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John cena eve torres, Eve like cena john that torres laweekly

Now, personally, I think the whole "Embrace the Hate" angle has been rather interesting.

John Cena Eve Torres

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Zack Ryder was one of the Superstars who were a part of the casualty list in April when a large of wrestlers were laid off from WWE. Ryder was a part of WWE for a long time, and during his run with the company had a few pushes, but none of them really lasted.

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Another thing to note is that, as a face, Eve was also a good role model for all the young girls who follow the product. Alas for the scheming diva, she made two mistakes: 1 she confessed her plot in front of a camera, revealing her true colours to the millions of viewers at home eh, how did she miss a giant camera and production team exactly? As a heel, not too much can be done with her.

our newsletter to get the latest in sports news delivered straight to your inbox! Seriously: how many arrogant, vain female heels have we seen in wrestling, anyway? In fact, it may have one of the biggest mistakes WWE have made with their women's division in recent times and considering how poorly treated and undercut the divas are, this is really saying something.

John cena kisses eve torres and she rejects ryder

Enjoy our content? Torres, more so than any other women in the company, had the potential to get over hugely as a babyface diva. She went on to proclaim that she, in fact, cared little about the Long Island native or his health status after being viciously attacked by Kane several times over the past few months.

As if this wasn't bad enough, she then announced to Nikki and Brie her nefarious scheme to snag John Cena who had shared a kiss with her the week gaining herself even more fame and money.

Eve talks about kissing cena

Indeed, this new gimmick isn't even that original. While Torres is an extremely talented performer who will no doubt try her best as this un-aired promo from last week's SD showsthere is a still a limit to what she can do with such a character.

However, this doesn't mean the decision to turn Eve was a wise one. Due to her willingness to improve in the ring and take big bumps, notably being the recipient of a stunning GlamSlam from Beth Phoenix of the top rope at the Survivor Series pay-per-view, she was also earning respect from fans and her fellow wrestlers. Too many to count.

John cena kisses eve torres and she rejects ryder

With her intelligence and quality education she has a degree in Industrial and Systems engineering from the University of Southern Californiastrong work ethic and terrific public speaking skills, she stood out from the gaggle of dull generic models the company usually ed. While we'll have to see how this current Eve arc unfolds at this point it looks like a huge waste of her talents.

Indeed, Torres is a very likable performer: her down-to-earth demeanour and natural charisma led her to win the Diva Search contest and she has remained steadily over as a face ever since, regardless of how poor her push was or how how shoddily the booking team treated her. A fallen, distraught and wholly humiliated Eve was then led away by referees to the loud jeers of the crowd.

Both The Bella Twins and Aksana have been presented as gold diggers' or heel women up to no good in recent angles. Summarily, with her bubbly charisma, stunning good looks and in-ring talent, Eve had huge potential as a face diva. You know, where the real money is.

Newsletter. As the show opened, the former Diva Search winner was seen loudly bragging to The Bella Twins about how she had cruelly used Zack Ryder's feelings for to garner herself more attention and publicity. Unsurprisingly, Cena who lost his much-cherished friendship with Zack over his kiss with Eve last week was not amused, which led into Raw's opening promo in the ring.

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