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K9 sex story, Hostess baby seek story especially for sex

Description: An of my first experience with the family pet pig.

K9 Sex Story

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I have never even thought about having sex with an animal before, I was feeling tired, wanted to just lie down for a short nap, first, let me describe myself. So, I was tired, just decided to stretch out on the couch for a lil bit, I was wearing just a short T-shirt and panties. I was having a hard time getting comfortable and kept rolling over from side to side until I finally just got on my back and laid there that way. Finally, I was able to doze off. So I slid over to make room for him. He had his face by my thighs and the rest of his body down the rest of the way down my legs, he laid his face across my legs and I dozed back off.

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It was making my pussy feel so good! I would go over to their house and she would have me cookies made almost every day. I told Susy about him and she wanted me to let him fuck her too. Susy petted him as she lowered her panties.

I started to fuck him back as he thrust that doggie cock to me, my hips coming off the bed as he fucked me. I started liking them when I was eight and have grown into a real K9 nymphomaniac. He seemed not to be interested as we talked. He did too! I was loving that doggie cock fucking my hot little pussy!

Omg i just had sex with my dog

His cock was just the right size for my tight pussy as it plunged into me. Does he make you feel good down there? As I sat in the chair, without thinking, I spread my legs exposing my little pussy to him. When I was a lot younger, I had a girl friend named Susy, who was two years older than me. He was liking my taste as he licked my fingers. I was loving it! Susy was liking what the puppy was doing as she moaned when he got faster. After that night, I would let him lick me to a climax and then have him fuck me with that hot doggie cock. I then pulled him up to my swollen pussy as his tongue darted out to taste my sweet little pussy.

She got me a black lab that was so cute.

Animal sex stories- female vs k9 – first time

The older man told me she had baked some cookies for me if I wanted them. We had played doctor a few times and let each other watch as we pulled down our panties and rubbed our little pussies.

I went inside and sat down as he invited my dog inside with me. This was the first cock ever to penetrate my virgin pussy! Then one day she was gone when I went over there. It was so hot on my little pussy!

Sharing my first time – by angela k9 – girl beastiality

I reached down and spread my puffy lips to better feel his probing tongue. His hot tongue was licking me as I felt that special feeling returning to my pussy as he licked.

I reached my hand into my panties and started to rub myself as I watched her. Susy took his head away from her bare pussy and pushed him to me as I spread my thighs. I also loved him fucking me as he would pound my tight pussy with that cock.

I quickly went to his couch and sat there as the dog followed us, my little pussy wanting his hot tongue. She had a pretty little puppy that followed us everywhere.

Seeing him doing this made my hairless pussy start to tingle! Every day or two after that, I would get him to lick me. My entire body was trembling as my little pussy throbbed in pleasure as I experienced my first orgasm! I could tell he had a big dick the way it poked his pants out in front.

The first time I tried it with him; he did not know what to do.

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He started to lap at my fountain as I held my smooth lips apart so he could really lick it good! As he grew larger, I still let him lick me and then one day I saw his thing as it turned bright red and slipped out of its sheath as he licked me. But Susy told me to put some jam on my pussy and that he would lick it off. I now have two big dogs of my own and my parents wonder why I let them sleep with me.

I had her over to spent the night a few times after that and we both had him fuck us. I eased my finger in and out as the puppy lay there and watched.

Animal sex stories-my introduction to k9 sex, my 1st lesbian & k9 encounter

The puppy was licking me as my pussy went wild with pleasure, me hunching my small hips trying to get his tongue inside me. He started to lick my fingers as I took my other hand and slid my middle finger into my cunt again. I knew I needed something to fill my hot little pussy but did sex know exactly what I needed as he licked me to my story climax. I knew now what a climax was and he was making me cum as he rapidly licked my slit. It felt good but he did not continue after the jam was gone. I am a 18 year old girl who loves canines.

It was a failure the first time. I saw her open her puffy little lips as the puppy lay between her legs and watched as his tongue started to lick her pussy. She was laying there as she took him and brought his mouth to her small pussy as I watched.

A teen girl has a relationship with a k9 friend

He is making it feel so good! I got to where I would not wear any panties just in case Sex got the chance to have him fuck me. Then I started to play with my little pussy as I dipped a finger inside. The man was so sweet and the woman would make cookies for me. I got to where I liked it better doggie style than with him on top. Susy was a good teacher, but she moved away a few weeks later. He made my little pussy feel so good each time. The people who moved into their house was an older couple. He was making me squirm as my small cunt started to cum!

I then took my finger out and offered it to him as my story juice as on it. I love him doing it to me. Then I pulled him on top of me, as I lay under him, taking his cock and guiding it to my small pussy.

He has a long tongue and it makes my pussy feel so good when he licks it. I did as she suggested and sure enough, he started to lick the jam off my little pussy. His cock felt so hot to the touch as I wrapped my fingers around it and started to pump it up and down. I was rubbing my hidden love bud as I started to get wet. I would cum as he licked my tiny twat and got to where I was wondering about his cock.

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I sat there and pulled my dress up for him to get a better view as I took his head and guided it to my hot little pussy. I learned how to do it too as she helped me take him that way. I felt his hot tongue as it first touched my little cunt, making me jump with joy as I loved the feeling of that hot tongue. That was all it took! With out hesitating, I told him Ok as he told me to go to the couch so I would be more comfortable. I wanted to feel his doggie cock in me; I wanted him to fuck my pussy with that red cock.

This day we were laying down in the playhouse as the puppy came inside. As the dog started to lick me, I saw the man start to rub his cock through his pants.

I held my pussy open for him as I felt his cockhead sex inside me. My name is Anna. He knew exactly what to do and he loved fucking me! One day as we were in our playhouse, Susy started to talk to me about him, telling me that she had him lick her little pussy. I want ed to see his dick but was afraid to ask him to let me see it. At that time I had never cum before and I did not know just how good it felt. My fingers started to rub my little story bud faster also as I tried to please the twitching of my small pussy.

It was so slimy looking but I reached down to put my fingers around it as I played with his cock. He was slowly licking it as I saw his tongue lapping at her small cunt. I could feel his cock as it went deeper into my tiny cunt, making me tremble as I felt that hot doggie flesh sliding in.

Xxx fiction

We do it a lot! As he licked my juice from my first finger, I took the other one out and again offered it to him. He just got bigger in my hand! If you do, pull your panties off and I will let him taste you.

Porn video for tag : dog sex stories

I promise not to tell anyone. After that day, I talked my Mom into getting me a puppy. Susy was a real little slut as she got on her hands and knees and let him fuck her.