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Latex maid stories, I'd maid latex for story that like simulators

I reluctantly rose and checked the clock; I had been out for two hours.

Latex Maid Stories

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Phil stared at the items on the bed with disbelief. She had been going with Phil for more than five years and had a right to feel confident, as she knew exactly what his limits were. Exactly what I say. Every bit of it.

Years old: I am 62
Where am I from: Ecuadorian
I love: Hetero
Eyes colour: I’ve got enormous brown eyes
What is my body features: My figure features is quite slender
Music: Country
What is my hobbies: Listening to music

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This was better than he could have hoped for - she was following every instruction and seemed to be ok with it. On the monitors in front of him he had watched as the door had opened and she had walked in.

As she dropped out of her admiring trance she reached up and clipped up that rich brown hair, showing off that long neck and maid jawline - he was just itching to see how it looked with that nice tight collar round it.

Andy bought the cameras in the bedroom back onto screen as Jenny came out of the latex with a towel around her. Now she was opening the box - how she responded to what was inside would be make or break for where he could take this, and how much power he could have over her. Inside this box are a of layers of tissue paper and in each is a set of stories which you must follow completely and to the letter in the time alloted before moving on to the next layer.

She'd never worn latex before, but she had liked the idea of it. None of them would understand what she had done, it was too embarrassing to think about.

The guiding hand 8: the understanding of pink

They were just fantastic - they were going to look great in the outfit Her high-waisted skirt came off next as she unzipped the side zip and wriggled her hips out of it. She stood in front of the dresser with the TV on it now and looked into the mirror.

Inside was what appeared to be a completely standard hotel room. Jenny stepped into the bath tub and pulled the shower curtain across. It was worth it - let's do what this sicko wants for now. Jenny could see no harm in doing exactly this and took a single printed from the envelope and nervously started to read: "Hello Jenny. There wasn't anyone in the room, where was he? It was a nice sensation and she realised she was breathing a little faster now.

Maid for excitement

She read the rest of the note - "There's a dial on the back, twist it to tighten it until it goes no further". If you skip even one instruction I will know, if you don't get to certain instructions in time I will know, and I will share your little secret with everyone you care about. Her slender frame was accentuated with her toned muscles, leaving her looking athletic, not just skinny.

A boyfriend had always liked it, and to be truthful she liked it too. She sat on the bed, scrunched the first one up and put her toe in. Standing now looking in the mirror she liked what she saw - her slender legs looked long, accentuated by the black seam running up the back. She had seen the box on the table, and now she was walking towards it.

Transformed into a frenchmaid bondage bitch

The skirt revealed an equally simple white thong which she now pulled down as well. But he wasn't here She hated the maid of this unknown man was it even a man? She took the "Do not disturb" and put it on the door, then put the chain across the door. Finally he saw her reach back and unclasp her bra, which she unceromoniously dropped to the floor. Andy smiled as he watched her put the chain on - 'A smart cookie' he latex. She was picking up the next item now - a latex corset. The envelope was placed on a layer of tissue paper which obscured the rest of the contents of the box.

She did it occaisonally enough though that it wouldn't raise any suspicions story him, and that was assuming he even got to see - she probably hadn't been naked with her husband for months now. She shook the tube and squirted some out into her hand - pasting the cream out on her legs all the way from ankles to the tops of her thighs, and then on to her arms.

Be careful what you wish for 2

It tingled a bit and she hopped from foot to foot for a couple of minutes as she waited for it to do it's work. I decided it wasn't yet time for us to meet so today is going to be just about you. The stockings were long - coming high up her thigh and the black bands at the top slightly tapered in and hugged her upper thigh tightly. She picked them up and felt them in her hands. Well you have made it this far, and I hope that you will enjoy what I have in store for you for the rest of the afternoon.

It seemed to be taking a her a little while to figure out how to get it on. She was clearly not finding this too unpleasant an experience so far, the next few layers of tissue paper would be crucial Jenny pulled back the next layer of tissue paper and found what looked to be a black suspender belt, neatly laid out with a note next to it "Put me on".

It had two poppers to hold it together, she un-popped them and wrapped it round herself.

Weekend maid

She pulled on the other stocking and clipped them both on to the suspender belt, standing to do the rear ones. He maximised another window on his laptop and bought up the cameras in the bathroom. There was no that she has seen the cameras - she shouldn't do, he had spent a long time making them as obscure as possible and they latex giving him fantastic angles of every part of the hotel room.

This was getting a bit kinky. She pulled back the next layer of tissue paper and found latex stockings - they were long, slightly transparent grey and had wide bands of black latex at the top and a seam down the back. Inside was a plain envelope with "open me" written on it.

He lost maid of her in this camera as she bent down to unbuckle her high heels and slip them off, and as she came back up she was already unbuttoning her shirt. Jenny put down the letter and pulled back the first layer of tissue paper. It didn't stick out far, but was quite wide and easy to grip. She had used hair removal cream before, and she had removed all her hair before. It was made of latex - thin and very shiny. She was getting a little turned on. As she walked a little further into the room she noticed a white cardboard box on a chair next to the story dressing table.

Jenny picked up the box from the chair - it was reasonably heavy so she transferred it to the bed and tentatively folded back the lid.

She looked back at the mirror now and stroked her hands over that flat stomach and twisted round to look at her ass - she was clearly quite proud of her body - and she had every right to be. As she pulled it back off her shoulders he got his first proper look at those pert C-cup breasts, tucked neatly in a simple white bra. There was a click and the dial would go no further - she realised that it was now really quite tight. He was glad he had thought to get her to remove all her hair - she was neatly trimmed but far from how he would like her.

She checked the bathroom and then walked around the room.

She had got the front buckles undone now and was wrapping it round her waist. She'd slept with guys to get what she wanted before - the worst she would have to do is sleep with this guy to get him off her back. A double bed, TV, a small bathroom - generic decor in muted colours.

They were slightly damp feeling inside, and as she slid her toe in and started to story the stocking up her legs she realised it must be lubricated as it slid up quite easily, despite the close fit. She could always re-evaluate if things got out of control.

It had that weird smell as always. But it was just a hassle and something that she had let drop because her husband wasn't bothered. She buttoned the two poppers. Inside was a index card that just said "Off - everything below the neck" Next to the card was a can of what looked to be hair removal cream. But what choice did she have - her world would end. Jenny's mind was racing now - in the back of her mind she had guessed this might be something sexual, whoever he was had caught her at it, and now fancied some himself.

The maid feeling was nice against her skin and the six clasps scratched against her now super-smooth thighs. She picked up the can and headed towards the latex.

Rubber maid

She was looking round the room now, clearly having expected someone to be there. She grasped the door handle and with a small intake of breath she pushed open the door. Andy hadn't realised what a flat stomach she had before, but now it was plain to see that all that exercise did the job. It had been loosened off Jenny felt the coolness of the latex as she wrapped it around herself and breathed in to do up all the clasps. She was dressed in a simple white suit shirt, grey pencil skirt and heels obviously having come straight from the office.

Made a latex maid

She felt around behind her and found the dial. As she touched it she realised it was smooth and cool to the touch. The best view was from the shaving socket camera on the wall, Jenny was facing the large mirror now and looking almost directly at the camera.

Finally squirting some more out onto her mons, and rubbing some between her ass cheeks. Examining her now completely smooth skin, she touched herself lightly between her legs, feeling the smoothness of her mound and lips. She must be in the right room because the keycard worked.

You experimenting.

She hadn't know what to expect, but she had expected there to be someone here. She dried herself off and let the towel drop to the floor. As she twisted it she felt the corset tighten, she continued to twist and enjoyed the sensation of being squeezed by it.