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Listening to my wife getting fucked, Fucked listening seek men that wives be getting

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Listening To My Wife Getting Fucked

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Pumped stepdaughter's petite pussy with cum 5 min.

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Telling him what you want him to do to you, or telling him how much you like what he is doing to you, and stuff like that.

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Then I heard my wife put her phone down on the nightstand, next to the bed, or at least that's where I assumed she put it down, I heard the 'thunk'and then there was some quite silence. I heard the motel room door close and I didn't hear her trying to say, "Hello," to me, so I assumed, that she wasn't alone. This was working better than I had imagined! Then there was more smacking of lips and the sounds of wet kisses and making out for another minute, then my wife spoke again, "Well what do you expect, you've been touching me, caressing me, and turning me on all night.

Was she going to start trying to talk to me, because she was alone? While I was undressing and getting my towel, I heard them making out some more and softly speaking to each other, saying a few things that I couldn't make out. Just try to keep in mind that I'm sort of, 'in the room with the two of you', but I can't see anything. And she wasn't reading a script, or even repeating practiced lines, but she was doing a great job of painting images in my head for me with her words, and my cock was now, hard as steel inside my pants.

She had a little more weight around her middle than she would have liked, giving her a little spare tire, and a slightly round belly, but she was firm, not flabby, and no man had ever shied away from enjoying her body, as it is.

And it should be easy enough, when you get back in the room, for you to hit the button on your phone to dial mine, without him knowing it.

I knew that she wouldn't have any trouble attracting any man she was interested in, and even those, who she wasn't, at the club. My wife, Brandie, and I, had planned to go out to a local swingers club and party on Saturday night. Think you can do that?

Listening to my wife getting fucked

The next picture was after she had completely dressed. Thinking about the motel room, I hit upon an idea. Having two layers of see through clothing over her tits, masked them in the darkness of the club, but given enough light, they were quite visible through her blouse and bra. My wife is a real woman! She had a sexy round ass and long sexy legs that were the envy of women half her age. Each breast had a nice round brown areola, and her nipples always stood as little round humps, but when sexually aroused, they stood up harder and almost a third bigger in size.

There was no way I could have stood the smoke filled, stuffy air of the club and enjoyed myself, sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose constantly.

The tops of her stockings were about mid-thigh, and I knew when she put on a miniskirt, they would be exposed below the hem of her skirt. My cock began to harden!

So, I told her I couldn't go. Then when I answer it, I'll mute my microphone so that he won't hear anything coming over your phone speaker. I quickly stripped down naked, leaving my clothes on the bathroom floor, and grabbed a towel to take back to my living room recliner, where I was going to comfortably listen to the rest of the action and try not to cum before they got to the end! I tried watching TV that afternoon and into the evening, but I drifted in and out of sleep in my recliner, because I hadn't slept well for a couple of days because of this bad assed head cold that was driving me crazy.

Just about the time I got back to my chair, I heard the clinking of a belt buckle and hurried sounds of clothing coming off, then my wife said, "Oh my God, you have such a nice body! Then I heard Brandie speak for the first time, her voice was soft and she was obviously breathing passionately, in response to whatever this unknown, and unseen man she was with, was doing to her.

Or was I going to hear her with another man?

(audio only) listening to my wife get fucked hard

Yes, I had taken my phone with me as I was undressing in the bathroom. The screen will go black as long as you're not holding and moving the phone around, and he'll never know that I'm listening. She stood 5'7" tall, had shoulder length blond hair, a pretty face, and 38C breasts that hung with just a slight, natural sway, since she had a "lift" done just a few months earlier, so her tits looked nearly as they did when she was in her 20's.

Take him back to the motel to have sex. In order to make it really good, you're going to have to be really vocal and give me some descriptions of what's going on by talking to him. Then lay your phone next to the bed and let me listen to the two of you having sex.

You know that there are times when I have partied at the club with friends, without you there, and I didn't fuck anybody. I envisioned my wife standing there, rubbing her hands all over this man's hairy chest. Immediately, my imagination could see my wife dancing with this man in the club, as he reached his hand between them, and played with her pussy, right there, on the dance floor. Not to mention, that I just felt like shit! Her look was classy, yet slutty enough to say, "I want to fuck," without her having to say it!

She had sent me several pictures taken of herself in the full length bathroom mirror. It was my wife calling, and not knowing what the situation was, I answered it, but immediately muted my microphone, then turned on my speaker to hear what was going on.

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But I relented and told her it was OK. As we usually do, when we go to the club, which is in another city about 50 miles from our home, we had a reservation at a motel close by the club, so that we could take a cab back and forth and not have to drive after drinking. I know that my wife, in a swinger's club, not escorted by me, was no doubt going to get laid, if she wanted to! I'm not going to tell that old lie that my wife looked better than "Barbie"! You'll have to be giving me the visuals.

I jumped up, out of my chair, and ran into the bathroom. My wife asked me if it would be OK if she went without me. Listening intently, I began to hear some rustling of clothing as if she was embraced with a man and was making out with him, which was confirmed a moment later when I heard them kissing and I could hear my wife softly purring with pleasure as I imagined the man might be sliding his hand under her skirt and touching her pussy.

I dozed on and off the rest of the night, and about half past midnight, my phone rang! About pm, my phone range and it was my wife.

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It'll be pretty kinky! But as Saturday approached, I wasn't feeling well, having a nasty head cold that made it difficult for me to breath. I love a man so toned and ewwwww, I really love your hairy chest! Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. She completed her outfit with a sexy pair of red high heel sandals that had straps around her ankles and she also wore a bold, gold anklet around her left ankle, that brought your listening to her flowery tattoo on the outside of her ankle, plainly visible through her shear stockings.

My wife, Brandie, was in her late 40's, but easily looked 30ish. My wife looked absolutely stunning and sexy! We talked for a few minutes, with me joking about her narrating me through her having sex with another man, and she told me she had already sent me several pictures of her outfit before she called, but I must have been asleep and didn't hear the text message notices come through on my phone. IF, and she emphasized the ifI even take anyone back to the motel with me. I love the way you so softly run your hands up and down my thighs over my bare skin, onto my stockings, and back up towards my pussy.

So, Saturday afternoon, my wife left in her car to go to the motel, where she would shower, get dressed, and go to the club in the cab. She had on a red see through blouse, that was really not meant to be worn as a blouse, it was really the top to a getting set.

I laughed too and asked, "So, you'll do it? She was going to call me before she left the motel to the club and send me some pictures of what she was wearing, so I could visualize her sexy outfit that a man might be lucky enough to be taking off from her later that night. And I usually liked to be there and participate, getting she was having sex with other men. One of her naked, obviously fresh from the shower, so that I could see her smooth, and cleanly shaved wife that was as soft and bare as a baby's ass.

One of her girlfriends had planned to meet us at the club anyway, so she wanted to go, even if I couldn't, and with her girlfriend there, she'd still have someone to party with. You've been turning me on all night long. But to a bar, house party, or swingers listening, she just wore it without the camisole and just the see through bra under it. My wife's voice had the sound of a good alcohol buzz to it, but she wasn't slurring her speech. If going out to a "respectable" function, she would wear a camisole underneath it. Then for the first time, I heard his voice, a deep, strong voice, but he sounded gentlemanly, as he said, "Your pussy is even wetter now than it was while we were dancing at the club.

She had pulled on a short, shiny, black satin skirt, that wasn't micro mini length, but it stopped midway between her stocking tops, and below her ass and pussy. But my wife thought it was so pretty, and sexy, that she often wore it as a blouse.

She listened to me, and then smiling and laughing, she responded, "You're such a nasty, sick, kinky fucker, and I love you! So when we hung up, I went to look at them, as she got in the cab for the club. I had actually seen her do that before, so now, hearing this man, unknowingly telling me that he had fucked that to her, I was able to visualize it and start my sexual thrill ride for the night.

The next one, was after she had dried herself, applied her makeup, done her wife, and put on a see through black bra, matching black G-string, the see through, small triangle of material, doing little to hide her cleanly shaved slit, a sexy, red lace garter belt, and a pair of very shear fuck stockings with seams up the back.

Smiling and laughing more, she said, "Yeah, I'll try! I told my wife, "If you hook up with a man, and want to fuck him, don't do it in the club.