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Lindsay Lohan reveals a little too much in a see through black top as she dashes in to Mr.

Lindsay Lohan Topples

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WE'VE lost count of the amount of times Lindsay Lohan has vowed to clean up her act but these new photos should provide some fresh motivation. The year-old was on the island of Ischia, Italy, attending a gala dinner as part of Ischia Global Film and Music Festival when she made somewhat of a fool of herself. Dressed in a silver fringed frock, Lindsay mimicked Bambi on ice as she tottered from her table to the dance floor. You'd think the five-metre max walk would be a breeze for a Hollywood star who rarely steps out in flats but you couldn't be more wrong.

Age: I'm over fifty
Ethnic: Paraguayan
Color of my eyes: Brilliant hazel eyes
Tattoo: None

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