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Lip and karen sex, Sex baby found and for Lip

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Lip And Karen Sex

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Lip Gallagher has grown up in front of viewers of Shameless and during his path to adulthood he has had quite a few lovers. Some have had a huge impact on his life while others just provided momentary distractions. But all of them added to Lip's story and showed viewers how the character handled the various situations he found himself in over the course of these personal entanglements.

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Yeah I've just got to the part where Sheila and others realise he's the victim.

Frank definitely was used in that case but you could tell he was struggling to keep his eyes off of Karen. Welcome to shameless.

There's a decent amount of discussion at different times about when a relationship is or isn't okay, and if it makes a difference if the younger party involved or the person taking advantage of the other is male or female. Continue this thread.

Thanks Man thats a good point, just shit how Frank was the victim here and gets all the shit anyway, although his wife sleeps around more and you do get hints of him not taking his eyes off her. Sort by: best.

Found the internet! The only person that doesn't blame Frank is Sheila.

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Maybe cause Karen was also on drugs and likely drunk and common sense should tell you that the 50 year old stepdad should probably not just go along with fucking his 16 year old stepdaughter. If I were Karen's father I would want to kill Frank, too. She was definitely not drunk, and she only took the drugs so she could shag him though, they wouldn't have even kicked in when they started, she's not even his stepdaughter either as he never married Sheila, it was completely on her and he is definitely the victim.

Karen knew what she was doing and tried to seduce Frank earlier in the season, so she is fully at fault here, but the fact is she's a minor and Frank is a 50 year old man. He clearly holds some resentment for Karen, as well.

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Reply Share. Posted by 2 years ago. With regards to Karen's dad, I think he's just looking to blame anything but his own shitty parenting for her being the way she is. He also hates Frank, but loves Karen, so he'd probably rather not blame her even in the face of evidence.

You're forgetting about the scene where he calls her out, waiting outside her house.

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Kev had heard Frank talking about Karen being slutty at the bar before Eddie burst in and tried to kill him- he never saw the video, only knew that Frank had sex with Karen. Frank has been known to sleep around with anyone willing, and it wasn't obvious from just the video that he was mentally incapacitated. Shameless fans just seem to wanan desperately fish for double standards even if they have to ignore context to do it. Why does everyone blame Frank for having sex with karen.

Created Mar 3, Top posts february 4th Top posts of february, Top posts Back to Top. Full disclosure I hate everything about Karen. Given his family history, jumping to conclusions and blaming Frank makes sense. For most people seeing the video and reacting, an adult man is going to be at fault for having sex with an underage girl as long as he's conscious.

Karen and lip shameless sex scene videos

A good lawyer could get Frank off, but he's having sex with a minor and that makes it his fault even if he was high and unable to truly consent. He vacillates between thinking his daughter is a princess who's being taken advantage of like when he catches her with Ian and Lipto calling her a whore to her face and saying it's all Sheila's fault for karen a sexual deviant. I really wish I could go back to just finishing season 1. Lip obviously blames Frank because he hates Frank and loves Lip, so he's not going to fully place the blame on her.

I've just finished season 1 and it seems sex who knows about the incident with Karen and Frank blames Frank, even though they clearly all saw that Frank was saying no, you might be thinking he could've done more, but one of his hands were out of action from his recent injury, Karen knew he was on drugs and he probably had been drinking, yet lip and Karen's dad only blame Frank and tell everyone at the bar, also apart from those two everyone seems completely oblivious to the fact that she sexually assaulted him even though she sent the video to all contacts.

Also, Frank low key bragged about the incident-said he liked it and bemoaned the fact that he can't fuck slutty underage girls at his age. You'll and double standards like this come up a few times, especially regarding statutory relationships.

That's his child having sex with her "father figure". I've heard people argue in real life that a woman can't rape a man, because if his body is reacting then he's consenting, which is what happened between Frank and Karen.