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Lana beniko gifts, Erotik Lana found men beniko dating

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Lana Beniko Gifts

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With her serene and considerate manner, Lana Beniko might be mistaken for a Jedi. However, she is a Sith Lord of great wisdom and strength who has impressed many of her peers with her keen insights into the nature of the Force. Unfortunately her first asment as minister ended in disaster when the Sith Emperor consumed all life on Ziost.

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This is a recurring theme throughout Sith history, culminating in the Rule of Two, where they rebuilt the order around that principle.


This non-existent champion who lives on only in her mind. That inspired her for a long time, even as her devotion to the Empire has crumbled.

She accepted Quinn into the Alliance… but no. I cannot even. Its only when we deny the reality that it becomes a problem.

This line. This is the happiest Deviah has been.

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Lana is part of a culture - the Sith - where people accept that mentors - Masters - and their students - Apprentices - are eventually going to come into conflict. Malgus engaged in war crimes and attacks against civilians, arbitrarily killing people. I almost went with Broonmark, but… honestly, Deviah kind of regards him as more of a pet than a companion.

See this in the app Show more. Originally posted by flowerrose14 Guys…. From swtor-based character questions.


Maybe Deviah Sarnova can find a good use for this one… Ah! Lana clearly approves! It was only years later, as an adult, that she learned about everything else. When she finally meets him on Ossus, it will likely be … interesting. Keep reading. Top Photos.

Swtor fallen empire companion influences guide

Words cannot describe how much I love this. But part of Deviah still reveres the person she believed Malgus to be. The culmination event, of course, was when he tried to usurp the Emperor and the Council to form his own Empire. While the Emperor and the Dark Council plotted and schemed, Malgus actually led the troops in battle from the front-lines, taking the battle to the Republic and their Jedi.

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Lana beniko

She appreciates Pierce, but the incident with Lorant soured her a little on him. And over the course of her journey, Deviah discovered a lot of her notions about the Sith Empire required re-examination, as well.

Thank you so much!!! She had a romanticized notion of Malgus, the Sith and the Empire. Originally posted by flowerrose For the ask thing: 1 dream team for Deviah Sarnova I'm glad you posted about her just now because I suck at remembering names xD. She appreciates Theron, but his reckless streak rubs her the wrong way sometimes.

Thanks so much for the ask!