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Kristen stories exhibition, Dancer Kristen picking stories especially exhibition life

Open January 26 - April 25,

Kristen Stories Exhibition

Online: Now


To meet Kristen Dorsey is to learn that her artistry and creativity are multi-dimensional, and the stories that she tells through her work and for her community are powerful and important. In our latest installment of Goddess, IGG is ecstatic to celebrate Kristen for her years of deing and sharing what can only be described as ethereal and stunning fine jewelry. We also take a more expansive view of her many skills and passions as an artist, a curator, an arts advocate, and so much more! Each collection is inspired by strong Chickasaw and Native womxn. My jewelry toured the country in museum exhibits, runway shows, galleries, and fine art markets. Along the way, I tried to break through stereotypes, and advocate for Native rights.

How old am I: 32
Ethnic: New Zealand
Who do I prefer: Man
My gender: Girl
What is the color of my hair: I've long golden hair
What is my figure features: My body type is overweight
Music: Blues

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Kristen stories exhibition

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Kristen dorsey

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