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Lewis and clark gay, Gay would lewis clark friend who and walking

Lewis by Charles Willson Peale I live very close to the Lewis and Clark Trail and in walking distance of one of the campsites used by William Clark and Meriwether Lewis on their return trip in Johns Bridge in Portland.

Lewis And Clark Gay

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Answered2 Comments. Was this the result of having been gay to begin with, or was it due to the fact that they traveled together for years in the absence of women?

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I agree that he was just worried about his elite hunter and good friend. But your points are good that Lewis definitely had some issues with women as did, for that matter, his mentor Thomas Jefferson. There is a real contrast between Lewis and Clark on the more earthy side of sexuality. Lewis was one of the greatest Americans that ever lived.

People can go without sex for several years without going bananas. LOL he was something else.

Maybe stories about his drinking and carousing got around. Maybe it was in one of them.

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Thanks so much — it just means everything to know that you read the book and enjoyed it so much. Many gays have experienced the haunting loneliness that comes with the certain knowledge of social ostracism if their proclivities became known. Lewis needed him to perform language and he was one of the best hunters. Maybe he came on too strong. I got to meet some of his relatives back in October, what a great day that was for me!! I understand Lewis, real well. Yes, but two points.

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Besides, in later years Lincoln often publicly introduced Speed as the man he used to sleep with, which he hardly would have done if he were worried about any scandal. Mary and I this is Liz sort of informally divide up the characters as we write. And outside of the arts, most of those contributions were made by people who had to hide their homosexuality.

And what a writer he was!!! I spent more time trying to track down an obscure fact which I never did find than I did writing the piece to which it belonged.

I recall being convinced after reading the book that Hamilton was an active, rather than unrequited, bisexual. I have been studying his life for over 15 years. Was Lincoln Gay? Posted in Meriwether LewisSexuality 49 Comments.

Of more dubious value was C. Same-sex bed sharing was common on the frontier in those days; so were intense romantic friendships. Later in his life, Hamilton was married and had affairs with both men and women.

Or maybe Lewis was just clueless. Of course he was feeling anxiety because of George missing for days. I would drive to the ends of the earth to see the places where he traveled. Now this is going to drive me crazy!

Lewis had certain traits that we think of today as being stereotypically gay.

Fall in love with your country all over again.

Like a dream come true. Lots of people with his personality type and problems are. Something about his personality sent women screaming in the other direction. Well, maybe. Great comments, Daniel.

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Mary could readily identify with Lewis as the driven and perfectionistic person. Bless his heart. It was fun to write about him when he was younger and full of hell, in happier times. She told me she gets more history from me than in school.

Every time I think I have read every thing about him, something else pops up, and I have something else to put in my scrap book. Next year, when my girl graduates from high school, I plan on going again. Go figure…. I am something of a loner, and I suffered from depression after my husbands died. I have had the honors of visiting his birth place in Virginia, and went to the Natchez Trace Parkway back in October when they had the ceremony honoring him.

More substantively, Lewis was never married and was notably unsuccessful with women.

He seems to indicate that Hamilton and Laurens and ultimately, the Marquis de LaFayette as well were very close and extremely fond of each other. I would be interested to know what you think about the way Lewis is portrayed in the new book The Fairest Portion of the Globe. Pierre L'Enfant showing Washington the plans for the capital city. And one day on the Expedition, when the Corps of Discovery was pulverized by a hail storm, Captain Lewis gathered up some of the hail stones and made punch. So I know what depression can be like.

Was meriwether lewis gay?

Unless more papers are found that might shed some light on this topic, all we can do is wonder about this piece of the very complex puzzle that was Meriwether Lewis. I am a big Meriwether Lewis fan. He had a adventuresome spirit, maybe he could not find a wife that wanted to roam like he did.

I felt so perfectly satisfyed that he had returned in safety that I thought but little of the horses [which Drouillard was unable to find] although they wre seven of the best I had. For the record, though, if a cache of letters is discovered that provides evidence that Lewis was homosexual, he would be just as much of a hero to me as he is without that evidence.

He certainly saw a lot more than pre-teen eyes should see. This actually freed people to have close friendships in a way that we have not had since sex began to come out into the open around the time of the Depression.

Some gay historians have also turned their attention to Meriwether Lewis.

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Last week, I was in Georgia around the area that he lived in when he was. If you happen to come across something sometime, it would just be great to have another reference.

Goodrich and McNeal are both very unwell with the pox which they contracted last winter with the Chinnook women…. I drove all night to get there. November 9, by Frances Hunter.

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Do you have another source or two to which you could point me? Maybe no woman could measure up to his mother. In his recent biography of Alexander Hamiltonfor example, Ron Chernow unearthed long-suppressed love letters between Hamilton and his boyfriend, John Laurenswhen they were young men during the Revolution.

Both of them.

I wish that he could have found the perfect wife. Clark is frank sometimes extremely frankoften seems to get a chuckle out of human relations, and seems to view women as human beings not so different from himself.

As for having disgust for the coastal Indian women, I would not doubt that he felt they were unclean. As a person who grew up in New York City where every type of persuasion was a common occurrence, there is no doubt in my mind that Lewis was heterosexual.

Frederick Bates had some prancing issues of his own which might have dampened any enthusiasm for dissing Meriwether Lewis on that score. Several of his letters where he speaks about women are included in this chapter. We only got as far as Idaho because we ran out of time and had to head back home. I had neglected to consider that. Meriwether Lewis in tippet he received from Cameahwait -- you be the judge. Three years ago, my daughter and I rented a car and went to many places where the Corp of Discovery went.

Check out The General and the Plan and be prepared to spend the afternoon!

On March 19,Lewis writes of the women of the Northwest coast and this after almost two years out :. I think he had a problem with relationships for whatever reasons. So where did I read this? I nevernever get tired of reading the journals.