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All Maisie Williams wanted out of Game of Thrones was enough money to get a new laptop. Does it get to me? Williams was just 12 when she shot to fame in the fantasy behemoth playing tomboy turned teen assassin Arya Stark.

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The year-old actor tasted success with her stint as Arya Stark in the HBO series, which is in its final season. If this show is the greatest thing I ever do, I did OK. Hydrogen generation from agri residue could well change the mobility scenario. Identifying them early on, holding them through ups and downs not easy. Here are six choices for your hard-earned money.

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Alec Baldwin fires prop gun; cinematographer killed, director hurt. The audience was in shock, even Jimmy Fallon could not believe his ears that Maisie Williams, who has not, for the past 10 years, revealed anything about the seasons just let slip a spoiler for one of the most important characters on the show. Must Read.

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The audience can be heard trying to assure Maisie, that they will not post any spoilers or updates but, all those efforts were in vain as Maisie could not be found. She had left but did she leave the building? Thief flees with journalist's phone; ends up livestreaming his face to thousands of viewers [Watch].

Guess, for a time we were really disappointed that Maisie would reveal such an important plot, but thank God, she did not reveal anything. On hearing Maisie Williams say that loud, there was a pin-drop silence inside Studio 6-B.

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But out of nowhere, Maisie accidentally revealed that Arya Stark would be dying in the second episode. Maisie Williams finally gave in to Jimmy Fallon's persuasion and since the folks at HBO had already warned the actors not to divulge anything, Maisie recalled how everyone was emotional when the shooting ended.

Game of Thrones. As Arya Stark went on talking about her experience and moments from the sets of Game of Thrones, Jimmy constantly kept on teasing her to reveal some spoilers from the upcoming season of the hit HBO show.

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Trending now. Everything was going as planned inside NBC's Studio 6-B, the audience was having a great time, the cameras had enough juice in their batteries, even Maisie Williams and Jimmy Fallon were having a good chat. She left the interview in the middle, leaving Jimmy all by himself, stunned without any idea what to do next.

Jimmy decided to go check on her, so he pulled the blue curtains that lead backstage and from there Maisie came out shouting, 'April Fools'!

Though Jimmy did try to manage the situation by assuring Maisie they will edit that part out, Maisie could not stay calm. Her hand was shaking, her finger could clearly be seen shivering with fear, as she said, "They are gonna tweet.

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