sagging onto his belly.

Drake felt as his cum lubricated the part of his belly that grinded against his cock, and melted as the gainer felt even better than before. For a while, Drake relaxed at the sensation of fingers delicately moving around his soft belly, relieving the pressure from his impossibly swollen belly. His formerly modest yet soft belly now expanded across his lap, leaving almost no free space. The story felt too good for Drake as well, and his dick also started to feel even more sensitive as he felt his whole fat body shake and slosh like never before.

His soft, hairy gut rocked with every labored breath Drake took. He felt nice and bloated, despite ingesting an impossible amount of serum and still rapidly consuming more. But I have stories like that in the making!! His muscles glistened as he walked past the fluorescent lights. Entering his male, Drake fell onto the end of his bed and Jacob was right behind him.

His eyes glanced back at the mysterious box. And now here he was. As the front of his body swelled seemingly faster than gainer, Drake also felt as his ass grew softer and rounder, making the chair creak under his weight. His hairy belly groaned as it fought to fit all of the male shake inside of him. Say less.

As Drake continued to chug the serum, Jacob returned once again. He saw that he was sitting on a rather comfortable chair, and tried to move his hands to scratch an itch on his face, but he realized immediately that his arms and legs was bound to the chair with some leather rope. He was almost unrecognizable.