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Jackie and hyde fanfiction, And jackie looking fanfiction boy hyde courtship

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Jackie And Hyde Fanfiction

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When Xmas rolls around and the Formans beg Jackie to attend their party, she ends up involved in an elaborate game of 20 Questions with Hyde that could change both of their lives.

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He defiled our daughter! Or for that matter, Mom let Dad let you guys become homeless?

Hyde sat back quietly, not being able to make eye contact with Red. Red looked at her as if she was whole other person now. I tried so hard to be the perfect daughter for them. Love you, Mom. They turned and walked outside the car. He immediately wrapped his arms around her, holding onto her tightly. Red looked at his youngest daughter. I wanted to plan their wedding and their baby shower, but no, you ruined that because of your own selfish reasons! Just out of the house. How could you disobey a direct order?!

Steven gave her a tired smile and brought her in for a sweet kiss.

I need you by my side. What about me being able to spend time with my youngest child and our grandchild? She picked up her favorite red sweater and stared at it as fresh tears filled her eyes. Kitty had quickly shooed everyone home, meanwhile Eric and Laurie lingered in the living room. Just being me in the house will be quiet. They stayed like that in silence for a minute before Steven spoke up with pain in his words. About Privacy Policy.

He looked at Steven with an almost painful look. I hope you enjoy it! And I warned you that if you were seeing him and you were lying to me, you would never see him again.

Steven looked down at their entwined hands and brought hers to his lips, kissing them. She was honestly worried his heart was going to burst any second. Eric looked away and turned around to try and give them some little privacy. Kitty placed a fist on her hip. Steven crumbled at the sight of her and brought her in for another hug and rubbed her back. Visit Blog. And here you are, wanting to throw them out. He acts like he never does anything wrong. Just stay here for now while I look for a place and get settled and then you can come with me.

Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. So pure and innocent, sweet and smart, now going to shack up with someone who was so complete opposite of her.

Now my baby and grandbaby are out sleeping in a motel with God-knows-what diseases instead of being here where she is safe! I had to watch that too and I never thought it was fair either. She smiled a little at the nickname and pulled away, Steven wiping her tears with is thumb. As they reached upstairs, they caught Kitty coming back through the kitchen. B tomorrow and maybe…we can stay with him for a little. Sighing, Steven rubbed his eyes and yawned.

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You need your family more than anything. She gave him a sad smile. They need to learn to fix this on their own.

Author's Note: Hey guys! No, she was a young woman now.

Red glared at his canned beer, knowing she was right. With that, she turned on her heel and walked out the kitchen leaving Red alone to think about his decision. So, uh I started writing this AU that zenmastersandfelso posted about.

The weight on his chest and shoulders collapsed and he wanted to curl up and make himself smaller. He was beyond angry. I tried so hard to be the good daughter, to always do what I was asked or expected. The only one who had a good head on her shoulders and had a bright future ahead of her!

They tossed their bags off to the side, she threw her shoes off as they collapsed on the bed. Please remember that he loves you very much. Seeing her baby so upset made her feel the pain too, even if she was angry with them. I will not sit here and let you throw out my baby! The work-in-progress title is Shared Embers. Please, don't leave again.

I know I've been slow posting new chapters, but I need to make sure they're perfect for you guys. The father of your grandchild? But I will not allow that kind of disrespect in my house! Come back…next week. It was the first one they found as they entered Milwaukee.

Eric, sullen and awkward and Laurie, smiling from ear to ear like a kid at Disneyland. Steven nodded and pulled away. I should just be a gain, not an ultimatum.

And not only that, you dirtied up my daughter! She thought maybe all his swearing was his saving grace. I have never loved someone as much as I love you. Daddy, but—! Where are we going to stay? I mean…when was it going to be my turn?

Long live the queen — hyde/jackie fanfic recommendations masterpost

I know, but I promise we will be okay. He wrapped a protective arm around his twin, feeling her shake. I'm coming. She decided to go with him on her own.

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Steven stood by her side, feeling completely defeated. He placed gentle hands on her shoulders and kissed her right shoulder. Now the end of this part may seem a little off, but in my defense I was tired and I wanted to finish it so I could publish this as soon as possible.

Any of it.

They would have to do all this on their own. Just then, another soft knock came at the door and Hyde walked in. You want to separate them? But throwing them out and abandoning them is not the right answer!

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With that, he pushed passed the couple and stormed into the kitchen. If Laurie wanted something, Laurie wanted it.

The world is a cold, harsh place! Red stopped pacing and sighed heavily. The motel they found was nothing fancy; just a queen bed, a tiny bathroom, small closet, and an old TV. The colors so bland, they mixed in with each other. The couple looked at each other wordlessly and trudged in, exhausted.

Did you even ask me if they could stay?