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Until very recently, the year-old New Yorker who goes by the online alias Ricca was not a Star Wars fan. Her opus began as a short piece of erotica in which Rey, the heroic character played in the movie by Daisy Ridley, and Kylo Ren, the villain played by Adam Driver, use a psychic bond accidentally forged in combat to conduct a form of telepathic phone sex from across the galaxy. But then Ricca started adding new chapters, at the rate of one a day, expanding the scope of the story in directions both sexual and not, spinning a narrative about what might come after The Force Awakens ends.

Kylo Ren Erotica

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This is my first straight smut in my existence on this earth, so please proceed with that in mind. Yes, harder! The scavenger closed her eyes and pictured the firm, large hands exploring her while those dark eyes kept staring at her lustful ones. It was wrong on so many level, but at the moment it just felt right to picture him to be the one to take her, claim her, make her felt like she belong to him and only him.

How old am I: I'm 25 years old
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Main article: Han Solo. While Ben understood Leia's absence to be a side-effect of her political career, but felt alienated by a father who seemed to prefer a life of racing to child-raising, though Ben nonetheless loved Han as only a son could.

Reylo is strong in this — my first reylo smut!!

Rey considered him to be despite his age, believing he was a flawed person stuck in a state of arrested development thanks to a fixation on parental abandonment. Ben was tempted by his passions when he fell to the dark side. Erotic artwork Erotic fiction Timeline.

Although Ben loved his father like only a son could, he felt alienated by Han's preference for space racing than child-raising, and his parents' lack of interest created a need for parental attention in the youth.

He committed many atrocities and claimed numerous victims, including his own father. Leia felt she had a missing connection with her son that, had she forged it by following her brother down the Jedi path, could have saved him from his fall.

Ben seemed destined to become a Jedi as the descendant of the Chosen OneAnakin Skywalkerand his father told him he had literally been born to be a great Jedi with powers beyond what anyone else was capable of. His parents sent him to his uncle, Luke Skywalkerfor training. Ben believed that Han's claim of Ben's great powers was a tactic to protect Ben's ego either through ignorance or by outright lying, and assumed his father would brag about him to fellow racers.

At the age of twenty-three in 28 ABYBen engaged in practice sparring with Nellis while his uncle was otherwise engaged with Farnay and the Teyan Apologiaand became frustrated when the girl not only bested him in combat but made lewd accusations about his mother's sexual history. Cookies help us deliver our services. See the request on the listing or on this article's talk. Poor Ben, no wonder why he gets so angry every time you beat him sparring, I bet he's just imagining how you got those skills in the first place, and how he'll never compete with your first 'sparring partners'.

Ren was said to eat sun matter, absorbing the light to cast the galaxy into literal and spiritual darkness. Main Recent changes New images Random Help. Ren was seduced by the dark side of Kylo Force If I erotica another, I will be setting them up to me massacred like my earlier padawans.

He communed with the spirit of Anakin Skywalker, watching a twisted phantom of Ben appear before them briefly.

However, Ben was also physically attracted to Nellis, which distracted him during training sessions. Luke worried that he had cut himself off from the light, turned order to chaos, and had turned against himself.

And I'm not sure if this time I can win. Snoke dictated that Kylo Ren's birth name was forbidden to be uttered in the First Order. He utilized his superior skill with the mind probe to assist him. Views Read Edit View history. Ben proved powerful in the Forcebut lacked control, skill, and patience. He believed that Luke saw her as a surrogate for Leia, angering and confusing him further.

He grew jealous of Skywalker's affection for Nellis, further stoking the alienation he felt from his family, and was often beaten by Kira in sparring matches. He fought Rey on the surface of Starkiller Base, driving her to the edge of a cliff, but was defeated in combat by her despite the girl's lack of training as the surface was wrought apart around them. But with Ben, I face a new challenge unlike any before.

The story behind “fix your attitude,” the erotic kylo ren fanfic blowing up on tik tok

Born to Han Solo and Leia Organa[2] Ben was part of a true family for a brief time following the war, during a golden age shared with his parents. Ben likened Nellis to Han Solo, resorting to dirty tricks instead of fighting fairly, and grew frustrated by her taunts and accusations over his mother's sexual proclivities.

In his parents' absence, he found C-3PO's storytelling enthralling, particularly concerning the exploits of the pirate Kybo Ren. With his parents' lack of interest and Ben's need for parental attention, it seemed inevitable that he would train as a Jedi under his uncle, Luke Skywalker, in order to realize his full potential and to keep the youth occupied. Now the Jedi are all but extinct. Ben became one of the Jedi students studying under Skywalker at his templeand training alongside colleagues including KiraNellisand Nashira.

50 shades of rey

Rey ruminated on her interactions with Ren while aboard the Millennium Falcon en route to Ahch-Torecalling his invasive mind probe and their duel on Starkiller Base. Main article: Nellis. Main article: Luke Skywalker. Following the Jedi massacre Leia continued to feel the flickering conflict in Kylo, though sensed only empty darkness after his murder of Han Solo and feared he was lost to her completely.

Ben had black hair. More information OK. Namespaces Discussion. He had many humiliating days in the temple. His parents parted ways after his fall, and would not reunite again until an encounter on Takodana shortly before Han's death at his son's hands. Male [1].

At this final reunion, Kylo no longer registered in the Force to Leia, replaced only by empty darkness. She spoke with the Force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi over Ren's fall, and expressed her worries over succumbing to the same passions that ensnared him. What will be expected of me, of my loved ones and my loyal allies.

Ceo of the gar saxon fanclub — paint it, black (kylo ren x reader) (nsfw)

On Ahch-To, Luke Skywalker mused on his failings with Ben after facing mimoids of some of his past lovers. Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the 's listing. Kylo conducted further atrocities after the massacre, taking more victims. Angered, Ben pressed the attack with furious slashes and strikes, and realized that the dark side of the Force was fueling his newfound strength. It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded. Han called out to his son, though in the confrontation that followed Kylo killed his father.

Ben considered him a great mentor, both wise and powerful. First Order [4] Knights of Ren [4]. Leia continued to feel the conflict within her son, and blamed his actions on the influence of Snoke. She continued taunting him over his loss, causing Ben to flee the temple and storm into the woods in a rage. However, when he was little he wasn't sure if he wanted to become a Jedi despite his future in the Jedi Order seeming assured.

Considered a Master by his Knights of RenKylo Ren earned a dangerous reputation and was capable of using a mind probe with superior skill [4] to perform mental rape on his victims. Han, Maz, General Organa, even Ren. But why is it calling to me?

Ben was the child of Leia and Han in more ways than one, inheriting their precociousness and rebelliousness, but also their lack of family life, growing up in an environment where his parents often lived apart more than they did together. Ben struggled as a Padawan despite his potential, and though he wasn't the worst in his clan he was far from the best, and wasn't treated like the best either.

New Republic Era [3] Resistance Era [3]. He has so thoroughly turned against himself, so thoroughly cut himself off from the light, so thoroughly turned order to chaos Main article: Leia Organa. Despite his inattention, Han's fond parting words to Ben upon his departure for Jedi training were almost enough for the boy to forgive him.

Kylo was confronted by his father on the Precinct 47 bridge in Starkiller Base. As a young man Ben was powerful in the Force but lacked control, skill and patience without training. As a diametric opposite to his parents, Luke seemed attentive and loving to Ben during his Jedi training.

From Star Wars Erotica Wiki. Though Ben briefly considered giving in to his dark feelings to conquer Nellis—both in combat and carnally—he recoiled and let go of his anger, only for Nellis to knock him down.

Once he killed Han Solo, Ren's presence in the Force only registered as empty darkness to his mother. Black [2]. He remained conflicted after his fall, flickering with light in the Force, though as Kylo Ren he began the slow process of killing his persona.