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Katies crotch road sign, Ukrainian road katie male for sign

in or Subscribe See Offers. But while residents are attached to the name, no one is sure which story about its origin — some more colorful than others — is the right one. Marilyn Gorman, 78, said the road has been known as Katie Crotch since long before there were street s in town.

Katies Crotch Road Sign

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By Alexandra Klausner For Dailymail. Katie Crotch road is a street in Maine and it's unknown how it got its name.

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What to Read Next Vices. In residents were asked to vote in favor of changing the name to simply "Katie Road" — a moniker not at all hilarious or newsworthy.

Katies Crotch Rd. Related Articles Culture. Fucking, Austria and Shitterton, England don't; Embden should take a cue from them and grow confident in who they are.

As of now, Katies Crotch Road is costing taxpayers hundreds of dollars a year to replace its missing s, most of them reportedly unhinged from thieves and apparent collectors of pun-heavy road markers. Follow us on Follow roostermagazine.

We say, why hide from your identity? Nobody knows where the name comes from or what it actually means, but residents of Embden, Maine are still torn on whether or not to keep one hilarious thoroughfare titled the way it is.

Katies Crotch must live on Search form Search this site. Soon the people of Embden will be asked to rename it again, this time to "Cadie Road" — so if someone wasn't exactly sure about the whole rebranding thing because of one pesky letter the least attractive letter in the English alphabet, to be frankthey're now offered a name that looks like auto-correct had its way with it.

Hell, they could slang fake road s at the local colleges and exploit the endeavor.